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How To Make Super Compost Osrs?

You may manufacture supercompost by placing fifteen different types of produce (such as pineapples or watermelons) into a compost bin, allowing the bin to sit for around ninety minutes, and then opening the bin while placing an empty bucket on top of it.

Farming patches treated with supercompost produce more food and are less likely to be infected by disease. Supercompost is an improved form of the compost that is traditionally used in farming.

Compost Bins

On farms that feature allotment patches, flower patches, and herb patches, there will also be compost bins.

How To Make Super Compost Osrs?

In RuneScape, there is one large compost bin in addition to the six standard compost bins.

Bins for composting are often located on the following types of farms:

  • south of Falador
  • west of Port Phasmatys
  • north of Ardougne
  • north of Catherby
  • southwest of Hosidius
  • northeast of Prifddinas

The Farming Guild also has a large compost bin that can make 30 buckets of compost and has the capacity to contain twice as many biodegradable produce items as other compost bins. This means that it can carry double the quantity of compostable produce than other compost bins.

The decomposition of standard compost takes around sixty minutes, whereas the decomposition of supercompost takes approximately ninety minutes in both standard compost bins and the large compost bin.

Best Produce Items for Supercompost

Because they are both inexpensive and simple to get, watermelons and pineapples are the fruits most often seen in compost bins.

Only the Farming skill allows you to get watermelons, and the only way to do so is to plant three watermelon seeds on an allotment patch after you have reached level 47 in Farming.

You may also provide the neighbouring farmer ten curry leaves (the notation is good) as payment for looking after your watermelon crops, which ensures that they won’t get infected with a disease.

The most convenient method to get pineapples is to purchase them at Trader Stan’s Trading Post, where there are now 15 pineapples available at a price of 5 gp each.

The following sites on the docks are where you may find Trader Stan’s Trading Post:

  • Catherby
  • Port Tyras
  • Brimhaven
  • Port Sarim
  • Port Phasmatys
  • Corsair Cove
  • Prifddinas
  • Mos Le’Harmless
  • The Ship Yard
  • Port Khazard
  • Musa Point

However, pineapples may also be purchased at the Grand Tree Groceries and Funch’s Fine Groceries, both of which are located in the Grand Tree. Apiece of these stores has ten pineapples and sells them for 2 gp each.

On the other hand, if you’d rather cultivate your own pineapples, you may start doing so at level 51. Farming is accomplished by placing a pineapple seed in a plant container that is already full of soil, using a trowel to till the soil, and then watering the plant using a watering can.

It takes around 15 minutes for it to transform into a pineapple seedling, which can then be planted in a fruit tree plot (you must have a spade).

If you choose, you may hire the adjacent farmer to take care of this patch for you for the price of ten watermelons (the notation is good).

The pineapple plant will then ultimately produce six pineapples, each of which may be chosen and will always eventually grow again after being harvested.

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