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How To Make Sticks In Minecraft Without Wood

In Minecraft, sticks are key construction components that are crafted from wood. You’ll encounter sticks throughout the game in a variety of different locations. Because sticks are necessary for the creation of torches and pickaxes, as well as dozens of other essential crafts, you should always keep a healthy supply of sticks on hand. This is especially true if you plan to go mining or spelunking, as these activities both require the use of pickaxes and torches.

Materials Required to Make Sticks

In Minecraft, you will need wood logs, which can only be obtained from trees, in order to construct sticks. You may fashion boards out of the logs that are dropped by each individual kind of tree. These planks are eventually transformed into sticks. To create four sticks from a plank, you will need two planks.

How to Craft Sticks in Minecraft

The following is the Minecraft recipe for making sticks:

  • Find a tree in the area.
How To Make Sticks In Minecraft Without Wood
  • Hit the tree in the face.

To punch a tree in Minecraft:

  • PC: Left click
  • Xbox: Right trigger
  • PlayStation: R2
  • Nintendo: ZR
  • Gather the blocks into your possession as they fall on the floor.
  • Launch the menu for your crafts.
  • Put any kind of log in the slot designated for it in the crafting menu.
  • Take the logs out of your crafting interface and replace them with two planks, one on top and the other just below the first one. Orient these planks in a vertical orientation.
  • Move sticks into your inventory from the crafting outcomes they were a part of.

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