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How To Make Instagram Music Longer Than 5 Seconds?

Are you experiencing trouble with the narrative that you post on Instagram? Or are you unable to add music to your stories? Or are you asking yourself, “why is the music on my Instagram story just 5 seconds long?”

This article addresses all of these concerns, in addition to additional difficulties that are associated with the music function found on Instagram stories. You may add music to your Instagram Stories and make them more musical by following the instructions below. This will allow you to add music to your Instagram Stories that are longer than five seconds.

Things That You Do Not Know About Instagram’s Story Music Feature

The addition of music to your Instagram Story takes very little time and work on your part, but it has the potential to increase the attractiveness of the video you share. Here is what you need to know if you occasionally find yourself becoming annoyed because the music that plays throughout your Instagram story should be longer.

For Longer Music You Need Latest Instagram Update

When trying to add music to their stories, a significant number of Instagram users sometimes run into problems because they have either not updated their version of Instagram or have not loaded the most recent version.

Make sure that the most recent version of Instagram is loaded on your mobile devices and that you have the most recent update installed if you want to be able to add music to your stories and have it play for more than 5 seconds.

Make Sure That Your Account Is Not Business

How To Make Instagram Music Longer Than 5 Seconds?

Check to see that you do not already have a business account even if you have just established the account or are going to create it.

If your Instagram account is set up as a business account, you won’t have access to the music feature there. This is due to the fact that companies are prohibited from using music from Instagram for commercial reasons.

Your Instagram account must be either personal or creator in order for you to search for and utilise music; a business account is incompatible with this feature.

Why Is My Instagram Story Music Only 5 Seconds?

Let’s say you’ve already contributed a 5-second-long Instagram tale to your profile. In such situation, the likelihood is that following tales will also play music for just 5 seconds, even if the new stories you are publishing are longer than 5 seconds. This is the case regardless of whether the new stories you are uploading are longer than 5 seconds.

It’s possible that Instagram will remember the length you chose for your story in the past and use it as a part of the future settings for your stories.

How To Add a Story With Music of Required Length?

The Instagram music collection is accessible through the Instagram Music Sticker, which may be opened by clicking on it. You have access to hundreds of songs in the collection, all of which can be added to your playlist. When it comes to adding music to your Instagram music collection, you have three different options: Popular, Genres, and Moods.

These options might serve as filters that will assist you in locating the music that is most suitable for your Instagram Stories. After selecting a track to serve as the background music for your Instagram story, the next step is to decide how long you want it to play for.

If you include any kind of image or photograph in your Instagram Story, the very lowest amount of time that music may be played is five seconds. However, the longest piece of music that may be added has a duration limit of just fifteen seconds, and there is no method to increase that limit. You may adjust how long the song plays for by navigating to the left-hand menu and pressing the seconds button.

On the other side, when you upload a video, the length of the song’s duration will be adjusted to match the length of your movie automatically. Because of the way that music is organised on Instagram Stories, you have the ability to add lyrics to any song that is shown in your Instagram story.

How To Change the Duration of Instagram Story?

Instagram now allows users to create lengthier tales and even has music that can be used in Instagram stories that is longer than five seconds. You may achieve this by taking use of the new functionality, which allows you to create Instagram stories that are longer.

To begin, choose the Your Narrative icon from the menu. Next, locate the record button in the bottom-right corner of the screen and press and hold it for as long as you would want to record your story. You do not need to be concerned about the time constraint of 15 seconds here.

Make Your Photos Last Through Music on Instagram

You are able to add music to your videos, but Instagram also gives you the option to add music to images or still shots, allowing you to make the experience endure for a longer period of time when someone views your story. If a picture you want to include in your story is too short, you may add a song to it to make it a few seconds longer. This is the same length restriction that applies to video clips.

To add music using the Story Editor, do the following:

  • To access the stickers, press the button.
  • Select the “Music” option.

By adding the song of your choosing to the backdrop of your Instagram story, you will be able to make it more interesting and appealing to your audience.

How Do You Add Multiple Pictures & Longer Videos With Music?

You are allowed to upload a video that is longer than two minutes, but you are required to chop it up into two parts, each of which must be exactly two minutes long.

After you have chosen your clip and tapped the Next button, you will need to press the Trim button. After that, you will need to press and hold your video while dragging it until the minute that you want to use is contained within the handles. After that, you will be able to add music to your Instagram story using these video segments.

After that, you have the option to use Instagram’s library to add music to your story. To choose a song, go to the Music screen and look through the numerous classifications and subcategories available.

The numerous songs each come with their own unique set of photographs, which range widely in style and subject matter. On the other hand, the capability to upload numerous photos at once to Instagram was just recently made available to users of the app.

If you are unable to access this feature or it is not visible to you, try updating your version of Instagram to the most recent version in order to get this fantastic new feature. It is possible that it is not available in the region in which you currently reside. If this is the case, try updating your version of Instagram.

Video Guide

How many seconds are Instagram Stories?

You are only allowed to publish 15 seconds worth of content to your Instagram story, but if you want to share anything that is longer, you may cut up the video or clip and share it in many parts.

Why is Instagram Music Limited?

If you are unable to listen to an endless amount of music on Instagram, it is recommended that you update to the most recent version of the Instagram app. If you are unable to do so, it indicates that this particular function is not readily accessible in the area in where you reside.


If you’re wondering why the music in my Instagram story is only playing for five seconds, the answer could be because you’ve already set the duration of the music to five seconds in the past. You are free to make any necessary adjustments using the procedures outlined before.

Users have the ability to add up to fifteen seconds of Instagram story music to the video and picture postings they make to their stories. If you can’t find what you’re searching for on the initial page, there are a few categories of music and feelings that you may browse through, in addition to a search function.

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