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How to Make Dark Aesthetic Photos

When it comes to social media, appearance is important. If you include any of these common motifs in your photographs, you’re almost certain to be noticed.

It is likely that you are aware of the significance of themes if you are a frequent user of applications such as Instagram. If your profile does not have an appealing design that is maintained throughout, potential followers will not give it a second glance.

However, the process of discovering your aesthetic might be depressing since there are so many different styles from which to chose. In this piece, we’ll discuss a variety of aesthetics and walk you through the steps required to replicate each one with the help of a mobile photo editing tool.

Getting Started

This article presents and examines a number of distinctive and well-known aesthetics. In addition to that, it will guide you through the steps involved in making them with the assistance of the PicsArt editing tool. Nevertheless, any programme that has extensive picture editing capabilities would do.

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1. Dark Academia

How to Make Dark Aesthetic Photos

The Dark Academia aesthetic places a primary emphasis on the classic, Western architectural styles of illustrious educational institutions like Oxford, but imbues such settings with an air of melancholy because of the stress and anxiety that may be associated with one’s academic pursuits.

This gloomy and in some ways romantic atmosphere has given rise to a visual style that is characterised by the employment of a palette of brown earth tones, antiques, cursive and typewritten poetry, Renaissance art, as well as textures and forms influenced by collegiate Gothic architecture.

How to Get the Dark Academia Aesthetic

To begin, you are going to alter your picture using the basic adjustment tools in order to produce a photograph that is underexposed, has a little warm tone to it, and is desaturated.

Go to the bottom of the PicsArt app and click on Effects. Keep an eye out for filters with noise, vignette, and vintage effects. As well as those with warmer tones, they tend to be the ones that bring out this style the most effectively. Paper filters are another viable alternative to consider.

Find the Sticker app, then put the theme’s name into the search box, then choose your favourites from the results. Used newspapers are a useful resource for the Dark Academia. Use a cursive font or a typewriter font for poetic writing; this adds a pleasant touch.

And as a last step, you may apply an overlay that will further accentuate the mournful nature of the atmosphere. We chose an image of crumpled brown paper as our visual. To do this, hit the Add Photo button, choose a photo from your camera roll, reduce the opacity of the selected photo, and then place it on top of the image.

2. Cyberpunk

If you want something that stands out from the crowd, then Cyberpunk is a fantastic choice for you. The depiction of the world in the aftermath of a technological revolution gave rise to the creation of this genre. The story is centred on urban life and incorporates aspects of artificial intelligence.

The aesthetic of cyberpunk is characterised by a palette of dark blue tones, splatterings of neon colours and lights, and building-like rectangular structures. You’ll also see designs and textures that were influenced by both utopian and apocalyptic architecture, such as stainless steel fixtures or black stoned sidewalks.

How to Get a Cyberpunk Aesthetic

Using the default correction tools, you should edit your picture with the goal of achieving a colouring that is somewhat desaturated, dark, and has a blue-toned cast. Raise the level of Sharpness and Clarity, as well.

Now, seek for filters and effects that may give the appearance of artificial intelligence. For example, SKTCH1 enables you to outline in a neon hue, and Sticker lets you add cyborg components to your image. This theme also works nicely with filters like Glitch and Moonlight that integrate RGB, which is an abbreviation for the main colours red, green, and blue.

Lense Flair will simulate the flashing neon lights that are characteristic of the nightlife of the future. In addition, if there is a person in the picture, you may create a dramatic, lifelike appearance by making one of their eyes red.

Last but not least, you have the option of applying a grid-like filter to the picture, such as Spotted, which will further accentuate the image’s rectangular components.

3. Pristine

A immaculate aesthetic does not have a specific history; rather, it is an amalgamation of elements that are often associated with heaven, such as clouds, crystals, and feathers. This is the perfect topic for anybody who wishes to make something that is considered to be feminine in the traditional sense.

There are many different ways to interpret the term “pristine aesthetic,” but it most often refers to a colour palette consisting of pastel tones, artefacts like as glass and diamonds, and delicate textures like fur and feathers.

How to Get a Pristine Aesthetic

First, adjust the Contrast so that it is lower, and then adjust the Brightness so that it is higher. This should result in an image that is bright and does not have any harsh colouring. In most cases, there is only one colour scheme used in a pristine aesthetic; thus, if there are any things that stand out, you should match them with everything else by utilising the colour replace function.

Make the picture seem more pastel by lowering the Opacity of the Colorize filter after you have used it to imbue the whole thing with a hue that corresponds to the colour of the elements it contains. Now, open up Brushes and search for things like stars and hearts or anything else that seems to match the theme. Brush such things over the picture.

Video Guide

Find Your Vibe

When it comes to visual material, aesthetics and themes are more important than anything else. We hope that the following collection of aesthetic concepts will serve as a source of inspiration for your next article. You could even mix some of them to create a whole new aesthetic idea that is exclusive to your business.

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