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How To Lock YouTube Screen On Android And iPhone

The sensitivity of touch screens on various devices has seen significant improvements. Touchscreen screens are, however, susceptible to accidental touches being made on them. Because the majority of mobile devices now utilise touchscreens rather than physical keys, older adults and children are more likely to make inadvertent inputs. This is particularly likely to happen when they are viewing movies on YouTube.

People come to have a good time and watch videos that may be instructive, humorous, sad, or any combination of these emotions on YouTube, which is now listed as the world’s second most popular search engine.

People use this site for a variety of purposes, including to get education, for enjoyment, or for any number of other motives. When someone is watching a video on YouTube, nobody wants to have their viewing experience disrupted.

Even if there are a lot of cartoons, funny videos, and instructive material for kids that they like to watch on YouTube, kids are always eager to explore new things, learn new things, and find out more.

They keep touching the screen as they go from one part and menu to another while scrolling in a variety of directions. These kinds of youngsters are a source of frustration, and they have the potential to provide unwanted YouTube likes and mistakenly subscribe, which would result in your becoming a subscriber to several channels that you do not want to watch.

Your YouTube history may include videos that you do not want your children to see, and your child may navigate to other applications without meaning to and make changes that you do not want them to do. In these circumstances, you just need to lock the screen on YouTube. However, what steps precisely do you take to do this?

How to lock YouTube Screen For Android

Screen Pinning is a function that is available on Android phones, and it allows users to pin any app to the home screen. Screen pinning is a feature of Android phones that enables users to lock the whole phone and restrict the operation of the device to a single app.

One app that falls under this category is YouTube. This function limits the children’s access to just YouTube, preventing them from accessing any other applications. These are the actions that need to be taken in order to enable screen pinning:

  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu on your Android phone.
  • The “Security” option may be found in the menu that drops down.
  • After that, choose the “Advanced” menu option.
  • The “Screen Pinning” functionality may be accessed via the Advanced feature.
  • In the event that you do not see the option for Screen Pinning on your Android device, it should be presented as “Lock Screen and Security.”
  • Activate the functionality on the Android smartphone you’re using.
  • Now, launch YouTube and choose the Pin symbol located in the upper right corner to lock the app.

Settings> Security> Advanced> Screen Pinning.

How Lock YouTube Screen For iPhone

You have the option to lock the screen on an iPhone while you are viewing a video on YouTube. The following is an outline of the steps:

  • Launch YouTube on your Chrome browser by entering its URL, such as, into the address bar.
  • Go to the menu that looks like three dots at the very top of YouTube. These three buttons are often shown in a vertical layout in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • The appearance of a list is triggered when you hit that button. Find the item labelled “Settings” in that list.
  • You should go ahead and pick the “General” option the next time you’re in the Settings menu.
  • Next, choose the “Accessibility” option from the menu once you’ve selected the “General” option.
  • Last but not least, the “Guided Access” function may be found by selecting the “Accessibility” option.
  • Activate the “Guided Access” option in the menu.
  • When you wish to turn off the locking function, you will need to provide the appropriate passcode.
  • After you have entered the passcode, the screen will immediately lock, and you will be able to view YouTube videos without any difficulty.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.

You may also add the “Guided Access” function to your iPhone by doing so straight from the home screen of your device.

You Tube has eclipsed all other platforms as the most popular source of entertainment. Not only does it provide its users information and amusement, but it also helps them with their academics. You may raise the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel by producing such original material.

Other Methods to Lock Screen While Watching YouTube Videos

1. Using Dolphin Browser

Playback of videos on YouTube mobile will be paused if you use another web browser that supports the screen-locking feature. However, there is an exception to this rule, and that is the Dolphin web browser. If you are accessing YouTube on your mobile device using the Dolphin app, you have the ability to lock YouTube and immediately begin playing the video that you selected by hitting the Play button that is shown on the lock screen.

2. Using Musi Mobile App

If you are having trouble with Dolphin, you may give the Musi app a go instead. In-app purchases are required to eliminate advertisements, however other than that, using the app is completely free. You are able to search for a video to play on YouTube by clicking on the Search tab. You are unable to leave the app, but you may lock it, and the movie will continue to play even after you do so.

One drawback of using Musi is that it does not allow you to play or stop movies directly from the lock screen. The application does not interface with the music controls found in the Control Center, nor does it add a player on the lock screen of the device. When you wish to stop a video, you have to first unlock YouTube and utilise the app on your device in order to do so.

Users of any Android device or iPhone may use the Google Play store to download a variety of “Lock Screen applications.” These apps provide users the ability to lock the screen of any app they want, including YouTube. Install this application, and then, after reading and accepting the terms and conditions, turn it on in order to deactivate the touch screen capability on the device.

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