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How to Know Recently Followed On Instagram List Of Someone? – Easy 1 Method

Are you interested in learning more about the people that your buddy is following on Instagram? Do you want to check to see who he followed most recently?

There is a method to find out who that person follows on Instagram, provided that you know how to do so. The reason you would be interested in this information is irrelevant; there is a way to find out anyway.


How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

Because the most recent update to the Instagram app sorts users’ lists according to who they are connected to the most, it is impossible to determine who a user has just begun following because the list is organised in this manner. However, if you utilise a third-party site such as Snoopreport or IG Export, you will be able to monitor the users that an Instagram user follows.

Seeing Who Someone Followed Recently on Instagram — Here’s How

As was just said, there is no way to find out who someone has lately started following on Instagram.

Although you may see who that person is following by going to the Following category on his profile, the followers are not shown in chronological order.

Instagram has again eliminated that function and reorganised the “Following” list so that it is now displayed according to who a user interacts with the most. There was a time when the “Following” list was structured to show who a user had just started following.

In light of this, we are going to have to rely on websites that are not affiliated with Instagram in order to determine who a user is currently following on the platform.

The only issue that remains is how much of an investment you are prepared to make in order to get that enticing piece of information.

Free App: IGExport

IGExport is the programme you’re searching for if you’re interested in finding out who someone (maybe your crush) recently followed on Instagram but you’re not prepared to spend a significant amount of money to acquire the report.

You may acquire a report on someone’s recent followings by using a Chrome extension tool called IGExport, which you can install on your browser to get the information.

To get IGExport up and running, just get started by following these quick and easy steps:

  • Launch a new tab in the Chrome browser on your computer and enter “IGExport” into the address box.
How to Know Recently Followed On Instagram List Of Someone?
  • To access the Chrome Webstore, go to the IGExport search result that you should click on (this is the first result on the list).
  • The website will automatically refresh after you click that result, at which point IGExport will open in the Chrome Webstore.

After clicking “Add extension,” wait for Google to install the IGExport browser extension on your computer.

  • To install an extension, go to the toolbar in Chrome and click the “Extensions” button. This appears as an icon of a piece of a puzzle.
  • Keep scrolling until you find the IGExport extension at the bottom of the dropdown selection. The IGExport extension may then be pinned to the taskbar by clicking the symbol that looks like a pushpin.

Pinning the extension to the taskbar, on the other hand, is a step that is completely voluntary.

  • After you have pinned IGExport to the taskbar (this is an optional step in the procedure, as was previously said), proceed to log in to your Instagram account.
  • Once you have successfully logged into your Instagram account, go to the search box and enter the username of the person about whom you are inquisitive about the followers that he has.

After that, when the name of his account shows on the dropdown menu that opens, choose it by clicking on it.

  • You will be sent to the profile page of the individual after choosing their username from the list of accounts that appears once you click the username.

Copy the username by highlighting and right-clicking on it before clicking the “Copy” option.

You may also select the username, then copy it by using the Ctrl> and C key combination.

  • Choose the IGExport extension from the menu that appears on the taskbar, then copy and paste the user name you want to follow into the space that is supplied.

The next step is to choose whether you will monitor the individual’s followers or followings. Pick the option “Following.

The report may then be generated using IGExport when you choose the option labelled “Export Following.”

The website will then refresh, displaying in reverse chronological order the usernames of the users that the Instagram user follows. The ones that are at the top are the ones who have gained the most followers recently.

To begin the process of exporting the list onto your device, pick the green button labelled “Download following” if you would want to save a copy of the report on your device.

Select the second approach down below if, on the other hand, you would rather the reports on the account become automatic than have to repeat the processes listed above.

Video Guide

Is there a way to check who someone recently followed on Instagram without using third-party apps or sites?

Though one can see who someone follows on Instagram, you cannot tell when that person followed such an account. With Instagram’s recent update, the “Following” list is arranged according to how often the user interacts with those he’s following and not chronologically.

How do I access the Followings list of an Instagram user?

To begin, go to the feed page and locate the search bar. On that page, put the username into the search box. You will need to click on the account that is a match and then enable Instagram to take you to the profile page of that account. When you are on the profile page, click the “Followings” button repeatedly until a pop-out window with the account’s list of followers appears.

If I can’t see who someone follows recently on Instagram, does this apply to my account as well?

Using the Followings list, you will not be able to pinpoint when you followed a particular Instagram account. This is a disappointing limitation. You cannot even sort the people you are following in chronological order, which makes it impossible to determine who you followed most recently.

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