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How To Install & Use Rythm Music Bot on your Discord Channel

It’s possible that you like doing things like listening to music while working at your desk. In the event that this is the case, adding Rythm to your Discord channel will be a very beneficial move. You may listen to your favourite songs on Rythm, a music bot that plays music for you as you talk with your friends. Rythm will play your favourite songs in the order that you choose. The purpose of this post is to act as a step-by-step instruction manual for putting Rythm on your Discord server and configuring it to work properly. Let’s get this party started now, shall we?

Authorise Rythm Bot

  • Simply follow this link to access the RythmBot website.
  • On the screen’s right-hand side is where you’ll find the Invite Rythm option.
    In the new window that has appeared, enter your login information for your Discord account.
    Following that, you will be able to decide whether or not to allow RythmBot access to your server. Uncheck the “Admin” box in the drop-down menu if you do not want to have administrative privileges.
How To Install & Use Rythm Music Bot on your Discord Channel

Make sure to sign in with your account.

Discord Server Settings

  • It ought should be possible for you to notice at this point that the RythmBot has been invited to participate in the game on your server as a guest.
  • You may create a new role by going to the Roles section of your server’s settings and selecting the option to do so.
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the name of your position, and then save your modifications.
  • Right-clicking RythmBot in the Online area will provide a context menu. Select “Roles” from this menu. The bot will be given the new responsibility as soon as this is finished.

Discord Bot Channel

  • Choose to create a new channel in which you will be able to engage with the bot in order to communicate with it. This will allow you to talk with the bot.
  • Choose Edit Channel from the drop-down menu, and then choose Permissions from that option.
  • Make sure that the RythmBot can receive messages sent by other people before selecting the newly established position for it to fill.

RythmBot Commands & Features

When you use the play feature, the music with the given name or URL will be played.
disconnect Take the bot out of the speech channel in which it is presently participating.

It plays back the song that is currently being played by the bot in the background.

aliases The aliases of commands will be listed by this function.

The value of ping indicates how soon the bot reacts to messages received on Discord.

skip Allows you to bypass the song that is currently being played.

seek Attempts to get to a specific point along the route that is now being taken

A search for a piece of music is conducted on Soundcloud utilising soundcloud.

remove With the use of this function, a particular component, such music, may be removed from the queue.

loopqueue is a function that iteratively processes the whole of the queue.

search Performs a search on YouTube using the specified search word to look for results for a URL.

stats The statistics on the bot’s performance is shown here.

loop It would be nice if you could play the music that is now playing again.

contribute Describes how a monetary contribution may be sent to the creators of the Rythm bot in order to support their work.

which shard Returns the name of the shard that you are presently on.

join It’s not difficult to invite the bot to join your voice channel.

lyrics Provides a return value that contains the lyrics for the song that is presently being played.

info This location contains details on the Rythm bot that you may be interested in.

restart the playing of the music that was previously paused.

settings The specifications of Rythm are subject to change.

move Through the use of this function, a certain song may be moved to the head of the queue or to a particular place within the queue.

forward It advances the needle by a specified amount in the music that we are listening to at the moment.

The skipto command directs the cursor to a certain position inside the queue.

clear Takes the item off of the waiting list or queue.

replay The progress metre for the currently playing song will be reset to zero.

clean will get rid of all of the bot’s messages and commands that are currently stored on the system.

pressing stop puts an immediate end to the current song that is being played.

volume Perform a check or make any necessary modifications to the volume level.

rewind The currently playing track is advanced backward by the specified amount.

playtop Identical to the play command, with the exception that it begins at the very beginning of the queue.

playskip The song is put to the front of the line, and then it is bypassed once it has been played.

The items in the queue are reorganised after being shuffled.

queue Take a look at the line that’s been drawn. You will be able to see further pages if you type in the command followed by the page number that is given after it (queue 2)

leavecleanup The tracks that were added to the Queue by a user who is no longer available have been deleted.


Users of Rythm have the ability to look up the lyrics for the song that is presently playing or for any other song of their choosing by using the lyrics tool in the app. Because of this feature, we are able to provide users of Rythm with lyrics that are of a high quality and can be relied upon for the music that is now being played.


Rythm provides server owners and administrators with a broad selection of customizable options for their servers via the use of our modular settings panel. The configuration settings provide users access to extra tools geared at administrators, such as the blacklist, in addition to music controls like autoplay and other common controls.


Additionally, Rythm allows for the importation and exportation of playlists from YouTube. When a playlist URL is played by a user, Rythm will queue all of the songs from that playlist that it is able to queue. This may take some time depending on the size of the playlist. If a video URL includes a link to a playlist, Rythm will also queue the playlist that is referenced by the video URL in order to play it when the video URL has finished playing.

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