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How to Hide UI in FFXIV (PC/PS4)

There are a couple of reasons why someone might desire to hide the user interface in Final Fantasy XIV. Others find it distracting from gameplay, others find it difficult to see their avatar and interface unless they’re zoomed in very close to the action, and some simply prefer a more immersive experience without UI elements interfering with their experience.

Last Fantasy XIV Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was released in 2010. It is available on the Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One platforms. While taking a screen capture, the user interface (UI) or head-up display (HUD) is a little unpleasant, which makes the screen capture less attractive. As a result, I decided to research how to turn off the UI in Final Fantasy XIV.

Simple as pressing escape and selecting “UI layout” will allow you to conceal your user interface. There are various different options to customize the appearance of your interface when you press this button. The first of these options, “Display Floating Cast Bar,” is the one you’ll want to turn off completely. When you enter the game, your cast bar will no longer be visible on the screen because it has been removed.

How to Hide my UI in FFXIV?

How to Hide UI in FFXIV (PC/PS4)

The menu detailed above under How Can I Hide UI in Final Fantasy XIV can be used to conceal one of your interface items. For those who prefer not to bother with this every time they play, or who wish to totally hide both of their interface elements (their cast bar and hotbars), there is a simple macro that will take care of everything for them! When you run this macro, it targets both of your interface components at the same time, obscuring them regardless of which one you are currently selecting. Here’s how to create this macro: Open a text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit. The following code should be copied and pasted into your text editor:

Instructions on how to use the macro: Open your FFXIV Macro Tool and navigate to “UI Customization” >> “Action List” in the left-hand menu. First, create a new action list, and then choose the first empty entry from it. Right-click the Action box below and navigate to the location of your freshly saved macro text file (see below) (ex: HideUI ). If you called it differently than I did, go to the folder where it is located and look for this file instead of the one I named it. Import Item should appear as an option in your action list if you right-click and choose it. In Final Fantasy XIV, you can now use this option whenever you want to hide the UI!

FFXIV Remove UI Guide

This is really beneficial when it comes to playing the game in the manner in which you should play it. A small number of groups prefer their presentation to be chaotic and stuffed to the brim with information. Others, on the other hand, require that theirs be kept to the bare minimum that is reasonably possible. Furthermore, to be fair, we can’t hold it against them on the basis that the Final Fantasy XIV universe is a beautiful place.

Nonetheless, there is a strategy that allows both of them to be turned here and there with the touch of a button. The default button on the PC form is titled ‘Parchment Lock,’ which is intended to completely eliminate the HuD/UI. If you are using a PC, you must press Fn at the same time as Scroll Lock.
This is the point at which the superiority of PC gaming becomes a critical issue; you have complete control over what this catch is and how it is implemented. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter because it doesn’t have to conflict with anything else of significance. If you’re a quick snapper, this can be moved to the middle of your mouse button, for example.
For those of you who want to play on the Hide UI setting in Final Fantasy XIV, it is rather simple to turn off the HuD/UI; however, you cannot change this setting as you do on the PC adaption. To do so, simply press L1 and the touchpad button together at the same time. Furthermore, that is all, the HuD/UI is no longer present, and you can press the offer button to take screen captures until your heart’s content.

How To Hide UI in FFXIV on PC

If you hold down the parchment lock key on your console, the user interface in Final Fantasy XIV should be hidden. It is, of course, the Scroll lock key that is being used. In the case that it is not functioning properly for you, you can proceed to investigate. Change the settings and key bindings, and then select a different key. Even if you do not have a screen capture application, you can use this method to capture a screen image. The screen capture will be saved in the screen capture Hide UI in Final Fantasy XIV or Final Fantasy X14 if you use the PrtSc key on your console to take it.

Hide Off UI in FFXIV in PS4

With the help of the PS4 regulator, it is possible to properly conceal the UI in PS4. You should simply hit the L1+ touchpad on your controller, and the UI will be removed. If you are using a PlayStation 3, you should press the L1+ select key to select your game.

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You can restore the UI by pressing the same key that was used to hide it. You can snap a screenshot of the screen by pressing the offer catch in the regulatory panel. If you come across any more methods for hiding the UI in Final Fantasy XIV, please share them in the comments section below.


How do I hide UI in FF14?

Simply keep holding down the L1 button as well as the button on the touchpad. After this, the HUD and UI will no longer be shown, and you will be able to take as many screenshots as you like just by tapping the share button. Do you like to get more information on Final Fantasy XIV?

Where is Ffxiv UI saved?

How to Copy Keybindings and the Heads-Up Display (HUD) Between Characters Don’t let the seemingly complicated process overwhelm you; it really is rather simple. To begin, go to the directory that contains the files associated with your game. This directory is often located at C:UsersUSERNAMEDocuments. My Video Games FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn is playable by any user who has Windows 10 installed.

How do I backup my Ffxiv UI settings?

Making Use of the Tool for Backing Up To begin backing up your configuration settings, click the Config button on the launcher. The menu for configuring the app. To create a backup of your data, choose “Back Up” from the “Backup Tool” section of the menu that appears. Backup. To create a backup of your configurations, choose “Backup” from the menu and then select a place for the backup file you want to create. FFXIVconfig is the name of the file that has to be changed.

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