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How to Get Vines in Minecraft – 4 Easy Ways

You have been attempting to grow vines in Minecraft, but you have not been successful in doing so, and you are wondering why this has been taking place.

However, in this post, we are going to learn all there is to know about vines, including how you may be able to get them in the next test that you take.

The fundamental structure of a vine is a plant mass that is porous and lacks solidity. Now, what this indicates is that you are free to pass across these barriers since they do not exist in any tangible form.

These blocks multiply at a lightning-fast rate. However, Vines cannot be created in a simple furnace or on a crafting table by themselves.

They could only be obtained by playing the game and may be added to your inventory after they have been gathered. These bricks might be discovered in a variety of locations, including the ground, the sides of trees, or even hanging from the tree’s leaves.

If you gaze through them as if you were a third party, they have a texture that is somewhat reminiscent of grey. In addition, you may ascend using vines in the same way that you would use a ladder or another kind of stairway.

To ascend utilising these blocks, the only thing that has to be assured is that there are many blocks that are contacting one another. However, contacting the blocks is not necessary in any other situation, such as while you are descending.

Additionally, they sound exactly like the noises made by grass when someone walks on it. However, the issue “how to obtain vines in Minecraft or add them to the inventory” has arisen at this juncture.

You need to be familiar with the many different versions of Minecraft where Vines is both accessible and supported before you can provide a detailed response to the question that was put above.

4 Quick Steps To Making Vines In Minecraft

When it comes to Minecraft, you may cut vines from the trees using a tool called Shears, which allows you to gather the vines from the trees.

This tool assists in the removal of these blocks so that they may be added to the inventory at a later time. It achieves this by chopping them into smaller pieces.

The following is the comprehensive procedure for acquiring vines that are in the phase of survival:

How To Get Vines In Minecraft Survival

Find Vines Growing

To begin, you will need to search for Vines that have been made or grown in Minecraft. You may find them by going to certain biomes. As was said previously, they may be seen strung from the branches of the trees.

Hold your Shears

Select the pair of shears from the hotbar, and then take them into your hands and hold them there.

Use the Shears

Following completion of the two stages outlined above, the next step is to make use of the instrument in order to prune and gather the vines.

How to Get Vines in Minecraft
  • When it comes to the Pocket Edition (PE), you will need to tap the vines while simultaneously holding on to them.
  • In order to play the Education Edition, you need to click and hold the left mouse button on the vines.
  • In the case of the Nintendo Switch, you are required to press and maintain pressure on the ZR button on the controller.
  • It is necessary to press and maintain pressure on the RT button located on the Xbox controller while using an Xbox 360 or Xbox One console.
  • In the Java Edition, which can be played on either a Mac or a PC, press and hold the vines, then click left.
  • You need to press and maintain pressure on the R2 button on your PS controller in order to use a PS3, PS4, or both of those systems.
  • In the case of the Wii U, you are required to press and maintain pressure on the ZR button located on your controller.
  • When it comes to the Windows 10 Edition, you are required to use the left mouse button and keep it down when clicking on the vines.

Pick the falling vines before they start disappearing

You have reached a moment when it is imperative that you guarantee that you gather the falling vines before they begin to vanish. And that wraps things up!

In conclusion, it is my hope that the directions that were provided for you above have been of use to you in solving the problem of not being able to create vines in Minecraft.

On the other hand, after you have gathered all of the blocks, you will see that they begin to appear in the hotbar. Now that you know how to utilise them, you may store them in the inventory and get them out anytime you need them.

Where to get vines in Minecraft?


As was just discussed, it is not difficult to locate vines dangling from trees in Minecraft worlds that include a jungle habitat. There are very few instances of jungle biomes, yet the possibility does exist. Because of their vines, it is simpler to locate them in the wild.

Players have a chance of discovering vines when exploring the jungle temples. The problem with it, though, is that jungle temples are much more difficult to find than real jungles themselves. There are occasions when the temple won’t even appear at all.

Pillager Outposts

The walls of pillager outposts often have vines growing on them for players to discover. These outposts are rather difficult to locate, although they are more common than forest temples. The problem is that the crowds that are contained inside might sometimes be aggressive.

The crowds who are housed inside the pillager outposts are very protective of both their home and their commander. If they feel threatened, they will launch an assault on the player. If the player is responsible for the death of the captain, they will get a negative omen.

Due to the bad omens, players will be prevented from entering towns unless they choose to continue with the attack. Milk, on the other hand, may be consumed by the player to counteract the impact.


On oak trees that are found in the swamp biome of Minecraft, vines will grow organically. The murky water and lily pads of a swamp make it quite easy to identify this kind of habitat. The presence of mushrooms growing out of wetlands is another way for players to identify these areas.

The players could find vines dangling from dead oak trees, spruce trees, jungle oak trees, or dark oak trees. It is important for players to bear in mind that they will not be able to mine the vines and that they will instead merely break if they do not have a silk touch axe or shears (Java) available to them.

Players may discover the location of a swamp biome by following a water trail and keeping an eye out for the moment when the colour of the water begins to change.

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