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How To Get Monetized On YouTube Fast-2022

Do you want to learn How To Get Monetized On YouTube Fast? channel and start earning money from it? Take a peek at our beginner’s guide for more information!

This essay is all about how you can monetize your YouTube material so that you can start earning money from your efforts. When it comes to making money on YouTube, there are four golden principles to follow:

  • You must have 1,000 followers on your YouTube channel in order to be considered successful.
  • Over the previous 12 months, your films have produced 4,000 Watch Time hours on YouTube.
  • You abide by all of YouTube’s standards and guidelines at all times.
  • You’ve set up an AdSense account on Google.

More information on these steps may be found in the video below:

1. Learn the YouTube Partner Program Requirements

Before your channel will be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, also known as the YPP for short, you’ll need to meet all four of the standards given above.

So let’s start with the 1,000 subscribers part of the equation. With this one, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to reach 1,000 subscribers; the goal is simply to reach 1,000 subscribers. Once you’ve reached that point, you can check it off your to-do list.

In addition, you must have accumulated 4,000 hours of Watch Time on your films over the previous 12 months. Please bear with me as I attempt to clear up any misunderstandings on this point. First and foremost, this isn’t about how much video content you, as a YouTube creator, actually view. Everything here revolves around the amount of video content that is viewed on your channel by individuals all around the world. The amount of time that people have spent watching videos on your channel over the last 12 months is what it is (from any given date). Despite the fact that you may have accumulated 4,000 hours of Watch Time over the course of your channel’s existence, only the latest 12 months are counted toward the YouTube Partner Program requirements.

Fortunately, live streams do count toward the broader, 4000-hour goal of the project.

These videos, on the other hand, do not:

  • Unlisted videos
  • Videos you’ve deleted
  • Videos set to private
  • Advertising campaigns
  • YouTube Shorts

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re already a member of the YouTube Partner Program and your channel’s Watch Time goes below 4,000 hours, YouTube will not automatically remove you from participation. However, it has the option to make that decision in the future. In case you’re interested in seeing a lot more in-depth film on the subject of 4,000 hours in particular, check out this video:

2. Track Your Progress Toward Meeting the YPP Requirements

Are you on the verge of earning money from your YouTube channel using the YouTube Partner Program? Here’s how to perform the verification:

  • Access YouTube using the YouTube Studio by logging into your account (click your profile image and select YouTube Studio).
  • The Monetization option can be found in the left navigation menu.

The monetization page will keep track of your progress toward achieving 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of Watch Time on your channel. As soon as you’ve reached both of these milestones, you’ll be prompted to “apply now” by a blue button.
Want to keep track of your progress in a more efficient manner? VidIQ can be downloaded and installed. Afterwards, you will see a set of real-time statistics for your channel shown on virtually every YouTube screen. It will display the number of views received by your channel every hour, the number of views received over the last 48 hours, and the number of subscribers. It will also track your progress toward 4,000 hours of Watch Time, which is quite useful! As soon as you achieve the 4,000-hour mark, that number will turn green, indicating that you have met the monetization criteria.

3. Follow YouTube’s Rules for Monetization

The rulebook is the next item on the to-do list. If you wish to monetise your work, you must make certain that you do so in the proper manner, as described on YouTube:

When you submit an application for the YouTube Partner Program, your channel will be subjected to a routine screening procedure to see whether it complies with YouTube’s policies and guidelines. Only those channels will be permitted into the program that meet the requirements.
YouTube is continually checking to see if the channels participating in the program are adhering to the company’s policies and guidelines. Both are comprehensive and find a balance between serving the needs of creators, viewers, and advertising alike. If you intend to monetize your material in the future, I strongly advise you to become familiar with the policies and procedures outlined here beforehand.

However, if you are in a TLDR mindset, to summaries, use your common sense when making decisions. If you have a suspicion that a video is unsuitable, the chances are that it is. Make no mistake about it: you are creating such information entirely at your own peril.

4. Avoid Copyright and Monetization Mistakes on YouTube

The vast subject of copyrighted material is addressed extensively in YouTube’s policies and guidelines. Essentially, if you utilise other people’s work without their permission, you may be infringing on their intellectual property rights. This is something that YouTube does not permit. It will almost probably result in you being demonetized or disqualified from participating in the YouTube Partner Program.
This is the most crucial monetization policy for the vast majority of you. In order to use someone else’s content, such as for a reaction video, you must first obtain their permission…

And, let’s be clear, it’s possible that even this isn’t enough. Using other people’s content in your videos on a regular basis may lead to YouTube deciding not to monetize your content in the future.

  • Add value to any third party content you monetize
  • Share original commentary, educational value, or an editorialized statement.

In addition, YouTube clarifies that if all or the majority of your channel is dedicated to repurposed content, and you are not altering the original work by adding your own unique value, your channel will not be eligible for the YouTube Partnership Program. The goal of this policy is to ensure that YouTube rewards users for creating and sharing unique and original material. It also aims to recognize and reward those that put in the effort to create original material.
Although some would argue that the “intent” of a regulation is an excuse for YouTube to demonetize channels that they do not want to participate in the monetization scheme, let’s take a closer look at it from this perspective. The content you’ve created has taken days, even hours, to perfect, and it’s gone viral on YouTube as a result. Then a slew of random video creators swipe that content, upload it, gain hundreds of thousands of views, and benefit handsomely from it, all while remaining anonymous. What would you think if something like that occurred to you? YouTube is attempting to protect original content from video creators, which is what the company is known for.

To be sure, duplicate and copyright content is a grey area on YouTube, and the network isn’t always successful in distinguishing between the two. Some YouTube channels are flagrantly in violation of these guidelines. We just do not know the specifics of their individual circumstances. They may have obtained permission to use the content, or they may come across it and be caught later on.

5. Link a Google Adsense Account With Your YouTube Channel

How To Get Monetized On YouTube Fast

If you want to make money from your videos, YouTube must provide a mechanism to compensate you for your work. This will be accomplished through the use of an AdSense account. If you already have one, you can continue to use it in the same capacity. If you do not already have one, you can create one during the YouTube Partner Program application process.

One final point to mention is that you can connect several channels to a single AdSense account.

6. Apply to the YouTube Partner Program

Let us take a moment to review those needs once more. You’ll need the following items:

  • You have 1,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel.
  • Over the previous 12 months, your films have received 4,000 Watch Time hours.
  • In order to adhere to all of YouTube’s policies and standards
  • Make sure you have an AdSense account set up.

When you submit an application to the YouTube Partner Program, it may take the platform up to a month to make a judgement. This is due to the fact that actual individuals will be reviewing your channel. Some channels have been granted in a matter of days, indicating that progress may be made fast. However, if it takes longer than a month, your channel will most likely be placed on hold until the issue is resolved. Unfortunately, when this occurs, waiting times can become extremely extensive – three, six, or even twelve months in certain cases. In some sad instances, YouTube never appears to reach a conclusion, leaving the content producer in a state of limbo regarding monetization.

Finding yourself in this situation can be an extremely frustrating experience. Many of you have expressed your thoughts on this in your comments on our videos here at vidIQ. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you in moving the process along; thus, we urge that you communicate with TeamYouTube on Twitter for assistance. Make sure everyone is aware that you are experiencing difficulties with your application.

YouTube claims that doing so will not speed up the procedure, but you never know what can happen in the future.

7. What to Do When If You’re Rejected From the YouTube Partner Program

Let’s imagine you’ve submitted an application to the YouTube Partner Program but have been denied admission. What options do you have?

When you are rejected from the YouTube Partner Program, YouTube will provide you with a basic explanation as to why you were rejected. Unfortunately, they will not tell you directly which video or content is causing the problem, so you may be forced to alter your channel on your own initiative. The good news is that you can reapply for the programme within 30 days of being rejected.

Once again, you will have to rely on your common sense in this situation. If you believe there are videos that are in violation of the community guidelines, it is quite likely that they are, and you must make the necessary changes. Another typical problem is videos that contain copyrighted content; in this case, you will need to remove the copyrighted information from your video and re-upload it.

A community policy or a copyright strike will prevent you from being accepted into the programme, will they? It is unlikely to deter you, but it will have an impact on your performance.

In the event that your application for the YouTube Partner Program is rejected, there is an official help page that can be found here with guidance on what to do next.

If you are a member of the Partner Program and want to learn more about earning money from Super Chats, Channel memberships, and goods, take a look at this video:


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