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How To Get Chroma Rush Auto Rifle And Its God Rolls In Destiny 2

This article will explain how to get the new Chroma Rush in Destiny 2 as well as the perks that you should seek for on a god roll.

One of the most impressive additions to the Auto Rifle subclass in recent memory is Destiny 2’s new Auto Rifle, the Chroma Rush, which is part of the Season of the Splicer expansion. It is not difficult to get since it can be farmed for in the Override activity or, more particularly, out of a Focused Umbral Engram. Either way, it may be acquired.

This article will cover the most efficient methods to get the Chroma Rush as well as its god rolls for both PvE and PvP combat.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Chroma Rush

How To Get Chroma Rush Auto Rifle And Its God Rolls In Destiny 2

There are three basic sources of treasure that may generate a Chroma Rush:

  • At the conclusion of the Override mission, you will find the Conflux Chest.
  • The prize bundles for the Splicer Servitor
  • Splicer Captain’s Armory Dedicated to the Focusing of Umbral Engram

In addition, completing the Safe Harbor Seasonal Challenge will provide one randomly rolled Chroma Rush to the player.

The Conflux Chest in Override is stocked with all of the seasonal equipment, including both armour and weapons. There is a remote possibility of obtaining the Chroma Rush there, but you shouldn’t put too much stock in that outcome. Don’t lose up on it just because it isn’t an instant source of new Auto Rifles; you’ll still need to perform Override for the Decrypted Data and rolls on the other equipment. Don’t give up on it just because it isn’t an immediate supply of new Auto Rifles.

The Splicer Servitor reputation packages, like like the Conflux Chest, include all of the available seasonal treasure. Acquiring these packages requires the collection of Decrypted Data. The previous guidelines still stand.

You have the highest chance of obtaining a god roll Chroma Rush by concentrating on an Umbral Engram while utilising the Splicer Captain’s Armory.

You’ll need to rack up 1,000 kills with either Auto Rifles or Breach-Loading Grenade Launchers in order to unlock this achievement. After you have done so, collect the corresponding Triumph, and then you will be able to Focus any Umbral Engram to cause it to drop either the Chroma Rush or the Ignition Code, depending on which one you choose.

Be wary of the fact that Captain’s Armory is a Tier 2 Focus; this means that you will have to pay 75 Decrypted Data on each roll, and a Chroma Rush is not a given with this focus. We have nothing against the Ignition Code, however at this location, we are searching for auto rifles.

Destiny 2: Chroma Rush PvE God Rolls

For activities outside the Crucible, you’ll have a few options when it comes to Chroma Rush rolls. Your ideal sets are below:


Rifling with a corkscrew or an arrowhead break. The first option provides very slight enhancements to Range, Handling, and Stability. After that, it’s all about the Reload stat, with a little bit of Handling thrown in for good measure and to speed things up.


Accurized Rounds, as well as Tactical Magazines. The former provides a direct enhancement to the weapon’s range, which is something the weapon desperately needs owing to the high-fire rate archetype it has. The latter option is recommended since it improves all three of these stats: stability, reload speed, and magazine capacity.

Slot 3 Trait

Feeding Frenzy or the Struggle for Survival Because of the former, the reload time for greater stacks of Chroma Rush is almost immediate. The latter makes it such that as long as you continue to eliminate garbage mobs, you won’t need to stop firing to reload your weapon.

Slot 4 Trait

Thresh or Rampage, your choice. The former is a boost to damage that may stack up to three times and has been a standard feature on all types of weapons since since D2 was first released. The latter is more situational and offers a little amount of Super energy to the player whenever they complete a kill. In PvP, the quantity is insignificant; but, in places with a large number of enemies, it might shave critical seconds off of your Super duration.

Destiny 2: Chroma Rush PvP God Rolls

Maximizing the Chroma Rush’s Range, Damage, and Stability are the three aspects you should focus on improving the most while using it against other players. It is recommended that you seek for firearms that roll with:

  • Barrel: As PvE
  • Magazine: As PvE

Slot 3 Trait

Either heating up or reducing the dynamic sway. The former facilitates simpler follow-up kills by reducing the amount of recoil experienced by the weapon, therefore also enhancing its accuracy and stability. The latter makes it simple to keep up a steady firing and remain focused on the target.

Slot 4 Trait

Clip or Rampage should be killed. The former provides a boost in damage that is constant and is approximately similar to two stacks of Rampage’s effect. Again, Rampage outclasses Kill Clip by about 10 percent when it is fully powered and may boost damage by a maximum of three stacks. Kill Clip is the ability I like to use since it provides a bit more comfort and ease if you leave a battle weak but don’t want to worry about Rampage fading. I find this to be the case quite often.

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