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How To Get and Play Gomoku Gamepigeon On iPhone

The classic tabletop game of Gomoku is played and enjoyed all around the world, not only in Asia. This kind of abstract board game with a strategic element is rather popular in Western culture as well. But if you haven’t heard of this amazing game yet, you’re in for a treat because you’re about to. Let’s put an end to those terrible ideas for those who are worried that they won’t be able to play it with their pals until the entire “social distance” matter has been resolved: you won’t have to wait.

Gomoku is now available as an iMessage game for Apple users to enjoy with their pals. If you’ve never participated in a game using iMessage before, allow us to introduce you to a real delight. It is far more convenient to play games using iMessage than it is to play standard internet games. You are not need to sit around and wait for the other player to get on; all you have to do is begin a game, and the other player may join in whenever they have the opportunity.

When you play games using iMessage, you don’t have to complete them all in one sitting, which is another advantage of doing so. Simply take your turn whenever you have some spare time available to you. The opposing player would behave in the same manner. Each round in the iMessage game is sent in the form of a message, and you may choose when it is convenient for you to read the message, see what the other player has played, play your turn, and then send the message. It reaches that level of sophistication. So let’s get started!

How to Get Gomoku in iMessage

It is necessary to first install the game inside the Messages app in order to get started playing Gomoku in iMessage. You can only play these games inside iMessage; they are not accessible as stand-alone applications that you can install on your smartphone.

Launch the Messages app on your iPhone, and then start a new iMessage chat thread there. You have the option of opening an already existing conversation or initiating a whole new one.

After that, press the ‘App Drawer’ icon that is located to the left of the textbox used for chatting.

How To Get and Play Gomoku Gamepigeon On iPhone

Following that, the available alternatives for iMessage applications will be shown. Simply opening the App Store by tapping its icon will get you started.

Next, choose the ‘Search’ button and look for the ‘GamePigeon’ app on your device. If you look for Gomoku, on the other hand, you won’t find anything useful at all. Gomoku is one of the games that is included in GamePigeon, which is a collection of two-player games that can be played in iMessage. Other games, such as Mancala, 8-ball pool, and others are also included.

Simply choose the ‘Get’ button to include GamePigeon into your collection of iMessage applications.

How to Play Gomoku

Since you have have the game downloaded into your mobile device, it is time to get down to the serious business of actually playing it. After you have finished installing the application, you should exit the App Store and go back to the App Drawer. Swipe to the left in order to access the icons on the right, and then press the icon that corresponds to ‘GamePigeon.’

It will display all of the games that are available. Gomoku may be accessed by tapping its thumbnail.

The game will load into the textbox designated for messages. To send an invitation to play the game, use the icon labelled “Send.” If the other player decides to play a game with you, they will take the first turn whenever you two engage in competition.

Game Rules

The iMessage game includes of a board with 12 squares and two sets of stones, one black and one white. Player 1 is given the black stones without having to do anything. The two players take turns placing a stone of their respective colour in the intersection of the tiles. The goal of the game is to position five of your stones in a row on the board such that they face in the same direction.

To take your turn, you must first position the stone on the junction and then click the “Send” button located at the bottom of the screen. Before revealing your move to the other player, you are allowed an unlimited number of opportunities to rearrange the location of your stones. But after you hit the “Send” button, you won’t be able to make any changes to it – you might say that it becomes permanent at that point.

The game is over when one player has placed five stones in a row in one of three different directions on the board: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You must thus not only work toward placing your stones in a pattern of five in a row on the board, but you must also prevent the stones of the other player from building the winning pattern. After you have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of the game, you will need to use careful planning in order to emerge victorious.

Hot Tip: The player who gets the first turn traditionally enjoys an advantage that increases their odds of winning over the second player. So, when you want to have a match of Gomoku, the first strategy you can employ is to get your friend to send you the game invite so you can have the first turn!

Gomoku is certain to prove to be an invigorating hobby for you and your friends, during which you will be required to engage precisely the correct amount of your brain – neither too much, such that it begins to seem like a chore, nor too little, such that you begin to become bored with it. What are you holding out for exactly?

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