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How To Fix Vanguards Kadena – Keesler Error: Xbox, PlayStation & PC Solutions

The aim assist problem and faulty spawns are among the flaws and glitches that gamers have been experiencing while waiting for the Vanguard Season 2 update, which will be released on February 14.

Some players, however, were unable to participate in the game at all as a result of the Kadena – Keesler problem, which prevented them from connecting to Vanguard’s servers. Fortunately, there are several simple workarounds that will allow you to get back into the game.

This article will cover all of the known solutions for Vanguard’s annoying Kadena-Keesler error code.


Check if the Call of Duty: Vanguard servers are online

How To Fix Vanguards Kadena – Keesler Error: Xbox, PlayStation & PC Solutions
The Kadena-Keesler problem in Vanguard is interfering with your ability to connect to internet services. As a result, determine if the fault is with you or with Activision first.
Verify out our instructions on how to check the status of the Vanguard server. The only thing you can do if the servers are down is wait for the situation to be resolved. However, if the servers are up and functioning, you should experiment with the following options.

Restart Call of Duty: Vanguard

In the absence of any other attempts to resolve the Kadena – Keesler problem, shutting and restarting the Vanguard application should be your first port of call.
However, if you’ve already done this or it didn’t work for you, there are a few of other solutions that have been shown to work in the past to resolve the issue.

Completely restart your Xbox or PlayStation

How To Fix Vanguards Kadena – Keesler Error: Xbox, PlayStation & PC Solutions
Another option to try is to totally shut down your Xbox or PlayStation so that it can go through its normal shutdown process.

To turn your Xbox consoles off and on again:

Keep pressing and holding the power button until the Xbox is entirely turned off.
Remove the Xbox’s power wire from the wall outlet.
Wait about 20 seconds before reconnecting the cord.
Restart your Xbox by pressing the button on the controller.

To power cycle a PS4 or PS5:

Hold down the PlayStation power button until the console beeps twice, then release the button.
Allowing the PlayStation to power down fully is highly recommended.
Disconnect the PlayStation’s power line from the console.
Wait about 20 seconds before reconnecting the cord.
Restarting your PlayStation should resolve any small difficulties you are experiencing with your system, as well as possibly addressing the Kadena – Keesler faults in Vanguard.

The next and most reliable method of resolving the Kadena-Keesler problem on Vanguard routers is to fully reboot the router.
Because the Kadena-Keesler problem is most likely caused by a network fault that prevents you from accessing Vanguard’s online services, rebooting your router should allow you to attempt to rejoin with a clean slate.
That’s how it’s done around here.

To turn off your router at the wall, follow these steps:
Wait about 20 seconds.
Restart the router and wait for it to complete a full boot-up cycle once again.
Start Call of Duty: Vanguard on your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC and enjoy the action.
Try connecting your router and console or PC together with a network cable, which will provide you with a more solid connection in most cases.


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