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How To Fix IP Configuration Failure Error In Android

Those who use Android devices and have seen the message “Failed to get IP address” are not alone in their predicament. It seems that customers of all different Android phone models and software versions are affected by the problem. We will explain the cause of the bothersome mistake that you are experiencing as well as the solution to it.

Why am I getting the “Failed to obtain IP address” error?

The “Failed to get IP address” problem often appears whenever a user attempts to access a Wi-Fi network, regardless of whether the network is brand new or one that has been previously stored on their device. If you get this error notice, it indicates that the router is unable to assign an IP address to the device you’re using. If the problem continues, the user will not be able to connect to the internet via that particular Wi-Fi network.

This error message may present itself in a different way for various users. It may display as “Obtaining IP address,” but regardless of the text that appears, the issue remains the same.

Forget network

How To Fix IP Configuration Failure Error In Android

To begin, you need to sign out of the network and then sign back into it again. This is the first option you should attempt. The procedures that need to be taken are easy, and in some cases, this is all that is required to get rid of the discrepancy that says “Failed to acquire IP address.”

How to forget a network on Android

  • Launch the app that controls settings.
  • Choose Internet and your network.
  • Choose the Internet option.
  • Hold down the network button for the one you can’t connect to.
  • Choose to forget it.
  • Please reauthenticate yourself to the Wi-Fi network.

Restart the phone

There is a good reason why this is generally one of the first answers that is presented in troubleshooting manuals. Restarting your phone, even though it would seem stupid to do so, tends to solve most issues miraculously. Try it out for yourself!

How to turn off Android devices

  • While holding down the button, press the Power button.
  • Click the Restart button.

Restart the router

In the event that the phone is not the source of the issue, the culprit may be the router. It could help to restart it and see if it solves the problem. The majority of routers are equipped with a reset button. You may try unplugging it and then plugging it back in if yours doesn’t work.

Rename your Android device

Many people assert that this is effective in resolving the problem, but we are unable to explain why this would be helpful. Because the method just requires a few steps, you should give it an attempt.

How to rename your Android device

  • Launch the app that controls settings.
  • Choose the About phone option.
  • To choose it, tap the Device name.
  • You are free to give it whatever name you choose, then click the OK button.
  • Make an effort to reestablish a connection to the network.

Turn Airplane mode on and off

By carrying out these steps, you will compel the router to reconfigure your connection. It is also possible that this will cure any additional difficulties that your phone may be experiencing. You might try activating the aeroplane mode for a short period of time and then turning it off again after that.

How to turn on Airplane mode

  • Launch the app that controls settings.
  • Proceed to the Network and Internet section.
  • To use the aeroplane mode, you will need to turn on the option.

Use WPA2-PSK encryption

Specific forms of encryption, such as AES and TKIP, may not perform particularly well with certain devices due to compatibility issues. Navigate to the settings of your router, and change it so that it uses WPA2-PSK. Because the operation of each router is unique, we are unable to provide you with step-by-step instructions; however, you can find detailed instructions in the user handbook that came with your router.

Is the MAC filter on?

Whitelisting and blacklisting devices on a Wi-Fi network are often accomplished with the use of MAC addresses by the network administrators. Your device will not be able to connect to the internet if it either does not appear on the whitelist or appears on the blacklist. The problem may be solved by either disabling the MAC filter on your router, removing it from the blacklist, or adding it to the whitelist. Again, the procedures are going to be different for every router, so you will need to check in the user guide for the steps.

Assign a static IP address

A static IP address is not required for the majority of devices, but it is necessary for certain services. In particular, those that need you to be reminded of your IP for reasons of security. It is possible that you are experiencing problems because your IP address is always changing; thus, you should test out a static IP address to see whether or not this resolves the problems you are having with your network.

How to assign a static IP address to your Android phone

  • Launch the app that controls settings.
  • Choose Internet and your network.
  • Choose the Internet option.
  • Tap the gear icon that is located next to the network to which you cannot join.
  • To edit, use the pencil icon that is located towards the upper right corner.
  • Choose the settings under Advanced.
  • Find the IP settings option, then choose it from the selection that drops down.
  • Choose the Static option.
  • Make a modification to the last number in the IP address so that it is any number between one and 225.
  • Make another attempt to connect.

Clear Google Play Services cache

The reason why clearing the cache is recommended in so many different troubleshooting guides is because it affects a wide variety of settings and components on your mobile device. You should give it a go and see if it makes a difference.

How to clear the cache on an Android app:

  • Launch the app that controls settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Go into See all applications.
  • Locate Google Play Services and then touch on it.
  • Choose the Storage and cache option.
  • Choose to clear the cache.
  • Make another attempt to join to the same Wi-Fi network.

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