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How to Fix fastboot: error: Failed to identify current slot

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of repairing Quick boot: Error: It was not possible to determine the current location. The A / B partition concept was launched by Google a few years ago, and the Android landscape has never been the same since. Users in general will not notice any significant changes as a result of this. The opposite is true: they would welcome this new approach because it would allow them to simply install the OTA update in the background while continuing to work in the forefront (as opposed to earlier times where the entire screen was hacked during the upgrade. up to date).
However, in custom development, the A / B divide presented a number of difficulties, particularly for newbies. The recovery partition was removed, which was one of the most significant modifications. As a result, the fastboot flash recovery recovery imp command would no longer function properly as well. As a result, you will need to start the recovery process using the boot partition and IMG file, and then permanently update it using the ZIP file that you downloaded earlier. Users, on the other hand, are prone to installing Custom Recovery on their device’s A / B recovery partition by accident.

However, due to the fact that the device no longer contains this partition, the command prompt will display the error message described above. Typically, the problem is caused by a misinterpretation of the A / B split. Do not be concerned; this advice will assist you in resolving your issue once and for all. So, without further ado, here’s how to resolve the issue with the rapid launch: The current location could not be determined due to an error. Continue in the same direction.

How to Fix fastboot: error: Failed to identify current slot

  • For the first step, you must download and install the Android SDK Platform Tools on your computer.
  • Download then the custom recovery of your choosing from the website’s website. You will receive an IMG file as well as a ZIP file (on some devices).
  • As a result, copy the recovery IMG file to the platform tools folder on your computer.
  • Recovery.img should now be the complete name of the IMG file, which was previously named “recovery.”
  • Transfer the recovery ZIP file, if it is available, to your device, on the other hand. When a ZIP file is not available, transfer the recovery.img file from your computer to your mobile device.
  • Connect your gadget to your computer via a USB cord. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your computer.
  • Then navigate to the platform tools folder, type CMD in the address bar, then press Enter to complete the process. The command prompt will be opened as a result of this.
  • Start your device in Fastboot mode by entering the following command into the Command Prompt window.
  • After that, execute the following command to boot your device into Custom Recovery.
  • Once your device has recovered and restarted, it is time to perform a permanent upgrade. To update the recovery ZIP file, go to Install, choose the recovery ZIP file from the list, then swipe right to confirm the update.
  • If you only have the recovery IMG file, go to Advanced and select Install recovery recovery disc from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the recovery IMG that was downloaded earlier and swipe right to bring up the update window.
  • After you have successfully installed recovery using one of the two methods described above, you can restart the device to boot into the operating system. To do so, go to Restart and then pick System from the menu.



So. The following are the measures to do in order to correct the Quick Launch: Error: It was not possible to determine the current location. If you have any queries about the procedures outlined above, please let us know in the comments section. We will respond to you as soon as we can with a solution to your problem.

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