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How To Fix Bad Mic Quality On Discord

Why is the audio quality on my Discord server so muddled and distorted? If you find yourself questioning this, then you need to have a look at the audio settings in Discord. However, since there are so many options for speech settings and functions, Discord might be perplexing for some users. Using this tutorial, we will help you repair any issues you are having with the Audio Quality of Discord and enhance the overall Audio Quality of Discord.

Voice & Video Settings

Check to ensure that your gadget doesn’t have any issues when used with other programmes. This will assist you in determining if your gadget is broken or whether there is a setting that is preventing it from producing the correct sounds. If your microphone works properly with Skype or any other software, you should try using it with Discord instead. To ensure that your microphone is connected to the appropriate input device, go to your settings and then choose the Voice & Video menu item. You should raise the input volume to at least 80 percent, and then look for an option that allows you to listen to how your microphone sounds.

How To Fix Bad Mic Quality On Discord

If the sound is still unpleasant or muddled, scroll down and ensure that the option to Automatically assess input sensitivity is selected before continuing. It is recommended that you go through your advanced options and try disabling one Voice Processing function at a time.

This will assist you in determining which of these many audio processing settings causes a decline in the quality of your microphone. If you are utilising a connection to the internet that is unstable, make sure that the option to Enable quality of service high packet priority is turned on in the following section. This will aid in the transmission of information from Discord and should address problems relating to bandwidth use.

Windows Sound Settings

After you have completed this step, right-click the sound icon that is located in your taskbar and pick the Open Sound Settings option. Make sure that the output and input device on this window are configured to the primary device that you are using.

You have the option to test or deactivate your devices under the section titled Manage Sound Devices. In order to diagnose and fix any hardware problems, this step is very necessary. You may further narrow down the potential origin of the problem by testing your device with a different source, such as a video on YouTube, for example.

You may change the volume and designate the input and output devices for each programme under the Advanced Sound Settings of your device. You can also change the settings for other sound parameters.

Device Manager

You may access Device Manager by looking for it in the search box on your taskbar.

Expand the “Audio inputs and outputs” section on the window. Select Update Driver from the context menu that appears when you right-click the output sound device that you want to use, and then check the box next to Search automatically for updated driver software. It will take a minute for this to check to see whether the driver for your device is the most recent version.

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