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How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error Discord

How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error Discord

Learn how to resolve the 500 Internal Server Error in Discord by following the steps in this guide.

Users of the Discord app have recently reported encountering the 500 Internal Server Error on their devices. The aforementioned problem has undoubtedly resulted in several hassles, as it prevents anyone from effectively using the application. This results in people being kicked off of servers or being unable to access Discord’s services and capabilities as a result of the behavior of other users. Because there are a significant number of users who are having difficulty understanding the solutions to this problem, we’ve put together this guide specifically for you. In this section, we’ll go over all of the different ways to fix the 500 Internal Server Error in Discord, one by one.

Check your Internet Connection

Checking your internet connection is one of the first actions you should take. There is a potential that a broken internet connection could be behind the 500 Internal Server Error. If you do notice any troubles with the internet, we recommend you switch networks. Also, try different network sources, such Wi-Fi hotspots.

Restart Discord to Solve 500 Internal Server Error

Following the internet check, we recommend you simply restart Discord. Once you restart the application, you need to look out for the error. If you do see the 500 Internal Server problem, you will need to continue reading for additional potential remedies.

Check for Discord Updates to fix 500 Internal Server Error

The next step you should do is to check for updates to the Discord software. If you do find any updates, we urge you download them immediately. Having the latest version of the Discord app might help address a number of issues and errors. There is a possibility that downloading updates can fIx the 500 Internal Server Error.

Additionally, we urge you take a look at the Official Discord Twitter page to learn about new upgrades and improvements.

Log in with another Account

Another approach you can take to handle the 500 Internal Server Error is to just log into the app with another account. Doing so can help you determine if the mistake is just related to your account, or is universal in nature.

Restart your Device

If Discord updates fail to accomplish the trick, we recommend you simply restart your device. After you’ve completed this step, return to the Discord application and look for the 500 Internal Server Error message. If the problem recurs, you will need to look for alternative potential solutions to the problem.

Re-install Discord

How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error Discord

If all else fails, you will be left with no choice except to remove and then reinstall the Discord application on your computer. Check to see whether the error still occurs after re-installing the application.

That’s all there is to it. In Discord, there are a number of different approaches you may take in order to try and resolve the 500 Internal Server problem. As you can see, there are numerous options available, and you will most likely be able to resolve the problem quite quickly. Additionally, because the root cause of the problem is most likely within the Discord application itself, you may simply have to wait for an update.

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