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How to Fish in My Time at Portia

Fishing is often treated as a side activity or minigame in simulation games. Depending on the game, it may be a means to get certain fish or objects, or it may be an alternate way to make some money. On the other hand, in the world of My Time at Portia, fishing is acknowledged to be a tremendously lucrative sport. You will be in excellent shape if you start fishing early on in the game since it will allow you to generate money more quickly. Because of this, we have compiled a handbook that explains everything about fishing that you will need to know.

Fish may be used for more than only earning a profit by selling them for Gols; you can also use them to perform other things. You may use them for cooking, you can use them for breeding, you can present them to people who live in Portia, and you can donate them to the Museum to get prizes. In addition to that, fishing is another activity that is required to successfully complete a large number of character tasks.

As soon as you complete a task for Qiwa, you will be given the opportunity to learn how to fish. One of the seven Hulu brothers, Qiwa, is the only one of his siblings who takes an interest in fishing to any significant degree. In order to complete the quest, Qiwa will require you to purchase a brand-new Beginner’s Fishing Rod in order to replace the one that is damaged.

How to Fish in My Time at Portia

A Fishing Rod and some Bait are necessities to have in your possession before you can begin fishing. You may get fish to bite by using something called a Caterpillar Bait. Bait may be obtained from plants, or it can be purchased from Grandma Sophie on her ranch for 4 Gols each item. On the other hand, in order to create a fishing rod, you will need to gather a number of different crafting materials.

Making your own Fishing Rod

To craft a fishing rod suitable for beginners, you will want 15 pieces of wood, 2 wild cocoons, and 1 copper bar. To construct a fishing rod suitable for beginners, click here. In order to construct this kind of rod, you will need a Worktable of level 1. After you have gathered the necessary components, though, you won’t have any problem producing it since it is already practically accessible from the beginning of the game.

To assemble a fishing rod of the classic kind, you will want three Bronze Pipes, two Wild Cocoons, and one Manganese Steel Bar. Because you need a Level 2 Worktable to create this rod, your Worktable will need to be upgraded at least once before you can use it.

In order to purchase the Master’s Fishing Rod, you will first need to make a donation to the Museum consisting of all of the Emperor Fish. It is the sole Master’s Fishing Rod that can be obtained during the whole of the game. As a result, we strongly advise against selling it or giving it out in any other form.

Fishing Locations and Tips

Discovering how to fish in My Time at Portia is a really straightforward and uncomplicated process. On the other side, it might take some time before you figure out where the majority of the fishing spots are located. After completing specific objectives on the map, you will be able to access previously locked fishing places. The completion of several of the game’s primary objectives is required in order for you to get access to these previously locked places.

Fishing Tips

  • Use the Fishing Rod that is located on your quickbar to equip it. Before you venture out to a fishing place, check to see that you have already taken along some bait with you.
  • Before you can begin the minigame, you will need to ensure that you are at a certain portion of the fishing site. When you see the letter E symbol, you may start fishing by pressing the E button.
  • If you want to cast a line more than once, it will cost you 6 stamina points each time. You will have to ingest one piece of bait each time a fish nibbles onto the hook. Because of this, carrying a little amount of food and bait with you will be plenty for a whole day of fishing.
  • The appearance of a red question mark indicates that a fish has been successfully hooked. To get it closer, use the left mouse button to click. As you continue to bring in a fish that has been hooked, you will see a white bubble and a red stress bubble form.
  • As is the case in the vast majority of minigames involving fishing, the fish will eventually struggle in an effort to free itself. The fish will succeed in escaping if the red tension bubble is able to completely fill up the white bubble. Holding down the left mouse button while keeping the fish within the white bubble is required until you successfully grab a grip of the fish.

Types of Fish

The game has a total of 13 distinct species of fish, each of which may be one of three variations: Normal Fish, Emperor Fish, or King Fish. You have a 92 percent chance of capturing a fish, but only an 8 percent chance of catching other objects such as seaweed, talismans, rackets, rusty iron pipes, shell necklaces, and crystal necklaces. The chances of catching a fish are higher than the odds of catching other items.

The following is a list of all of the many varieties of fish that can be purchased in Portia, along with the typical market price for each variety.

Normal FishEmperor FishKing Fish
Golden Salmon (30 Gols) Emperor Golden Salmon (60 Gols)Golden Salmon King (5,000 Gols)
Catfish (30 Gols) Emperor Catfish (60 Gols)Catfish King (5,000 Gols)
Banner Fish (30 Gols)Emperor Banner Fish (60 Gols)Banner Fish King (5,000 Gols)
Koi Fish (40 Gols)Emperor Koi Fish (80 Gols)Koi King (5,000 Gols)
Firefish (45 Gols)Emperor Firefish (90 Gols)Firefish King (5,000 Gols)
Blade Fish (60 Gols)Emperor Blade Fish (120 Gols)Blade Fish King (5,000 Gols)
Frog Fish (75 Gols)Emperor Frog Fish (150 Gols)Frog Fish King (5,000 Gols)
Lantern Fish (90 Gols)Emperor Lantern Fish (180 Gols)Lantern Fish King (5,000 Gols)
Bubblefish (100 Gols)Emperor Bubblefish (100 Gols)Bubblefish King (5,000 Gols)
Blue Mackerel (180 Gols)Emperor Blue Mackerel (360 Gols)Blue Mackerel King (5,000 Gols)
Gladiator Fish (280 Gols)Emperor Gladiator Fish (560 Gols)Gladiator Fish King (5,000 Gols)
Wise Fish (320 Gols)Emperor Wise Fish (640 Gols)Wiser Fish (5,000 Gols)
Goliath (350 Gols)Emperor Goliath (700 Gols)Goliath King (5,000 Gols)

You can sell the fish that you have caught to the following stores: Mars’ Total Tools, Paulie’s Best Brother, Martha’s Bakery, Django’s Food Store, Sophie’s Farm Store, Yeye’s South Block Trade Post, Harbor Trade Station, and the Temporary Stores that you will occasionally find in the Abandoned Ruins.

Fishing Spots

Portia River

The Portia River may be found next to the bank that is situated to the south of your Workshop. Catfish and Frog Fish are the types of fish that may be caught at this location. In this location, you could also come across an Emperor Catfish or an Emperor Frog Fish every once in a while. You may even be able to reel in a Frog Fish King or a Catfish King from this river if you’re really fortunate.

Amber Island

The bank that is situated to the south of your Workshop is where you will find the Portia River. There are catfish and frog fish that may be caught at this location. You may even stumble across an Emperor Catfish or an Emperor Frog Fish here every once in a while. And if you’re very fortunate, you may be able to haul in a Frog Fish King or a Catfish King from this river.

Portia Harbor

Golden Salmon, Bubblefish, Emperor Golden Salmon, Emperor Bubblefish, Golden Salmon King, and Bubblefish King may all be caught at one fishing site in Portia Harbor.

Bassanio Falls

The Bassanio Falls can be found in the southeast area of the town, so make your way over there. A wide variety of fish, including the Golden Salmon, Emperor Golden Salmon, and Golden Salmon King, as well as the Goliath, Emperor Goliath, and Goliath King, may be found in this location.

Western Beach

There are both common and uncommon species of fish that may be caught at Western Beach, such as Banner Fish, Firefish, Lantern Fish, Emperor Banner Fish, Emperor Firefish, Emperor Lantern Fish, Banner Fish King, Firefish King, and Lantern Fish King. The beach is located on the westernmost part of Portia Harbor, and because of this, it will take some time to go there from the harbour entrance.

Collapsed Wasteland

After finishing the quest “Hazardous Ruins,” you will get access to the region known as “Collapsed Wasteland.” You are now able to travel to the fishing area that is located in the middle of the Collapsed Wasteland once you have defeated the Civil Corps in a sparring battle. There is a possibility that you may be able to capture a variety of fish there, including Catfish, Wiser Fish, Emperor Blade Fish, Emperor Catfish, Emperor Wiser Fish, Catfish King, and Blade Fish King, as well as Wiser Fish.

Eufaula Desert 

After you have finished the objective to rebuild the Portia Bridge, you will be able to access the Eufaula Desert during the middle of the game. After you have completed constructing your way to the Eufaula Desert, you will be able to fish in the Oasis, which is located in the midst of the desert. There, you have a chance of catching a Golden Salmon King, Wiser Fish King, Gladiator Fish King, Emperor Golden Salmon Fish, Emperor Wise Fish, Emperor Gladiator Fish, Emperor Gladiator Fish, Emperor Golden Salmon Fish, and Emperor Gladiator Fish.

Eufaula Heights

The neighbourhood of Eufaula Heights may be found on the Desert Oasis’s northern edge. Blade Fish, Blue Mackerel, Goliath Fish, Emperor Blade Fish, Emperor Blue Mackerel Fish, Emperor Goliath Fish, Blade Fish King, Blue Mackerel Fish King, and Goliath Fish King are some of the difficult-to-catch fish that can be found in this region’s fishing spot, which also serves as a spawning ground.

Starlight Island

After you have completed the objective “Adventure on Starlight Island,” the only way for you to get around Starlight Island is to explore it. The best place to fish on the island is on the western side of the harbour, which is also where you are most likely to catch valuable Gladiator Fish. There is also a chance of catching koi fish in this location. It should come as no surprise that rare species of fish such as Emperor Gladiator Fish, Emperor Koi Fish, Gladiator Fish King, and Koi King may be found here.

Somber Marsh

After completing the quest titled “Road To The Marsh,” you will be able to enter Somber Marsh later on in the game. The marsh can be found on the southeast side of the island and is home to a variety of fish species, including Bubblefish, Frog Fish, and Lantern Fish. In this area, you have the opportunity to reel in some rare species, such as an Emperor Bubblefish, an Emperor Frog Fish, an Emperor Lantern Fish, a Bubblefish King, a Frog Fish King, or a Lantern Fish King.

Fishing Perk

You may take use of the Fish Encyclopedia perk by activating it in the Character Skill Tree. Because you have the capacity to determine which fish is biting your hook, you will have a much better chance of successfully capturing the species of fish that you want.

In order to make use of this ability, you will need to place 5 of your Skill Points into the first row of the Gather Tree Skill until the second row becomes available. You may unlock the third row of your Gather Tree Skill and get the Fish Encyclopedia skill by investing 5 skill points into it once again. This will grant you access to the row.

Fishing Day

You will get a letter on Day 8 of Month 1 that informs you about Portia Fishing Day, which is an event when the people who live in Portia compete in a fishing tournament that lasts for two days.

Day 12 and Day 13 of Month 1 are dedicated to Fishing Day, which starts at 8:00 and continues until 15:00 each day. The Fishing Tournament will take place at an unspecified fishing location. Check your map for the indicator that looks like a fish hook to determine the location of the event and how to get there.

You will be allowed to take part in the event provided that you bring a Fishing Rod and some Bait with you. Because each round costs 200 Gols, you’ll need to budget some money for that particular day in order to take part in the competition. It is reasonable to state that you will get a couple of skill points in only two days if you fish during Fishing Day, an annual event that is a wonderful chance for you to acquire a huge amount of Gols. Fishing Day is a yearly event that is a fantastic opportunity for you to obtain a significant sum of Gols.

If you start the game with a sufficient quantity of Gols, you will have a head start when it comes to improving your home and purchasing furnishings. You should not feel guilty about giving yourself permission to fish anytime you find yourself with some spare time or Gols.

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