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How To Find Saved Posts On Reddit

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On a Mac, the screenshot capability can be used by pressing the Command key, the Shift key, and the 4 key simultaneously. After that, the cursor will transform into a plus sign, and you will be able to drag in any direction to take a screenshot of the screen.

All of the information shown up until this point is pertinent to the method used in WoW Classic for concealing the user interface. The instructions here will show gamers on Windows and Mac devices how to completely conceal their user interface. When learning anything from an online guide, exercise extreme caution at all times so that you can get a secure and accurate comprehension.

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Saved Posts on Reddit

The ability to save posts is something that a lot of people have wanted to accomplish in the past but either didn’t know how to do it or forgot to do it after they saved the first post.

When it comes to storing the information from Reddit that you enjoy the most, you may have a number of queries that we will answer in this section so that you may put this issue to rest.

What does saving a post on Reddit do?

When you “save” a post on Reddit, two things happen: first, the content of the post is saved to your account, and second, a link to the post is added as an item to your “saved posts” category.

This is handy for anyone who wants to save their favourite links for future reference or simply wants them all compiled into one location.

At this time, it is not feasible to save a post without also including it in the “saved posts” category on your account.

Is there a limit to the number of posts that can be kept on Reddit?
There is not a limit to the number of posts that can be saved on Reddit. The size restriction of 1000 items per list is Reddit’s limit for saved posts, and every subreddit also has a limit of the same magnitude for the maximum number of posts that may be saved.

Therefore, if you go through your preferred subreddits, it will halt after approximately one hundred to two hundred pages worth of content depending on how many links have been submitted in each category since the last time they were updated.

If you click on a link to an old post, it will still be there, but it will not be in the list of posts for that subreddit anymore. In addition, if the posts are at all popular or controversial, there is a good chance that someone has already linked them before, which means that your vote won’t really make much of a difference anyway, unless the post is something new, such as “I just found this cool thing” or “I just saw this crazy video.”

You can only store content on Reddit by using a third-party tool like RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite), which gives you access to the saved post section of the subreddits you most frequently visit.

This also has certain restrictions, such as the fact that it cannot be accessed from mobile devices, along with a few other restrictions.

The alternative is to make use of a bookmarking service such as Redditmarks, which gives you access to the saved posts area of your preferred subreddits from any device and does not impose any restrictions of any kind.

However, there is a monetary expense involved in the form of an annual subscription charge (which can be cancelled at anytime). Additionally, you have more alternatives available to you with this, as there are several distinct ways to preserve postings.

Where are my saved posts on Reddit?


  • To access your profile, go to the top right of the page, click on your profile image, and then pick “My Profile.”
How To Find Saved Posts On Reddit
  • Click on the “SAVED” tab.

Mobile App

  • Tap the image of your profile that is displayed in the upper left corner.
  • Select “Saved” from the drawer navigation.

How do I export saved Reddit posts?

Follow these procedures in order to export your posts that have been saved:

Sign in to with your username and password, and then navigate to the subreddit that you want to download (for example, /r/funny) and click on it.
You’ll see a menu icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen; after clicking it, choose the “export all from this sub” option from the drop-down list.


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