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How to enable Amazon dark mode on App and Website

Are you a bit of a shopping addict who spends a lot of time on Amazon? Then make advantage of our many approaches to access dark mode on Amazon.

Amazon is by far the most popular online purchasing platform utilised worldwide. You may get just about everything you want via the Amazon online shopping site. Everything you might possibly want, from basic necessities to the latest technology gadgets, is at your disposal. The platform is accessible on the vast majority of modern smart devices. In recent years, everyone has been searching for the “dark mode” in all of the applications and websites they use since it has become a fad. Many well-known applications, including as WhatsApp, Gmail, and Reddit, have recently included built-in Dark theme options, and the development of many more apps is now underway. The dark mode for Amazon has not been made available as yet.

It comes as a surprise to learn that the most popular online shopping platform does not yet provide the Dark Mode functionality. Nevertheless, I have some good news for those of you who utilise Amazon. Changing the settings on your smartphone allows you to activate a dark theme that is available in the most recent version of the Amazon app for smartphones.

How to Enable Amazon Dark Mode on Android Smartphones

You may access a nighttime mode inside the Amazon app on some smartphone models, including Samsung and Mi. It is not available for any of the other brands.

  • On some brands of smartphones, such as those made by Samsung and Mi, the Amazon app has a nighttime mode that users may access. It is not a feature that can be obtained for any of the other brands.
  • The next step is to launch the Amazon app on your mobile device. You are going to be given the dark mode.
  • It is necessary to disable the dark mode on your mobile device in order to return to the previous configuration.

How to Enable Amazon Dark Theme on iPhone

On iOS, the Amazon app does not provide a dark mode and does not support its activation. The Amazon app will continue to function normally regardless of whether or not the iPhone is set to dark mode. We are required to hold off until the dark theme for the Amazon app on the App Store is made available for official release.

How to Enable Amazon Dark Mode on PCs

You can, thankfully, coerce your web browser into operating in dark mode. Utilizing the Dark theme or mode extensions will allow you to accomplish this goal. There are a large number of Dark mode extensions available in the Chrome Web Store.

  • Start browsing the web using Google Chrome on your own computer.
  • You may find the Dark Reader extension by going to the Chrome Web Store and searching for it. It has received some of the highest ratings and is one of the most popular dark theme extensions.
  • To add the extension to your Chrome browser, choose the option labelled “Add to Chrome,” and then click it.
  • When the installation is finished, the Dark mode will be applied to every tab in your browser. Now, if you go to the Amazon website at, you will see that it has been given a Dark theme.
  • Click the Dark Reader Extension on the Extension bar, then turn off the toggle to return to the previous setting.

The fact that Dark Reader gives you the ability to alter the brightness of the screen is perhaps the app’s most appealing feature. You have the option of adjusting the level of grayscale, brightness, contrast, sepia, and darkness in the image. You are also able to choose certain websites for which you wish the dark mode to be enabled. The Dark Reader is currently the most effective add-on for Google Chrome’s dark mode, which can be found in the settings menu.

How to Get Amazon Dark Mode using Firefox Browser

You do not need any addons to make use of the Dark mode that can be customised in the Firefox web browser if you are a user of that browser. Simply go to the Customize menu and choose Themes from the drop-down menu. Choose the Dark mode from the menu.

As was mentioned previously, the Amazon app for Android and the Amazon app for iPhone do not support the dark theme option. However, it will be available very soon. You are required to hold off till then and wait.

That is all there is to know about the Amazon Dark mode. Only switch to the dark mode when absolutely essential, such as when there is very little available light. If you utilise dark mode while you are in a light environment, you won’t be able to view your screen very well. You are invited to share any more methods in which you are aware of to activate Amazon’s Dark Mode on iOS and Android applications in the comments section below.

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