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How to Dox Someone on Discord

Doxxing is the practise of publishing sensitive information about another person online without their consent, such as actual names, addresses, phone numbers, and so on. Doxxing is popular on a variety of platforms, but is it possible to dox someone on Discord?

Doxxing appeals to a number of Discord users, despite the fact that it is often regarded immoral in many areas. As a result, this article contains vital information about doxxing to provide you a better understanding.

What Does Dox Mean on Discord? 

Doxxing includes dropping documents or sensitive information belonging to another user in an effort to harass or expose them on Discord. The term “doxx” refers to the act of dropping papers.

Is It Possible to Dox Someone on Discord?

Doxxing is feasible on Discord, however it is discouraged.

How to Dox Someone on Discord

The six actions listed below may be used to doxx another Discord member.

Step 1: Identify user’s Discord username

To begin, you must have the right Discord username of the victim you want to doxx. You may use this information to figure out further facts when you receive the username.

Step 2: Find the connection between other usernames of a doxing target

While searching for usernames may not seem to be helpful at first, it is a technique to connect a person across platforms.

When you search for a username in your browser, you may come across similar usernames in other locations. You could be onto something if you receive the same results for an odd username.

The next step is to determine whether any of these usernames are associated with a genuine person. It might be one individual if you can link a name to three or more usernames on separate sites.

If it doesn’t work, go on to the following stage and utilise the tools indicated there.

Step 3: Use linking websites

Companies and people may utilise linking websites to source information, which is growing increasingly prevalent. Websites like are essential for facilitating cross-platform connectivity.

Searching for usernames or actual names on a connecting website yields information that may be readily assembled for doxxing.

Step 4: Source personal data from social media

You may proceed to collect relevant info from user biographies on these platforms after searching using a linked website. Many users are irresponsible enough to share their complete name, birth date, and other personal information on social media.

Step 5: Use personal data to find addresses and other contact details

You may proceed to collect relevant info from user biographies on these platforms after searching using a linked website. Many users are irresponsible enough to share their complete name, birth date, and other personal information on social media. After you’ve gathered enough personal information about the doxxing target, you may start looking through directory websites. Top websites such as and may reveal personal information on a person based just on their name and location.

Step 6: Cross-reference and confirm information

When you’ve gathered all of the information you’ll need, you may check to see whether it’s accurate.

Rerun the procedure from Steps 1 to 5 to ensure you have information on the correct doxxing target. You won’t be shooting blanks in your doxxing efforts this way.

Some doxxing efforts may go even farther, requesting targets’ Social Security information, credit card details, and bank account numbers. Such information is seldom made public, and in several US jurisdictions, it is a criminal.

It’s worth mentioning that doxxing might have a large, unanticipated ripple effect that you weren’t expecting. Even if you have all of someone’s information, always consider things through before trying to doxx them.

Is Doxxing Illegal on Discord?

Doxxing is prohibited on Discord for a variety of reasons. Threatening a child or intruding on a Discord user’s property, job, or school without permission is criminal.

On Discord, it is unlawful to threaten users with bodily violence and to release sensitive information about other subscribers.

Discord also prohibits members from engaging in, inciting, or advocating violence or hatred against one another. Any member who violates one of these regulations is subject to Discord’s rules as well as US federal law.

Any Discord user who is caught doxxing other users risks having their account suspended. Users who have been banned for doxxing with real proof may never be able to reclaim their accounts.

Can You Go to Jail for Doxxing Someone on Discord?

When it comes to doxxing, there is a grey area in the United States and other nations. People who are found guilty of doxxing may be sentenced to prison for 6 months to a year, depending on where the files were charged.

In other jurisdictions, such as Ohio, offenders who are found guilty of doxxing face a $500 fine and a six-month prison sentence. Doxxing, however, is a 4th-degree felony punishable by up to 10 months in prison and a $5,000 fine.

There are presently no federal legislation that directly address the issue of doxxing. However, US prosecutors may prosecute anyone with doxxing under two federal offences (18 U.S. Code 119 and 18 U.S. Code 2261A).

Anyone found guilty of these federal offences after a trial might suffer fines, jail, and a criminal record.


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