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How to Download & Install Skyrim SE Mods using Vortex and SKSE64 – Easy 1 Way

Are You Seeking for How to Download & Install Skyrim SE Mods using Vortex and SKSE64? Then You are on right place .

So you’ve just got Skyrim on PC or even redownloaded the game after playing it way back in 2011. Well, the best thing about PC gaming is the mods and Skyrim has a lot.

Mods are the most enjoyable aspect of PC gaming, and Skyrim offers a large number of them.

To someone like myself, who transitioned from playing Skyrim on an ancient PlayStation 3 to playing on a PC. The images are very stunning, and my mind is completely blown away by them.

As a result of that detour, you’re probably asking how to download Skyrim modifications, where to find them, and how to install them after you’ve found them. That is exactly what today’s tutorial will assist you with.


Where to get mods for Skyrim

. Along with having over 29,000 modifications for Skyrim SE, it also offers a useful Mods Manager programme called Vortex, which I suggest you use in order to make modifying Skyrim a lot quicker and more efficient.

How to Download and Install Vortex

In order to begin, you must first visit the Vortex download page on Nexus Mods and save the Vortex executable file to your hard drive. Navigate to the FILES area and complete the steps listed below.

Our recommendation is that you download the first of these, which is a one-click installation. Manual Download is the option to choose.

How to Download & Install Skyrim SE Mods using Vortex and SKSE64 - Easy 1 Way

Once you’ve launched the exe file and installed the Vortex programme, you’ll be ready to go. You’ll need to sign in or register first, and then connect your Nexus Mods account to your Google account. Vortex need access to this in order to easily collect mod files for speedy downloading.
Once Vortex has launched, enter your login or registration information using the prompt at the top of the screen. You will be asked to allow access to your Nexus Mods account after you have successfully signed in. Once Vortex has been launched for the first time, just follow the on-screen instructions.

When your Nexus Mods account is linked to Vortex you need to go to the Games tab on the left of the application. Here you have to find the game you want to install mods on.

Under this instance, Skyrim SE should be found in the unmanaged modifications part of the game’s menu. When searching for Skyrim in the unmanaged area, be sure to choose “scan for games” from the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the games tab page. Once you’ve located Skyrim, right-click on the game’s icon and choose Manage. If you do this, the game profile should be moved to the managed area. As soon as you’re through with this step, click Finish. In the picture above, you should see how my Vortex should appear.
It is necessary to ensure that the modifications are installed in the right folder in the next step. Remember that the modifications must be installed on the same disc as your game in order to function properly. This may be modified by selecting the Settings tab in Vortex and then selecting the Mods section from the drop-down menu.

You will be given the choice to choose which file you want the modifications to be put into at this point. You may either utilise the suggested folder button or create your own. Just make sure it’s on the same hard disc as Skyrim before continuing.

Installing SKSE64 for Skyrim Special Edition Mods

The next step is to download SKSE64 for Skyrim Special Edition from the official Skyrim website. This is a script extender, which means that many of the modifications you install will need it in order to function properly. An outline of the procedure is provided below:

Navigate to the SKSE64 build page on the official website and download it. It is highly recommended that you get it from the archive. It will be referred to as the “Current SE Build.” Download the 7zip archive to your computer.

Once the file has been downloaded, unzip it to a convenient location on your computer. This may be accomplished with the use of a Zip extraction programme. WinRAR is the programme I use.
The next step is to copy and paste all of the files from the SKSE64 folder into the Skyrim exe folder in your main Skyrim folder. For the time being, ignore the Data and src directories.

Please refer to the graphic below to locate your primary Skyrim folder, which should be applicable to the majority of individuals. Because I use Steam, this will work for everyone who also uses Steam. Keep in mind that the missing files are already in my folder down below.

It is necessary to move the Data folder into the main Skyrim folder after this step. However, I recommend that you make use of a mod management tool to do this.
Nexus Mod Manager is the programme I personally use to install the Data Folder into the main Skyrim folder. The Nexus Mods Manager may be downloaded from this page.
Once you have Nexus Mod Manager loaded and configured for Skyrim, you may proceed. By right-clicking on the Data folder and choosing archive, you may make it inaccessible. Wait for it to be zipped once you’ve given it a unique name.

As soon as the folder is zipped, drag the newly compressed Data folder into the Skyrim Mods folder on the Nexus Mods application’s main window.


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