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How To Download a Discord Server Icon – Easy 4 Steps

The channels or servers that are available on each Discord server are unique. On certain servers, you’ll find members of your family, your class, and your friends. On other servers, though, you’ll find bigger groups discussing current events and subjects such as NFT trading and cryptocurrency.

Simply clicking one to two buttons is all that is required to get the Discord server icon. When you have the source code for the icon that the Discord Server uses, you may immediately open a new tab, go to the picture, and then download it.

What is a Discord Server Icon?

You are going to want to make sure that your Discord server has a distinctive symbol if you want it to be noticed.

Imagine this as your server’s version of a profile picture or an avatar. This emblem, which is round in shape, will appear on the sidebar of each member of the community.

How Big Can a Discord Server icon be?

You can’t ignore the location of your logo, just as you can’t ignore the location of any other logo. The servers that are available on Discord are only shown in a very small section of the screen’s left side. The recommended dimensions for the server logo on Discord are 512 pixels wide by 512 pixels tall, with a minimum size of 128 pixels wide by 128 pixels tall.

If you use an HD photo as an icon, the quality of the image will be diminished since the details in a picture that is larger than this will appear as dots.

How to Change/Upload a Discord Server’s Icon?

Within the settings of your Discord server, you have the ability to edit or upload the server’s icon. If you left-click on server settings, you’ll be able to make changes to both the look and the fundamental settings.
When you are inside, click on the icon of the server you are now using. This will immediately open up your files, and you will be able to pick whatever picture you wish to use as a server icon.

After you have completed the process of uploading the new picture, a popup notice will show at the bottom of the screen, requesting that you save your work. To save any adjustments that you’ve made to your server, click the Save button.

Steps – How To Download a Discord Server Icon

If you are currently using a Discord server and you want to download the server’s icon, you will need to open it up in your browser and then;

Step 1: Open the developer mode

To access it, click the settings bar in Google Chrome, which can be found in the upper right corner of the browser immediately below the X button. The Developer Tools window will appear once you select the More Tools button.

You also have the option of using shortcut keys. To enter developer mode, press Ctrl + Shift + I on your keyboard.

Step 2: Inspect the element

After entering the developer mode, you should search for the body. Find the corpse, then click the button that’s next to it.

It’s possible that you’ll see this when you move your mouse over the Elements of Discord. Particular aspects are being emphasised at this time.

Find the portion of the code that reads “body,” and then click there.

How To Download a Discord Server Icon

Step 3: Look for the Server Icon you want to download

Keep moving your mouse around until it reaches the left sidebar, then click the code that is located where it says div aria-label-“Servers”>.

Keep scrolling and hovering to discover the location from which you want to download the icon. Once you have located the server, continue viewing the codes until you reach “foreignObject Mask.” This is the code that indicates that a picture is a foreign object in the app.

Continue to examine more codes until you reach “img class.” Alongside that code, you will notice the source code of the image file within “src=….png?size=12.” Double-click the link that is supplied, and then copy the source code that is shown.

Step 4: Download

Simply open the URL in a new tab to see the image file containing the server icon, after which you will be able to download it. If you wish to download the gif file of the icon, just substitute “.png” or “.webp” with “.gif,” and you should be good to go. Some server icons are animated or gif.

When users search for or check up your server, they will see these symbols and graphics appear in response to their query. If you want your Discord server to expand, having an icon that stands out and grabs people’s attention is one of the most important things you can do.

Discord servers that focus on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will often employ the most recent and forthcoming fashionable NFTs to pique the interest of visitors to their servers and encourage them to continue participating in the channel.

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