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How To Disconnect PS4 Controller From PS4

It’s possible that you’ll want to power down your PS4 controller every so often. You shouldn’t leave it on when you’re not going to be making use of it. You want to limit the amount of power that your controller consumes so that it has a longer lifespan. Additionally, you may require the PS4 console to handle the process automatically for you. Or you are using your Windows PC with a controller designed for a PlayStation 4 (PS4). You may be wondering whether there is a way to switch off your controller while playing on a PC. You really can do it. It is incredibly simple to power off your PlayStation 4 controller, regardless of whether you use it with the console or the computer. The following instructions will teach you how to manually and automatically turn it off, as well as how to turn it back on again. In order to power off your PS4 controller, For your PS4 controller to be switched off automatically by your system To reactivate your PlayStation 4 controller,

To turn off your PS4 controller

It is possible to switch off your PS4 controller quickly, and this method works on both the PS4 and the PC: just press and hold the PS button that is located between the two analogue sticks on your controller for around ten seconds. This will turn off your controller.

How To Disconnect PS4 Controller From PS4

To have your PS4 controller turned off by your console

When you haven’t been using your PS4 controller for a while, you may wish your system to power off your device automatically. To do so: Access the Settings menu on your PS4, and after that, pick the Power Save Settings option.

  • Choose the “Set Time Until Controllers
  • Turn Off” option found inside the
  • Power Save Settings.
  • You may choose the amount of time that passes before the console powers off your controller. The power to your controller will now be turned off by itself if it detects that it is not being used.

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