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How to Delete Ride History on Lyft

Have you reached your limit with Lyft? Do you believe that a ridesharing app such as Lyft might provide you with better service than this taxi service could? In any event, if you find that you no longer need a Lyft account or if you just want to erase it, we will demonstrate how simple the procedure is.

Unfortunately, neither the website nor the Lyft app for mobile devices provide a straightforward method for deleting your Lyft account. You must access the Lyft Help Center in order to speak with a representative of the company’s customer care department. However, the steps are not difficult at all. We’ll show you:

To delete your Lyft account

How to Delete Ride History on Lyft
  • Select Help.
  • After you’ve entered a topic, choose Profile & Account Settings > Delete My Account is located above the option to Delete Your Account or Unsubscribe.
  • Don’t forget to fill out the “Description” field.
  • After you have checked the box that reads “I am not a robot,” click the “Submit” button.

When you have finished going through these steps, an email will be forwarded to the Lyft customer support department. They will get back to you within a few days (or maybe a couple of weeks if there is a significant demand for their customer support) to confirm that your account has been cancelled. The Lyft app will no longer be available for your usage after today.

However, Lyft will not share any of your private information with other parties…

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