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How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

To erase messages on Pinterest, you’ll need to use an unorthodox method. The ability to erase messages and discussions has been removed from the PC version of Pinterest after a recent upgrade.

The discussions in your Pinterest inbox will remain even if you use the ‘Hide conversation’ option on your iPhone or click the cross symbol on your PC.

The inbox portion is not permanently deleted when you hide a conversation from there, but rather it’s only hidden. While you’re conversing with the individual, you’ll see it pop up again on the server.

You may even ban or report the individual on Pinterest if you want to keep your conversations and postings private from him. To report a person on Pinterest, go to the discussion area, explain why they should be reported, and then click the “report” button.

You’ll learn how to remove Pinterest messages in the following paragraphs.

How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

Pinboard conversation and messages may be removed just by following a few simple steps. To erase a conversation, you can’t follow any specific procedures, but there are a few things you can do.

Below, you’ll find instructions for both PC and Mobile devices on how to remove messages on Pinterest

From Pinterest on PC

Because the programme doesn’t enable you to remove directly, you can conceal your message, but you can’t erase it. In the last few years, Pinterest has grown in popularity, and more and more people are signing up for accounts and using the site on a regular basis for entertainment and creativity. However, many Pinterest users have a problem where they are unable to remove a message or a discussion that they had already sent.

After the latest update, the app no longer has a distinct delete option. However, many are unaware of this. Instead, the delete option has been replaced with a conceal option. Pinterest users can no longer erase their messages, but they may conceal the thread in which they exchanged them.

Using a PC, these are the procedures to erase Pinterest messages:

  • You must use a browser to access your Pinterest account.
  • On Pinterest’s homepage, you need to glance at the right-hand side of the screen.
  • If you click on the message symbol, you will get a list of alternatives.
How to Delete Messages on Pinterest
  • The Inbox of Pinterest may be opened by clicking on the message symbol.
How to Delete Messages on Pinterest
  • You’ll be able to view all of the discussions you’ve had with other people in this section.
  • To remove a conversation, click the X button next to the user’s name after pointing your cursor at the chat window. If you want to remove the conversation from your inbox, all you have to do is click the X symbol.

From Pinterest on Android

You cannot remove messages on Pinterest, but you may hide them from your inbox. First-time Pinterest users may be perplexed by the platform’s capabilities.

Many of Pinterest’s features might be difficult to grasp for the uninitiated. Users of Pinterest sometimes have a problem where they are unable to remove conversations or messages they have sent or received on Pinterest because they cannot locate the delete option in the programme. For some reason, the delete option is no longer available in the Pinterest app, and instead, the Hide discussion feature has been introduced as an alternative. Using Hide Conversation will keep outdated chat messages out of your inbox, but they won’t be removed from your online account permanently.

On top of that, you can’t ‘unsend’ anything on Pinterest.

Whenever a communication is hidden from your Pinterest inbox, it is just hidden from your account and not the other user’s account.

The following are the procedures to keep a discussion private on Pinterest:

  • Open Pinterest in your web browser.
  • The Messages icon may be accessed by swiping up from the bottom panel.
  • In the Update area, you’ll find it. To access the Messages section, choose Messages from the menu bar.
  • There, you’ll find all of the discussions and conversations that you’ve had in the Messages area. To remove or conceal a person from your chat list, just click on their name in the list and then enter their chat window.
  • There are three dots in the upper right of the chat screen. Just tap it.
  • To conceal the discussion from your inbox, choose Hide conversation from the three available choices.

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