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How to Delete Instagram Call History

In this piece, we will demonstrate how to remove the call history from your Instagram account. If you make an audio or video call using Instagram, or if someone else makes a call to you through Instagram, the conversation will appear in your Instagram chat stream. As a consequence of this, your chat acts as a diary of the calls you make using Instagram. Instagram has just launched a new section to its app called “Calls,” which compiles a record of all the calls you’ve made and received on your mobile device. It’s possible that over time this area may get cluttered with an excessive amount of call histories; if that happens, you’ll want to clean it away. On Instagram, you have the option to delete the call history for both audio and video conversations, and the process is rather straightforward. If you don’t already know how, here’s how to remove your Instagram call log and history.

Delete Instagram Call History: 5 Steps

  • Launch the Instagram App on your Smartphone To use Instagram, all you need to do is launch the Instagram app that’s already installed on your device.
How to Delete Instagram Call History
  • Tap the Messenger Icon: The Messenger icon may be found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on it. The direct messages that a user gets on Instagram are collected and displayed in this part of the app.
  • When you enter the Messenger area, you will see that it has three different parts for you to pick from. Click on Calls. Chats, calls, and requests may all be found in these areas. You are required to go to the calls section.
  • When you access the calls area, it will show your call history when you do a long press on the Call icon. The call history section of your Instagram profile lists all of the calls you’ve made using the app. Long-pressing the call that you want to delete allows you to select it.
  • When you long click on any call in your call history, you will given the option to remove the call. Click the Delete button to get rid of the call. Click the delete button, and then completely remove that call log. In order to remove the call history from your Instagram account, you will need to perform the same procedures for each call.

Calling Feature on Instagram

  • When Instagram was initially released, its primary function was that of a website or app for sharing photographs. In the first release of the app, users were only able to publish images, and they had the ability to add captions to each of those photos.
  • Since that time, Instagram has developed into a platform that enables users to share a range of material, such as videos, text-based postings, and even phone conversations with other users.
  • The functionality to make video calls has been included into the app’s messaging user interface. It also received a few significant updates, such as a brand-new interface for IGTV and a platform that supports the uploading of lengthier videos.
  • Instagram’s newest feature is a call function, which enables users to make phone calls to one another in the same manner that they would send a text message or share a picture with one another. This tool was introduced very recently.

Video Guide


Users are unable to erase individual call records from their Instagram accounts. The only way to remove a call log is to delete the discussion that is associated with it. There is no other way. Because that particular message cannot be removed, the only way to clear the call record is to erase the whole conversation. This is the only option available. The problem with this is that the communication with that particular person will be removed from your history indefinitely. Consequently, after deciding whether or not it’s worthwhile, you should delete it forever.

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