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How To Connect Two Bose Speakers

When you want to listen to music regardless of where you are, Bluetooth speakers are an excellent option for you to consider. They provide a straightforward wireless connection that does not compromise the quality of the music.

One disadvantage of using only one speaker is that it does not recreate genuine stereo sound, which originates from separate speakers placed on the left and right sides of the room.

If you have two Bose SoundLink speakers, you can link them together to play in stereo or in unison, depending on the mode you choose. Using the Bose Connect app, you may connect two Bose speakers that are compatible with one another.

How To Pair Two Bose Speakers

Through the use of the Bose Connect app or the speaker buttons, you are able to connect two Bose SoundLink speakers and play music simultaneously. Bose speakers are capable of being paired in two distinct ways. While the Stereo mode separates the left and right audio channels, the Party mode enables both speakers to play the same sound at the same time.

How to Setup Bose Party Mode Using the App

The Bose Connect app gives you the ability to control various Bose smart speakers that are placed around your house. Here is how you use the Bose Connect app to switch

between the Party mode and the Stereo mode.

  • You will need to turn on one of the two speakers in order to join them together.
  • Pair your mobile device with one of the speakers using the pairing tool.
  • To get started, open the Bose Connect app.
  • You can locate your Bose SoundLink speakers by swiping to the left.
  • Tap the symbol that looks like two speakers.
  • Choose to proceed, and then ensure that the connection between the two speakers is allowed.

How to Setup Bose Stereo Mode Using the App

  • Check to verify that your speakers are set to the party mode.
  • Tap the slider button labelled STEREO (L/R) to swap the mode over to Stereo.
  • To return to the Party mode, just touch the slider button labelled STEREO (L/R) once again.

How to Setup Bose Party Mode Using Speaker Buttons

It is possible to connect two Bose speakers that are compatible with one another without using the app if you use the speaker buttons technique. Using the speaker buttons, you may switch between the Party and Stereo modes as follows:

  • To play, you will need to turn on the two speakers that are now off.
  • You may connect one of the two speakers to your phone, tablet, or any other device that supports Bluetooth.
  • When you hear a voice, release both the Bluetooth and the Volume + buttons on the speaker that is linked to your smartphone, then press and hold the Bluetooth button again.
  • While doing so, press and maintain pressure on the Bluetooth button as well as the Volume – button on the second speaker until a tone is heard.

You will be able to know when your speakers are set to Party mode by the voice prompt that you will hear. The sound coming from both speakers will start to play together as one.

How to Setup Bose Stereo Mode Using Speaker Buttons

You are unable to switch to Stereo mode unless the Party mode has been selected first.

  • While simultaneously pressing and holding the Bluetooth and Volume + buttons, listen for the indicator that says “Stereo mode” to appear on one of the speakers.
  • A voice cue indicating Left and Right will play for you to indicate that both speakers are now playing in stereo.

How to Switch Between Bose Modes Using Speaker Buttons

To switch between the Party mode and the Stereo mode, press and hold the Bluetooth button as well as the Volume + button simultaneously.

How to Disable Bose Modes Using Speaker Buttons

You may unlink the speakers by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button until you hear a voice instruction, or you can simply turn off one of the speakers.

Problems Connecting Two Bose Speakers

If you are experiencing problems getting your speakers to play in either the Party Mode or the Stereo Mode, here are some things that you should check.

Connect one speaker at a time

If you link both speakers to a phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth device, the Stereo mode and the Party mode will not work.

Move speakers within Bluetooth range

In Party and Stereo mode, the Bluetooth device connects to the first speaker, and after that connection is made, the first speaker links to the second speaker. To avoid the possibility of the speakers or gadgets being disconnected, make sure to keep them within Bluetooth range, which is around 30 feet (9 metres) away. Interference may be caused by a variety of electronic devices, including baby monitors, microwaves, and Wi-Fi. Check to see whether the issue still exists after you have brought your Bluetooth device and speakers into close proximity to one another.

Keep software updated

It is recommended that you update the software before utilising party and stereo modes. Connecting two speakers that use different versions of the firmware might be difficult if the versions are not compatible.

Rename speakers

When connecting two Bose SoundLink speakers of the same kind, it is helpful to give each one a unique name. This makes them easier to distinguish.

Remove speakers from the device list

In the list of linked devices, you should see a list of the speakers that you have previously connected to either your phone or your tablet. Find your Bose speaker on the list and delete it from the list. You may do this by selecting your speaker and then choosing the Forget option or one of the other comparable choices. After that, give the gadget another go at being connected to your speaker.

Reset your speaker

In order to resolve relatively small issues, it is possible that your speaker may sometimes need a reset. Your product may be restarted after a reset, or its settings may be deleted entirely, bringing it back to its initial configuration. Follow these procedures to reset everything to the settings that were there when it was first manufactured:

This reset will remove all of your settings and return your device to its original factory configuration.

  • Activate your speaker system.
  • To turn the device on or off, press and hold the Power button for about ten seconds.
  • After then, the Bluetooth indicator light will start flashing.
  • At this point, you will be prompted by a voice to choose a language.

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