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How To Connect Second Controller To PS4 Fortnite

How To Connect Second Controller To PS4 Fortnite

How To Connect Second Controller To PS4 Fortnite, Even if significant advancements have been made in the realm of multiplayer gaming over the course of the past decade, things were not always as simple as they are now. In the early days of video gaming, if you wanted to play a multiplayer game, it required teaming up with a friend to play a co-op mode on a split-screen console. Because virtually everyone now has access to either a console, a smartphone, or a personal computer, the demand for split-screen compatibility has substantially dropped. However, nothing compares the pleasure of a gaming experience you’ll have when playing on a split screen with other people because you’ll be able to compete head-to-head with them.

Fortnite is one of the most competitive battle royale games currently available, and the experience is elevated to a whole new level when you team up with a friend to take on the game. You only need an extra controller to jump into the action with your pair partner in Fortnite as the game supports split-screen play and there are no other requirements. The initial configuration of the system should not take more than ten minutes, despite the fact that there are a few tasks that you will be required to complete before you can start using it for the first time.

You should be able to jump into a match with split screen fairly immediately after finishing all of the steps for the first time. This means that this is also a fantastic time investment for the next time you have guests over.

Everything you need to know to play Fortnite with a second player on a split screen is included in this guide.

How to play Fortnite split screen on PlayStation 4

In order to begin playing Fortnite in split-screen mode, you will require an additional controller and a PlayStation Network account that is saved on your system for the second player.

Launch the game using the account you use most frequently for the PlayStation Network, and then establish a lobby for either a pair or a squad, as these are the only two game styles that support split-screen play.
After you have finished arranging the lobby, turn on the additional controller, and when the system asks, “Who is using this controller?” pick the PlayStation Network account that you have available but aren’t currently using.
After you have chosen your user, a submenu item ought to materialize in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. You should be prompted to press and hold “X” in order to log in as player two when the choice is selected. When you do this, Fortnite will launch once more, and if you haven’t already linked an account to it, it will prompt you to do so at this point.
The second player, if they have their own Fortnite account, will need to enter the code that displays on your screen by going to Epic Games’ activation page and logging into their account. This can be done by heading to the website from your computer’s web browser. Because the PlayStation browser can be difficult to navigate, we recommend that you complete this process using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

If the second player does not have a Fortnite account or does not want to complete the linking procedure, you will need to create a new Epic account in order to link it with your console. This is the case in any situation in which the second player does not want to complete the linking process.

You will need to navigate to the Fortnite sign-up website and establish a new account using either an email address or a secondary PlayStation Network account. In the long run, it may be more beneficial for you to create a new Fortnite account for your second PlayStation Network account. This way, you won’t have to go through the linking process again, and everyone will be able to log in with your guest account immediately. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about anyone else using your guest account.

By holding down “X” in the lobby, the second player has the ability to become the party leader and seize control of the game. Before the game can begin, both players will need to get themselves ready by tapping the triangle button when they have control of the game.

Both screens will be tagged with players’ avatars to show which side of the screen you’ll need to focus on. The game will immediately load into split screen mode.

How to play Fortnite split screen on PlayStation 5

  • On your DualSense controller, press the button labelled “Home” for your PlayStation.
  • You will be prompted to sign up as a new user at this point.
  • You have the option of selecting Add User, followed by Quick Play.
  • When you have finished doing so, you will notice at the bottom of your screen an option to Log In with your secondary controller when you hit the Triangle button.
  • When you press Triangle, a new screen will appear, and either you or your friend will need to sign in using the PlayStation App or by inputting their login information.
  • After logging into the additional account, Fortnite will begin loading once more, and after a little delay, you should be able to see two characters waiting in the lobby.

How to play Fortnite split screen on Xbox One

When playing Fortnite on an Xbox, the process of setting up a split screen is nearly identical to how it is done on a PlayStation.

  • You will need to enter into Fortnite using the account you normally use and create a lobby for either a duo or a squad. Take out your second Xbox controller after the lobby is ready to play, and either press or hold the Xbox button until the side menu appears.
  • Create a new Xbox account before you log in or sign in using a different Xbox account by using the “Switch Profile” option. After you have successfully completed the login procedure, a new menu option should become available in the bottom right corner of your screen. The second player can log into Fortnite by pressing and holding the “A” button, however the game may first ask you to link a Fortnite account to their account before allowing them to do so.
  • You can link your existing Fortnite account that you play on PC or any other device to your Xbox account by entering the code that will show on your screen through Epic’s activation page. If you already have a Fortnite account, you can play it on any device. We strongly suggest that new guests create a separate Epic account just for split-screen play so that they don’t have to keep linking their accounts every time they play.
  • As soon as both of your accounts are in the lobby, you will need to be ready on both of them before you can play a game. In order to finish the process of getting ready, it is necessary for you to take over as the secondary player.

How to play Fortnite split screen on Xbox Series X/S

  • Launch Fortnite with the account you normally use.
  • After entering the lobby, you will need to activate the second controller.
  • If you hit and hold the Y key, a new option will appear at the bottom of your screen, and you’ll be able to log in using a secondary account if you choose this option.
  • After that, Xbox will inquire about who will be using the secondary controller, and you’ll be allowed to sign in using a different Microsoft account if you choose to do so.
  • After successfully joining in with a secondary account, Fortnite will begin to load once more, and after a momentary pause, the secondary account will be visible in the lobby.

Can you play Fortnite split screen on Switch or PC?

For the time being, the split-screen mode is only accessible on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The fact that the Nintendo Switch does not have the processing capability to operate two instances of Fortnite at the same time is the primary reason why it is not available for purchase on that system.

How To Connect Second Controller To PS4 Fortnite

Even though the majority of gaming PCs will have the processing power to operate three separate instances of Fortnite, Epic Games does not have a means to distinguish between players on PCs like it does on consoles. Epic can distinguish between player one and player two because to the separate accounts that each player on a console has their own ability to allocate to other players.

As this article is being written, Epic Games has no intentions to bring split screen gameplay to either the PC or the Nintendo Switch. This means that the functionality will continue to be available only on consoles.

However, because Fortnite supports crossplay between different platforms, you and your friends may still form a team on other devices and play together.

Are there any disadvantages to playing Fortnite on split screen?

If you are someone who enjoys a healthy dose of healthy competition, you should be aware that the split screen option dramatically decreases the amount of screen real estate available to each player. This makes it more difficult to notice enemies, which can potentially make building battles more difficult.

However, you can make up for this by interacting with your split-screen partner or squadmates, since callouts can assist you discover adversaries that you otherwise might not be able to notice. This will allow you to make up for the fact that you cannot see everything.

The regular frames-per-second (FPS) values will degrade as a result of the fact that your computer will be powering two instances of Fortnite at the same time. If you play with two screens at once, you should be able to get between 30 and 45 frames per second on average.

Which Fortnite game modes can you play in split screen? 

The number of split-screen configurations available for Fortnite will be restricted, despite the fact that the game features a wide variety of play styles overall. When you activate the functionality that allows for split-screen play, the Solo, Creative, and Team Rumble game modes will be deactivated.

In almost all circumstances, players who choose to play with a split-screen configuration will only have access to the Duos and Squads game types. Both players will have their own individual inventories, and regardless of the game mode, they will not be able to automatically share looted stuff with one another unless they take the initiative to do so directly.

If you try to enable the split-screen capability on your console using the technique that is recommended for that console, but you are unable to do so, it is possible that Epic has disabled the feature due to a bug or an anomaly. When a circumstance like this arises, Epic will often inform the players of the issue through its various social media outlets. After Epic has fixed all of the underlying problems and bugs, the feature will once again be accessible to users. When split screen is unavailable, the amount of time it will take for it to become available again is contingent on Epic’s timetable.

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