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How To Connect Galaxy Buds Earphones on iPhone?

The Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds are compatible with a wide variety of devices, despite the name, which may give the impression that they are only compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

You may also use Galaxy Buds with your iPhone by connecting them the same way you’d pair any other set of Bluetooth earphones or headphones. In other words, the process is identical.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can pair it with a pair of Galaxy Buds by opening the charging case close to the phone and tapping the “Connect” button on the phone’s screen. If you have an iPhone, you can pair Galaxy Buds with your iPhone to enjoy high-quality audio by following a few additional steps.

The procedure is as follows.

Galaxy Buds work with an iPhone — here’s how to pair them

How To Connect Galaxy buds earphones on iPhone?
  • When the earphones appear on the screen of the iPhone, you may connect them by tapping on them. The Galaxy Buds cover must be opened when the phone is in close proximity to it.

When you open the case for the Galaxy Buds, check to see if the light on the inside of the case is lit up; this shows that the device is ready to be paired.

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