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How to Clear RAM on iPhone 12, Pro and Pro Max

Processors designated A13 or A14 Bionic can be found inside of iPhones released by Apple after 2019. (including iPhone 11 and 12). They are around twenty percent more rapid than the iPhones that came before them. But despite this, they move more slowly over time. In addition, if you are a heavy user and play demanding games on your iPhone 12, you can experience sporadic instances of lagging. Although in order to avoid these troubles on your iPhone 12, Pro, or Pro Max, you can regularly clean the RAM on such devices.

The base model of the iPhone 12 comes with either 4 or 6 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), which should be sufficient for the majority of your routine tasks. However, if you are a power user, your iPhone 12 may become sluggish after being put through harsh and tough use for a few days. The iPhone 12’s RAM can be flushed and its temporary files deleted, which is one of the best and easiest ways to get the device to perform smoothly once more.

What is RAM on iPhone?

The acronym RAM refers to “random access memory,” which is also often referred to as “volatile working memory.” In the most basic words, it is the location on your iPhone where all of the active operations are carried out.

iOS features superb RAM management. However, if you try to do too many tasks at once on your iPhone, such as playing numerous graphically demanding games, editing applications, streaming content over LTE, and so on, it may become difficult for the device to keep up, particularly if it is an older model.

When this occurs, you will discover that the performance of your iPhone has slowed down significantly. There is a possibility that opening the keyboard may take more time, that there will be a delay when using swiping gestures or pressing buttons, and that the phone could get too hot to hold. The release of unused RAM space may be an effective remedy for problems such as these.

What does clearing RAM do on iPhone?

When you clear the RAM on your iPhone, some of the device’s processing power is released. The best way to do this is to get rid of any background information that isn’t required. You won’t notice any differences at first glance, but when you start using your smartphone, you will notice a significant shift.

Your iPhone’s speed and overall performance will improve as a result of the decreased amount of information it needs to process. Your device’s performance may be significantly improved in a manner that is both risk-free and very effective thanks to this method.

Now that you have a general understanding, let’s go through how to reset the random access memory (RAM) on any iPhone model.

Clear RAM and Speed-up your iPhone 12, Pro and Pro Max

It is not an easy task to erase RAM on an iPhone 12, since this procedure requires a few steps. As there is no physical Home button on the iPhone 12, you will first need to make sure that AssistiveTouch is enabled on your iPhone 12 if it is not already. Then, in order to empty the RAM, we will use the virtual button for the home screen. Let’s look at the procedure in further depth.

Step 1: Open Accessibility Settings

To begin, open the Settings app that’s on your iPhone 12’s home screen. Next, go to the Settings menu and select Accessibility. Once there, scroll down to the PHYSICAL AND MOTOR section and touch on Touch.

How to Clear RAM on iPhone 12, Pro and Pro Max

Step 2: Enable AssistiveTouch

You will find that the AssistiveTouch feature is toggled off by default in the Touch settings. To activate AssistiveTouch on your iPhone 12, first tap on it, and then activate the toggle next to it. Following that, an AssistiveTouch icon consisting of a little circle will appear on the display of your iPhone 12. It is really simple to move it about and reposition it in any way that you see fit.

Step 3: Go to Settings > General > Shutdown

After turning on AssistiveTouch on your iPhone 12, you may access the main Settings screen by pressing and holding the back button until you get there. Tap the General > Shut Down option found under Settings. To locate the option to shut down, you will need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the General settings page.

Step 4: Clear RAM using Virtual Home Button

Tap the AssistiveTouch button when you see the screen that prompts you to slide to power off. Tap and hold the button that represents the Home screen until the screen begins to flash. This will bring up the AssistiveTouch menu, which will display a number of different options.

After briefly illuminating the screen, you will automatically be transported to the Home screen within a few seconds. That wraps it up! You have successfully deleted all of the memories stored in the RAM of your iPhone 12, Pro, or Pro Max.

Clear RAM and Speed-up your iPhone 12 Device

It is quite challenging to work with a device that moves at a snail’s pace. Delete all of the information stored in the RAM on your iPhone 12 to restore its previous speed. This guide can also be used with the most recent version of the iPhone, known as the iPhone 12, as well as with older versions of the iPhone when they are updated to the most recent version of iOS. I really hope that this method proved successful for you. Please let us know in the comment box down below if you have any questions or recommendations in the event that you have any. You might also be interested in subscribing to our newsletter in order to stay up to speed with the most recent information.


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