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How to clean xbox one without taking it apart

Keeping your Xbox clean is one of the most crucial aspects of having one, particularly if you want to prevent any inside damage that may be caused by dust accumulation.

Utilize a microfiber cloth in order to clean the outside of your Xbox One and remove any fingerprints, grime, or other smudges that may have accumulated. This should also remove a significant portion of the dust that often accumulates on top of electrical gadgets, particularly those that are kept in cupboards or behind TV stands.

You could also notice that the fan on your console is producing a greater amount of noise after you have used it for a significant amount of time. Some players even report that the game moves more slowly or has other problems as a direct consequence of the noisy operation. To put a stop to this problem, you should clean the area using a can of compressed air. Before beginning any kind of cleaning, be sure that your gadget is unplugged to prevent causing any more harm to yourself or others.

If you need any internal repairs done, Microsoft strongly suggests that you do not try to open your game console on your own and instead seek the aid of a trained expert. The Xbox One does not have a faceplate that can be removed like its predecessor, the Xbox 360. Even with cautious application, any kind of liquid cleanser may cause harm to the ventilation system of the console due to the accumulation of moisture, which is something that Microsoft strongly advises against doing.

This article will walk you through the process of cleaning your Xbox One and will also provide the necessary supplies.

How to properly clean your Xbox One

  • Unplug your Xbox One.
  • To begin, use a cloth made of microfiber and wipe off the whole of the outside. In many cases, they are identical to the lens cloths that are used for eyeglasses. Dust cloths are another kind of cleaning cloth that may be used.
  • Make use of the cloth to give the outside of your console a thorough cleaning. This should include the top, bottom, front, and back of the device, as well as the sides. Regular cleaning can avoid severe dust buildup, which might result in the need to wipe your gadget with many towels in order to get it completely clean. Rub the plastic components of your gadget, especially the front and top, using circular movements to remove any fingerprints or smudges that may have accumulated there.
How to clean xbox one without taking it apart
  • After the outside of your Xbox One has been cleaned, use a can of compressed air to gently remove any extra dust buildup that may have occurred within the ports. These cans are available in a range of price points, from the most affordable to the most costly. When cleaning the buildup from your console’s rear ports and vents, utilise brief bursts of whatever sort of cleaning solution you choose to use. Before you begin cleaning the ports on the device’s rear, be sure that the device has been disconnected.
  • You should run a clean cloth over the device’s exterior one more time in order to remove any dust that could have accumulated there.

What to use to clean your Xbox

Gathering the necessary supplies will allow you to get started on the cleaning procedure. The following is what the Asurion Experts suggest:

  • A tin of air that has been compressed.
  • A brush with relatively gentle bristles, such as a toothbrush, paintbrush, or dusting brush
  • A plush cloth made of microfibre
  • A portable vacuum or a vacuum that attaches to a hose.
  • methylated spirits or a mild detergent and water

How do I clean dust from an Xbox One without opening it?

It is simple to clean your gaming system and maintain its wonderful appearance once you have the essential tools; in fact, you do not even need to know how to open and clean an Xbox One in order to do so, provided that you have the appropriate items. Because the faceplate is not detachable, pulling apart your console is not something that is recommended by either Microsoft® or our team of specialists. Here is what you should do in its place:

How to clean Xbox One controllers

Your gaming accessories are the only thing that need cleaning at this point since all of the laborious work has already been completed. The Xbox wireless and adaptive controllers, in contrast to the system itself, may be cleaned using disinfectant wipes (just not on the Elite edition). There is also the option of using rubbing alcohol and a cloth made of microfiber. It’s not complicated:

  • By holding down the Xbox button for anywhere between 5 and 10 seconds, you may disconnect and power off your controller.
  • Use a disinfectant wipe or add a tiny quantity of rubbing alcohol to a microfiber cloth, and then use the cloth to clean off both of the analogue sticks, paying particular attention to the bottoms of the sticks. As you clean, it is important to rotate each stick in turn.
  • Before using your controller again, you need to ensure that the alcohol has fully evaporated.

How to clean an Xbox One disc drive

Clean the area surrounding the disc drive with the microfiber cloth to remove any dust, hair, or other particles that may have accumulated there. After that, use the can of pressurised air or the brush with soft bristles to clean the area surrounding the entrance (or the tray for the disc drive), being sure to remove any particles that are difficult to access.

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