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How To Change Xbox Gamertag For Free On PC

Users of Xbox have a number of different options available to them for changing their Xbox Gamertag. It is not necessary to possess a console in order to alter your Xbox gamertag; the capability is available to anyone regardless of whether or not they have a console. Utilizing a web browser on a personal computer running Windows is by far the easiest and most convenient approach to achieve this goal.

For those of you who are unaware, your gamertag is your alter ego in the world of Xbox. It is comprised of an alias, an optional avatar or photo that is referred to as a Gamerpic, and a little amount of information to represent you while you are interacting with other members of the Xbox community via the playing of games and the sharing of content.

Can you change your Xbox gamertag for free?

The fear of losing our Gamerscore, Achievements, or even our Friends list is what prevents us from changing our gamertag as often as we would want to in order to better reflect our current state of mind. No more, however!
If you did not choose your gamertag when you first joined up for Xbox and it was generated for you instead, you have the option to alter it for free once throughout your membership. Further modifications to your Xbox gamertag will incur additional fees.

How can you change your Xbox gamertag?

Your alter identity in the world of Xbox is called your Xbox Gamertag. This may be an alias, an optional avatar, or a photo of yourself (called a Gamerpic). To put it simply, it denotes the information that you decide to exhibit or share with other members of the Xbox community when you are participating in a gaming activity. Altering your Gamertag may be accomplished in a variety of different ways. Among them are:

  • The Xbox programme running on a Windows computer.
  • Changing Gamertag online.
  • Using a game system of the Xbox Series X/S variety
  • Using Xbox 360 game console.
  • Changing your offline profile to a gamertag and using it online.

All your Gamerscore, Achievements, and Friends list are kept intact. So, there’s no fear of losing them.

How to change Xbox Gamertag using Xbox app on Windows PC

Open the Xbox app on your Windows 10 device.

Sign in by using the email address and password connected with your Microsoft account, which is linked to your gamertag.

Find your gamerpic on the app’s home screen’s upper-left corner, then pick it to use.

After that, choose the Customize option from the banner located at the top of the profile page.

How To Change Xbox Gamertag For Free On PC

After that, you should choose the option to “Change gamertag.”

After you have entered some text for your selected gamertag, pick the Check availability button.

If the desired gamertag is available, you may claim it by selecting it and then clicking the Change gamertag button.

When you are finished and have confirmed your action, the change will be mirrored across Xbox, and it will also be visible to the people you play with. There is no need for you to alert them about this.

2 – Change Xbox Gamertag online

Visit the Xbox social homepage, and sign in using the email address and password that are linked with the Microsoft account that you use for your gamertag.

In the text box, enter the new gamertag that you desire, and then choose the Check availability button. Please take into account that the name you have chosen may be a maximum of 12 characters long, including any spaces. It should not begin with a numerical value.

In the event that you see the message “That name is taken,” If you see the notice “Try another one,” it indicates that you will have to choose a new name.

After that, go to the next page to check at how the gamertag will appear across all Xbox services.

Even if the gamertag you want to use is already used, you may still use a variation of it by adding a suffix that consists of the symbol for “#” and a different sequence of digits. Microsoft permits this so that gamers may use whatever gamertag they choose while still maintaining their status as a unique identifier in the system.

3-Change Xbox Gamertag using Xbox Series X/S gaming console

To access the instructions, you must first press the Xbox button located on your controller.

Select the Profile & System option, and then choose your gamertag from the drop-down menu.

Now, go to “My profile” > “Customize profile” and choose your gamertag from the drop-down menu.

Under the heading “Choose your new gamertag,” locate the text box labelled “available,” type the new gamertag you wish to use, and then click the option labelled “Check availability.”

On the next page, you may have a look at how the gamertag will appear in all Xbox services.

Click the Change gamertag option if you think your new gamertag lives up to your expectations.

4- Change Xbox Gamertag using Xbox 360 gaming console

To sign in or out of your Xbox 360 account, go to the Social menu on your console and then pick the appropriate option.

After that, choose your profile to complete the sign-in process.

After that, scroll to the right until you reach Settings, and then choose the Profile option.

Now, click the option to Edit Profile, then go to Gamertag, and then select the option to Enter New Gamertag.

Select a new gamertag, then after you’re finished, click the Done button to commit your changes. You will be requested to try entering a different gamertag if the one you entered is currently in use by another player.

Click the Yes, use this gamertag link after you have finished entering or selecting a new gamertag.

5-Change Xbox Gamertag by converting your offline profile into a gamertag

Make sure that you have access to a Microsoft account that is not presently connected to any other gamertag before continuing with this procedure. Additionally, the gamerscore from your offline profile will be imported into your Xbox profile if you execute the instructions in this approach in their entirety.

Sign in to the profile that you wish to convert from an offline profile to a gamertag before continuing. This will ensure that your offline profile is preserved while the gamertag is created.

Simply bring up the mini-guide by pressing the Guide button located on your controller.

After that, go to the Settings menu and choose Profile.

Select the Join Xbox Live option from this menu.

Please provide your first name, along with the information of your Microsoft account (email ID and Password)

Check the details and ensure that the appropriate privacy settings are in place.

After going through the Microsoft Services Agreement, you should click the option that says “I agree.”

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