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How To Change Time On Armitron Pro Sport Watch

The Armitron Pro Sport Watch is a fantastic piece of equipment that may assist you in monitoring your workouts, plotting your split times, and achieving your objectives. However, the time does not automatically set itself. When you initially acquire your watch, you will be responsible for manually setting the time on it. You will also need to be familiar with how to adjust the time on an Armitron watch in the event that daylight saving time comes to an end or if you travel to many time zones.

This guide will walk you through all you need to know about Armitron watch set times and how to alter them in the easiest way possible.

How to Set the Time on an Armitron Pro Sport Watch

To adjust the time on your Armitron Pro Sport Watch, the following instructions from the handbook should be followed:

How To Change Time On Armitron Pro Sport Watch

1. Identify Watch Buttons

On your watch, you’ll find a total of four buttons.

  • The “Reset” button is located in the upper left corner (A).
  • “Start” and “Stop” are represented by the button labelled “ST/STP” (located in the upper right corner).
  • The “Mode” button is located in the bottom left corner (B).
  • The light may be turned on by pressing the button in the bottom right-hand corner (C).

2. Hold the Reset Button

Hold down the “Reset” button (A) until you hear a beep to start the process of setting the time.

The display on three of the watch’s four displays will begin to flash rapidly. That indicates that you are prepared to set the time now.

3. Press the Mode Button

To access the hour configuration, press the bottom left button (B), which is labelled “Mode.”

It is important to keep in mind that hitting this button will not really alter the current hour, but rather cause the hour hand of the display to begin blinking. This should let you know that you are prepared to go on to the next step, which is to set the hour.

4. Use ST/STP to Adjust the Hour

To adjust the hour, you must first press the “ST/STP” button (D).

Each time you click the button, the hour will advance by one until it reaches 12, at which point it will reset to the beginning at 1.

To change the hour, you need to press the “Mode” button (B) once more. As soon as you accomplish so, the hour hand will stop flashing, and the minutes hand will be in the ready position to be set.

5. Use ST/STP to Adjust the Minutes

To advance the time by one minute at a time, press the “ST/STP” button (D), which is located in the upper right.

If you continue to click the button, the total number of minutes will continue to grow by one.

When the time on your watch is accurate, you may adjust the minutes by pressing the “Reset” button, which is located on the top left (A).

How to Change the Time on an Armitron Watch

It is quite likely that you will need to adjust the time on your watch at some point, whether it is because daylight saving time has finished or because you are relocating to a new time zone.

In order to do this, you will need to retrace your actions from when you first set the time. If it has been some time, please review steps 1 through 5 of the instructions for the Armitron watch, which may be found above.

How to Add Multiple Time Zones

If you need to be aware of the time in a number of different time zones, you may adjust the time on your watch to reflect one of the many other time zones.

To add more time, set it up by following the instructions below:

  • Simply pressing the “Mode” button three times will take you into the Second Time Zone mode.
  • To start again, click the “Reset” button. The symbol representing the hours will begin blinking.
  • To adjust the time, you need to press the “ST/STP” button.
  • Press the “Mode” button one more once you have finished setting the proper hour. This will enable you to modify the minutes as well as configure the hours of the watch. The minutes symbol will start blinking at this time.
  • To advance the time by an additional minute, press the “ST/STP” button once again.
  • After you have determined the appropriate minutes, you may proceed to setting the time by pressing the “Reset” button.
  • To go back to your primary time zone, you need to press the “Mode” button.

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