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How to Change Text Color in Discord

The ability to have a lively and colourful text chat experience is one of the things that Discord does not support very well. Text chat is available, but there are no built-in colour commands and, at first sight, it does not seem like there is any way to make your text more “fancy.” However, there are techniques to alter the colour of your writing, which may be quite helpful since plain text can become very tiresome very soon.

This post will teach you how to achieve strong colours in your Discord text conversations, which will make them more fascinating and eye-catching not just for you but also for your friends.

How Discord Text Colorization Works

The fact that Javascript is used to design the interfaces in Discord, in conjunction with a theme known as Solarized Dark and a library called highlight.js, is the most important factor in the ability to colourize text in the platform. When you join in to your Discord server, the page that is shown to you is the result of a string of quite complex JavaScript scripts, one of which is called highlight.js.

Even while the default user interface for Discord does not provide any support for colouring your text, the underlying Javascript engine that is responsible for executing the highlight.js script does. You are able to modify the colour of the words that are written out in the text chat window for everyone else by putting what amounts to pieces of code into your text conversation.

If you want to alter the colour of a certain piece of text, you need to enclose that text in a block of code first. This is the fundamental idea that you need to comprehend. This method consists of a block of text that is three lines long, with your text placed in the centre block.

Using the “Back Quote” Symbol

To assign a colour to any portion of text in Discord, you will need to make use of the backquote symbol, also known as the grave accent, which is found in the top-left corner of your keyboard. It is used in conjunction with the tilde symbol:

How to Change Text Color in Discord

Write the first line of code

After the three backquote symbols (“‘) that should be on the first line of the code block, the code phrase that instructs the Solarized Dark theme what colour to show should come after that. It need to look something like this:

How to Change Text Color in Discord

Type the second line

The second line should include your content, written out in the regular manner as you would normally do. To start a new line, press and hold the “Shift + Enter” key combination. Simply sending the message requires you to click the “Enter” button.

How to Change Text Color in Discord

Type your third line

Backquotes should be added to the third line of the code block, which is now empty. This line should not vary much no matter what result you are anticipating, and it should look something like this:

Because we used “` CSS, your text should appear like this:

Inputting Your Text

Text may be entered in one of two fundamental methods. The first method is to save a text file on your computer that has the different codes for the various text colours. You can then access this file in this manner and cut and paste the portions that you wish to utilise.

The code block may also be entered directly into the Discord chat engine, line by line, as an alternative method. After you have typed one line, you may construct another line by pressing “Shift + Enter” to do so. This will prevent the message from being sent to Discord. After you have finished typing the second line, tap “Shift + Enter” once again. After that, you need to write the third line and then press the “Enter” button to send it to the Discord server.

This approach does not come without its share of caveats. To begin, you have to do this action for each line of text that you wish to colourize; you cannot just toggle the colour option on or off. The second thing that happens is that your message will be shown in a box on the Discord server.

Your Color Options

The highlight.js scripts allow access to seven different colors in addition to the basic grey. Once you have them down, the markdown codes make a lot more sense, don’t be scared to experiment about and attempt to uncover new ones.

Here are the codes and examples of their appearance.

Plain grey (but in a box)

“`Sample Text“`

Green (sort of)


+This text is going to be great!


The colour will change to green if you place a plus sign before your content. If it is more convenient for you to do so, you may also put a “!” at the beginning of the second line.

You can also use this one:


“Sample text”


Keep in mind that if your content in the middle line does not have quote marks preceding it, JSON will not function.



Sample text




Sample text






In order for the full message to become orange, you will need to insert an underscore (or a period) between each of the words. In such case, orange will only appear in the first word.



-Sample Text


You can also get red by doing this:


[Sample Text]


Advanced Techniques

There are further, more complex methods that may be used to get coloured text while retaining the same fundamental approach. When a programmer is writing a programme, various formats are used to show code blocks, which explains why all of this works, at least to some extent.

The instruction to highlight is included in the first text after the “.

js, which scripting language it should be formatted, and there are some basic methods to cast colours directly in a line. Formatting may be done using js, and there are also some straightforward ways to cast colours.

The following is a list of some of the languages that you may use as well as the several techniques to force colour. Experiment with them, and you’ll quickly realise that you’re always sending colourful text messages to your friends and family.

You are able to get the appearances you desire by using a variety of brackets. Are you dissatisfied with your blue choices? Give this a try:

Then there’s this clever method for color-coding text that you may use:

The last thing I’ll mention is that you can also utilise “‘tex to construct messages that are rather colourful. Experiment with a variety of symbols to get the desired effect on your text:

Discord Bots

There are numerous Discord Bots accessible, and many of them promise to alter certain colours on your server. The majority of these bots update the colours of roles, but they do not update text colours. According to the findings of our investigation, there are no bots that will make it easier for you to change the colour of your text.

Embeds and webhooks may also be added to messages in Discord, which is a feature reserved for the most experienced users. In addition to supporting markdown text, they are utilised to show coloured blocks. You may get a better understanding of how this functionality works by navigating to the Discord Webhook.

Video Guide

What can I do if some of these aren’t working?

In May of 2022, we conducted experiments and found that utilising the aforementioned markdowns with the desktop version of Discord was more successful than using them with the online client. If you are experiencing difficulty using these codes, you should instead try using the app. Regardless of the version of Discord you are using, as we discussed before, some of these approaches are more successful than others. In general, you can rely on them rather well.

Is there a bot for Discord that can color text?

Absolutely! A quick search on the internet can bring up quite a few bots that can alter the colour of the text that you are using in Discord. Carry out a comprehensive search, then evaluate the results to see which ones best meet your requirements. You should look at the reviews and see what each bot is capable of before adding it to your server.

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