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How To Change Step Goal on Apple Watch

One of the most appealing aspects of the Apple Watch is its ability to monitor a user’s health and activity levels. Since it was first made available, it has rapidly gained popularity among those who engage in activities such as running, swimming, and hiking.

After asking for some fundamentally important information during the initial setup of your Apple Watch, it will then give you the option to choose your “activity objectives.” The Watch will keep track of these objectives for you on a daily basis and notify you when you have achieved them.

But if you set your exercise objectives and then find out later that they don’t fit, you may adjust any of them to something more appropriate. Here are the steps:

How to change your Apple Watch’s activity goals

You will need to open the Activity app on your Watch in order to make any adjustments to your predetermined activity levels.

  • Launch the Activity app on your Apple Watch, which has an icon that resembles a ring with colours red, green, and blue.
  • Scroll down on the first page, and then hit the Change Goals button.
How to change step goal on Apple Watch
  • Make any necessary adjustments and be sure to reaffirm your new Move, Exercise, and Stand objectives. You may increase or decrease your objectives by using the plus and minus icons, respectively.

How to change your Apple Watch’s activity notifications

Your Apple Watch will give you alerts when you have reached your activity objectives and it will keep track of them automatically. In addition to that, it provides you with advice on how to accomplish your objectives, notifications when you’ve achieved a record, and other useful information.

You may disable these alerts using the Watch app on your iPhone if you do not find them useful; but, if you do find them beneficial, you can keep them.

  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone, and then choose Notifications from the menu that appears.
  • Tap the Activity icon located in the list of applications.
  • You may choose which alerts you want to receive and which you want to have muted by using the choices. You also have the option to touch the Notifications Off button to silence everything at once.

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