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How to Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard?

Looking for a means to change the illumination mode on your Fantech Keyboard? You’ve come to the right place. Exactly how to do this is covered in detail in this blog article.

In addition, we will provide instructions on how to enable and disable the back-light on your computer keyboard. So, whether you’re wanting to change the color of the light or simply want to turn it off, keep reading for some helpful hints and suggestions!

How to Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard?

If you have a Fantech keyboard, you may change the light mode by pressing and holding the function (Fn) key and then pressing one of the keys listed below to select the appropriate light mode.

F1 = Normal light
F2 = Slow blinking light
F3 = Fast blinking light
F4 = Solid green light
F5 = Solid red light

There are a couple of different methods to customise the lighting on your Fantech Keyboard. You may do this in two ways. The first is by pressing and holding the light button on the upper right-hand side of your keyboard. With this button, you may switch between three different light modes: off, low, and high.

The second method is to access the Fantech Keyboard Configuration menu. This can be accomplished by going to the Start Menu and typing “Fantech Keyboard Settings” into the search field.

Then, on the Fantech Keyboard Settings icon that appears on the screen, click it. You can alter the light mode from this point on by selecting one of the three options at the bottom of the window: off, low, or high, as seen below.

How do I change the light on my fantech keyboard?

To alter the lighting on your Fantech keyboard, simply press the “Fn” key in conjunction with the matching function key to cycle among the various lighting settings on the keyboard.

When “Fn” is pressed together with “F5,” for example, the illumination will cycle between all white lighting, all blue lighting, and then potassium red lighting.

The lights can also be adjusted by pressing “Fn+ the letters “+” or “-” to increase or reduce the intensity of the current light setting, respectively.

All white lights on the Fantech keyboard are activated at half intensity when the keyboard is first turned on.

The pros and cons of using the Fantech Keyboard

In order to make typing on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) easier, the Fantech Keyboard is a handheld keyboard that attaches to your device. It has a variety of advantages, the most notable of which are as follows:

  • It makes typing on a small screen much more convenient. In order to access all of the keys on the screen, you no longer need to extend your fingers; instead, you can simply hold the Fantech Keyboard in your hand and type with your thumbs, as shown in the video.
  • It’s lightweight and portable, making it convenient to transport. The keyboard is tiny and lightweight, making it convenient to carry along with you wherever you go.
  • It is extremely speedy and responsive. Because of this, the keyboard is extremely swift and responsive.

Cons of using the Fantech Keyboard

Due to the fact that the Fantech keyboard is intended for gamers, it does not include all of the functionality that a regular keyboard may include. A number pad and a Fn key, for example, are absent from the device.

Some users may find this inconvenient because they are accustomed to having those capabilities available on their keyboard.

The Fantech keyboard is also more expensive than a lot of other gaming keyboards on the market, so it may not be worth the additional expense for some individuals.

The Fantech keyboard employs proprietary firmware, which means you’ll have to use their software in order to configure your keys and macros. This is also a disadvantage.

Users who wish to use other software or who like to have more customization choices may find this to be a constraint.

Compare it to other popular keyboards on the market

The Fantech Keyboard is an excellent choice for folks who want a keyboard that offers a large number of features at a reasonable price. It looks and feels pretty similar to other widely used keyboards on the market, and it is also extremely reasonably priced.

In terms of functionality, the Fantech Keyboard is an excellent choice if you are searching for a keyboard with a lot of features.

All of the features that you would expect from a modern keyboard, like as backlighting and media controls, are included. It is also quite reasonably priced, making it an outstanding value for money.

It’s definitely worth considering the Fantech keyboard if you’re searching for a long-lasting, reasonably priced keyboard. Because it’s well-constructed, it should last you for a long time, even under heavy use.

The keys are also very pleasant to type on, making it a perfect choice for both professional and leisure use alike. However, there are some disadvantages that should be considered.

It is necessary to be cautious when cleaning or transferring the keyboard due to the fact that the keycaps have a tendency to come off.

Second, while the lighting is adequate, it is neither exceptionally bright nor uniformly spread.

In general, the Fantech is a good keyboard that is well worth the money it costs. Anybody seeking for a low-cost alternative that isn’t going to let them down should look no further.

What is Fn key on keyboard?

To put it another way, the Fn key on a keyboard is supposed to perform a “function.” However, in practise, the Fn key accomplishes very little on its own, if anything.

If you want to know how to use the Fn key properly, you need be familiar with the precise functions that correlate to the various keys on your keyboard.

Some keyboards, for example, feature a dedicated Fn key that allows you to adjust the brightness of your screen while typing. There are several keyboards that include a Fn lock, which lets you press the Fn key while holding down a key to activate supplementary functionality on keys such as f1-f12.

But in general, the Fn keys are used to accomplish specific operations in specific program or instructions, such as volume control or screen brightness. In order to determine exactly what your Fn keys perform in each software, read on.

How do I change the color of my fantech keyboard?

  • Navigate to your control panel and select the “Ease of Access Center” option.
  • Select “Change the way your keyboard operates” from the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure the box next to “High Contrast Keyboard” is checked in the section titled “Make your keyboard easier to see.”
  • Select a color scheme by clicking on the black box next to “Select a color scheme.”
  • Choose a color scheme that is sufficiently dark to allow you to see clearly.
  • Click on the “Apply” button, and then on the “OK” button to complete the process.

How do I control my keyboard lights?

The lighting of the keyboard is regulated by pressing the FN+PgUp/Down key combination. (On some laptops, the combination of FN+F12/13 may be used instead.)

How do you change keyboard settings?

Depending on the sort of computer you have, there are a variety of options for customizing your keyboard settings. On a Mac, go to System Preferences and then select Keyboard as the input device. To access the Keyboard option on a Windows PC, visit the Control Panel and click Keyboard.

This is the location where you would go if you wanted to change the language or keyboard layout on your computer. You may also customize several other aspects of the keyboard, such as how quickly keys repeat when you hold them down and how loud the key clicks are.


Making changes to the lighting mode on your Fantech keyboard is a straightforward operation that can be performed in a matter of minutes.

To begin, locate the Fn key on the keyboard and press it. When using a keyboard, this key is normally found in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

After that, hold down the Fn key while pressing and holding down the F4 key. By pressing this button, you will be able to cycle among the many light modes and select the one that best suits your needs.

Alternatively, you can press and hold down the Fn key while pressing and holding down the F3 key to completely turn off the brightness.

Additionally, you can alter the brightness of the backlight by pressing the Fn key and then using the up and down arrow keys to increase or reduce the brightness of the light source.

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