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How To Catch Seagulls In Hooked Inc

Lion Studios’ intriguing creation, Hooked Inc., is a mobile game that’s available for both Android and iOS devices. There, you will need to train yourself to become a genuine fisherman who travels to many seas and captures a variety of marine organisms. These include a wide variety of fish and other forms of life, but the ones that are the most difficult to capture have a tendency of flying. We are talking about seagulls here, which can be quite a pain to deal with if you are trying to capture them. In the game Hooked Inc., this article will instruct you on how to capture seagulls.

How to Catch Seagulls in Hooked Inc

In Hooked Inc, seagulls are one of the more uncommon species that you will have the opportunity to capture. It indicates that capturing them will reward you with a significant amount of resources. The fact that seagulls are uncommon and can’t be caught with a standard fishing rod makes this assignment far more difficult to do than it would seem at first glance. In the game Hooked Inc., you will need to acquire a certain equipment in order to have the ability to capture seagulls. It is known by the name Bird Catcher.

A unique piece of gear in the game Hooked Inc. that resembles a slingshot is referred to as the Bird Catcher. You will have the ability to capture a variety of birds with the use of this equipment. You may upgrade the equipment to make it more powerful, and it has 10 different levels to choose from. You will need to equip the Bird Catcher and wait for the seagulls to soar over your ship before you can capture them. Seagulls can only be caught this way. They have white bodies and orange beaks, giving them the appearance of birds.

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