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How To Bass Boost Spotify PC Windows 10

In comparison to other music streaming services, Spotify is head and shoulders above the competition. To bass boost Spotify PC Windows 10, despite the fact that it faces genuine competition from other music services, such as the audiophile-friendly Tidal and the DJ-centric LiveXLive, Spotify is still a top part in the large class due to its extensive catalogue, collaborative playlists, web recordings, and a variety of other appealing features.

The Spotify Premium service is really fantastic for a large number of users. It is quick and easy to navigate, it provides the most helpful customer support, and it is superior to other web-based features in terms of how well it recommends music.

Download the free Spotify application

How To Bass Boost Spotify PC Windows 10

There is a version available for your personal computer, iPhone/iPad, and Android phone. Get yourself tuned in and signed in to your record on those many devices.

The “regular” default streaming quality for Spotify on your personal computer is 160 kilobits per second (kilobits per second), with each “bit” essentially representing a “piece” of the song.

It typically has a pleasant tone and provides a good sound quality, both of which enable you to enjoy the music. When you choose the “high-quality streaming” option, the stream’s maximum bit rate increases to 320 kbps.

How to Bass Boost Spotify PC Windows 10?

  • You can adjust the level of bass in your Spotify playlist by going to the Equalizer settings on your smartphone, but you won’t find anything equivalent on your computer.

The following is a list of potential options that might solve the issue that you are having.

Solution 1

It is possible to use a low rack channel at either 40Hz or 150Hz, depending on whatever region of the bass you need to accentuate more.

Also, to prevent distortion from occurring, make sure that the preamp is set to a level that is slightly higher than the boost level that is the highest.

Solution 2

The following is a list of the measures that you may do to increase the bass while using Spotify on Windows 10:

  • Open Windows 10
  • Use the context menu to choose the sound icon.
  • Now you’ll hear some clicks.
  • Pick out the medium via which you will listen to music.
  • To access the Properties menu, choose the item.
  • Select the Sound effects option from the menu.
  • After finding the bass enhancement option, you need to check the box next to it.
  • After that, choose other choices or attributes to take its place.
  • You may customize the DB increase anyway you want.
  • Click Apply/Ok.

Solution 3

You are going to enhance the bass on your Spotify for Windows 10 PC with this technique.

  • Start Google Chrome.

Those who make use of the Google Chrome application may easily eliminate the problem. Assuming that you do not already have a Chrome software installed, you should download and install it.
Because the equalisation application does not function properly with any other software, the only option left is to use Google Chrome.

  • Open Chrome

You may find EQ by searching for “Audio Equalizer” on the Chrome Web Store. It is a standout among the many equaliser software for Spotify, and it satisfies the need extremely effectively and without any problems.

  • When you apply the extension to Chrome using the button provided, a dialogue box will appear at the very top of the window. You really only need to add the extension, and it will begin installing itself on your Chrome programme when it has been added. The size of the expansion is rather small, which means that it may be swiftly implemented.

Now, in order to access the extension, go to the top right corner of the location bar in the Chrome programme. From there, you can access an abundance of the EQ – Audio Equalizer by tapping on the icon.

  • Using the equalizer

Open your record on Spotify Web Player and pick and play any collection or song that you like. When the song is playing tap on the equalizer symbol.

You will notice a conversation box when you look at the equaliser.

After reaching this stage, you will have the ability to modify the presets, and you may even adjust the equalisation bars to tune the sound on your own.

  • Adjusting the settings for the bass increase

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