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How to Allocate More Ram to Steam Games?

How to Allocate More Ram to Steam Games?

When it comes to Steam games, increasing the amount of gaming RAM that they have access to may be accomplished in a variety of ways, most of which are determined by the specific game in question.

These approaches, in general, operate by reducing the amount of memory that you use, which may assist improve the performance of your game and boost your frames per second (FPS).

Try out some of the helpful hints that are provided below if you are interested in learning how to allot more RAM to Steam games so that you can play games with greater fluidity and avoid crashes that aren’t your fault.

Allocating More RAM Through the Task Manager

To begin, you need to be aware that the amount of RAM that you may assign on your computer is limited to the amount of memory that is really useable.

There are several difficulties that cause you to have just half of your RAM classed as “usable,” and this might lead to performance issues in games if you do not have enough memory to devote to it.

It is possible that the problem is caused by the fact that you are using a 32-bit version of Windows, which restricts the amount of RAM that may be used to a maximum of 4 gigabytes. Simply reinstalling your operating system with a 64-bit version should resolve the issue.

If you are able to access every part of your memory, then you are ready to go on to the next level. Launch Task Manager on your computer, and then choose the Details option that can be found at the top of the programme.

How to Allocate More Ram to Steam Games?

You will notice a large number of services and programmes that are now active, and you will need to right-click the individual game to which you want to assign additional RAM, then hover over the “Set priority” option.

There will be a total of six choices available to choose from: realtime, low, below normal, ordinary, above normal, and high.

You are free to set it to either above usual or high as long as you are confident in your ability to monitor and control the amount of RAM being used as you play. When you launch programmes or other services, this indicates that you are aware of how much memory is currently being used by your system.

If you do not have a basic understanding of how to maintain a computer, I would not advocate placing anything on “above usual” or higher. This danger occurs when you play games while simultaneously opening a large number of programmes, and you do not know how much random access memory (RAM) each of these applications uses, even while they are running in the background.

If you are running memory-intensive websites on your web browser, such as web browser games or streaming sites, managing your tabs is particularly important. When you play a game when your memory utilisation is already at maximum capacity, there is a chance that the game may crash at any point.

If your CPU is being overworked, which is another reason you may do this, you could also do this. You may be of even more assistance to it by elevating the priority levels of games with a high demand on memory.

Steam Games Launch Options

This happens quite seldom, but the goal is to have the game launch more quickly and smoothly. When it’s all said and done, it uses far less RAM than before. Because of this, you will need to explore the community for more complicated launch fixes, and the solutions may vary depending on the sort of game you are playing.

Right-clicking a game in your Steam library requires you to first locate it, then move your mouse cursor over it. When you choose Properties, a new window will appear on your screen.

You’ll find “Launch Options” under “General,” along with a text field just below that heading. After you have completed your internet search for a code for your particular game, you can then just insert it into this text field and start the game as usual.

This is something that occurs rather regularly in indie games, and it was particularly prevalent around the time when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) went live. Because it was not yet optimised, it required a significant amount of RAM to load everything, to the point that older computers had difficulty playing it.

The rendering problems were solved by moving it to a solid-state drive (SSD), but the system was still very slow. When the game originally came out, a reddit user discovered a technique to start the game in a more ideal manner by setting a code using the Steam launch settings. This allowed the game to be launched more quickly.

This is an example of some code that may look somewhat like this.

-refresh 144 -maxMem=15000 -cacheSize=128

It indicates that your game will run at 144 Hz, allowing it to couple with your display if it hasn’t already done so. If it hasn’t already done so, it signifies that it will pair with your monitor. When “MaxMem=15000” is seen in a game’s configuration file, it indicates that the application will use 15,000MB, or 15GB, of memory.

Ways to Free Up More RAM for Steam Games

Disabling your antivirus

The majority of antivirus programmes are notorious for making computers run more slowly. It is a supplementary process that is operating in the background, and it consumes a considerable amount of memory. When it comes to gaming, having an antivirus programme installed is almost completely pointless.

It is probable that you are protecting your computer against malicious software and viruses by playing reputable games (games that have not been pirated). You may deactivate it before playing a game on Steam, and doing so should not affect the system’s security in any way.

Don’t forget to activate it again when you’re done!

Turning off streaming services

Memory use for each tab ranges between about 150 and 300 MB while you are viewing videos on YouTube or streaming videos from other websites. Even if they are just stopped in the background, it will still use a significant amount of your RAM.

Memory is used up by the standard tabs in your online browser, however the amount used is only around 50–100 MB per tab, depending on the page. Keeping this in mind, you should examine the amount of RAM being used by your computer as you play, as well as the number of tabs that need to be closed in order for the game to function more smoothly.

You want to examine the difference even if you are using two monitors since it is possible that it will be somewhat more in that case.

Lowering specific graphics settings

The majority of the time, decreasing the graphics quality does not release more RAM. This is due to the fact that the game continues to demand that the same data be sent. Even if there are less textures, your RAM is still required to do the same amount of work.

When it comes to other games, you may assist in lowering the amount of memory used by decreasing or totally turning off certain options.

When turned down or off entirely, features like view distance, terrains, and ray tracing contribute to a decrease in the amount of RAM (memory) that is used.

If you believe that your game is capable of properly handling the game, it is possible that the game has difficulties with optimization. The reason for this is so that drivers can stay up with the most recent games and technological advancements.

Even if you have the most recent driver updates, there is still a chance that the game is not currently being optimised to its full potential, or that your computer is simply unable to process the images.

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You may now compel your own computer to utilise as much random access memory (RAM) as it can on the games you play since you know how to assign extra RAM to a Steam game. You will therefore notice an improvement in performance.

When you play any kind of Steam game, you will be able to employ the majority of the memory or RAM available on your personal computer as long as you follow the guidelines. Some of these pointers may even be of use to your computer’s CPU in the long term.

Other games that utilise other launchers have the ability to employ certain alternate approaches, such as when you’re giving Minecraft servers additional memory.

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