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How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use

Check out the breakdown of how many watts a PS4 needs for each setting. The real wattage and power consumption of the PlayStation 4 was determined by testing using an energy metre. The monthly expenditures of a PS4 console, as well as the costs of operating a TV, are included.

This article provides an answer to the question “how many watts does a PS4 use?” by reporting the results of experiments conducted using an energy metre. There is also an itemization of running expenses and manufacturer specs.

  • In the United States, the typical cost of powering a PlayStation 4 is between 2 and 5 cents per hour, with the console using anything from 165 to 310 watts of power at any one time.
  • The projected monthly cost for a PS4 player in the United States, including the power consumption of the most prevalent kind of television and a monthly membership to PlayStation Plus, ranges from $10.87 to $11.05 on average.
  • When wearing a PlayStation VR headset, the power consumption of gaming on a PlayStation 4 rises to 144 watts from an average of 120 watts.
  • The PlayStation 4 consumes 0.47 watts of power while it is idle, but streaming films requires close to 99 watts.

Continue reading to see the electricity costs for each PS4 mode, and find out how you can reduce your running costs.

How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use

The maximum power consumption of a PlayStation 4 is 310 watts, and the typical cost of energy to run it is between 2 cents and 5 cents per hour in the United States.

First place goes to the PS4 Slim with its maximum use of 165 watts of power, followed by the original PS4 (250W max). Maximum power consumption for the PlayStation 4 Pro is set at 310 watts.

There are a lot of different things that may affect how many watts a PS4 really consumes. The mode selected on the PS4 has the greatest influence on the total number of watts that are used.

The following is a quick description of how many watts a PlayStation 4 consumes in various settings, according to tests that were done using an energy monitor:

  • A PS4 on standby uses 0.47 watts.
  • A PS4 in idle uses 85.6 watts.
  • A PS4 streaming video uses close to 99 watts.
  • Gaming on a PS4 uses approx. 120 watts.
  • Gaming on a PS4 with a PS VR uses approx. 144 watts.

Keep reading to find out the specific results of the testing, as well as the operating expenses, for each PS4 mode. But before we go into it, let’s take a closer look at the maximum wattage that the PS4 can support.

PS4 Wattage

Depending on the model, the maximum wattage of a PS4 might be anywhere from 165W to 310W.

The watts of each individual PS4 model is outlined in the table that can be seen below.

How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use

The maximum power rating for the PS4 Slim is 165 watts, whereas the highest power rating for the original PS4 is 250 watts. The PS4 Pro has a maximum power rating of 310 watts. The watts of a PlayStation 4 indicates the device’s maximum amount of required electricity. However, the mode that is being utilised will determine the precise quantity of power that is being spent.

Let’s put a few different experiments to the test in order to determine how many watts a PlayStation 4 truly consumes. But before we go into it, let’s go through the test’s specifics.

PS4 Wattage Test

In order to determine the precise number of watts that a PlayStation 4 requires, I tracked how much electricity an original PlayStation 4 used while operating in a variety of settings. From standby to gameplay, including gaming on PS VR, a variety of modes were tested on the PlayStation 4. Using a Kasa Smart Plug / Energy Monitor, which you can learn more about on Amazon by clicking here, I measured the number of watts that were used by each mode.

After keeping an eye on the amount of power being used for a few minutes, I was able to calculate the mode’s typical wattage output. So, how many watts does a PlayStation 4 really consume? Let’s go right into the numbers, shall we?

How Many Watts A PS4 Uses (By Mode)

A PS4 consumes . 47 watts when in sleep mode, 85.6 watts while not doing anything, close to 99 watts while streaming, around 120 watts while gaming, and approximately 144 watts while gaming in virtual reality.

The following table provides an estimate of the hourly and monthly operating expenses for a PlayStation 4, as well as the number of watts that are used by the console in its different settings.

PS4 modeWatts usedHourly cost ($0.15 per kWh)Monthly cost (running 6.76 hrs p/w – avg. for US gamers)
PS4 standby (off but plugged in)0.47$0.000071$0.0019
PS4 user login screen (1st screen after startup)83.9$0.012585$0.3403
PS4 dashboard (idle)85.6$0.01284$0.3472
PS4 dashboard (idle) + charging controller90.1$0.013515$0.3654
PS VR on standby (off but plugged in)0.15$0.000023$0.0006
PS4 dashboard (idle) + PS VR on92.5$0.013875$0.3752
PS4 streaming YouTube98.4$0.01476$0.3991
PS4 streaming Netflix99.9$0.014985$0.4052
PS4 streaming Amazon Prime Video100$0.015$0.4056
PS4 gaming (Sonic Classic, via disk)99.8$0.01497$0.4048
PS4 gaming (Lost Souls III, via disk)141$0.02115$0.5719
PS4 gaming with PS VR (The Playroom VR – Robots Rescue)144$0.0216$0.5841

The expenses of operation are calculated at a rate of 15 cents per kWh, which is the average for the United States according to Statista, and an assumption of consumption for 6.76 hours per week, which is the typical length of time that US games are played.

PS4 Standby Wattage

The PS4 consumes power while it is idle. 47W. If you additionally have a PS VR connected in, the total energy consumption of the PS4 when it is in standby mode will climb to.62W. Because of this, the PlayStation VR utilises. 15W, on average, in standby mode.

While the PlayStation 4 is in sleep mode, charging a DualShock controller adds an additional 4.5 watts of power consumption. If you never use your PlayStation 4 but leave it plugged in at all times, the annual cost of doing so will be close to 62 cents. If you additionally leave a PS VR plugged in, the cost is anticipated to rise to $0.81.

PS4 Idle Wattage

While in standby mode, the PS4 consumes power. 47W. If you additionally have a PS VR connected in, the total energy consumption of your PS4 will climb to.62W while it is in standby mode. This is due to the fact that the PS VR utilises. 15W, on average, in standby mode.

If you charge a DualShock controller while the PS4 is in standby, the PS4’s standby wattage will rise by 4.5W. If you do not use your PlayStation 4 and leave it plugged in all the time, the cost will be close to 62 cents each year. If you additionally leave a PS VR plugged in, this will rise to an estimated $0.81 in cost.

PS4 Streaming Wattage

Streaming on a PS4 consumes 98.4W to 100W of power. Streaming content from YouTube on a PlayStation 4 consumes 98.4 watts of power, whereas streaming content from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video consumes 99.9 watts and 100 watts respectively. Streaming movies on a PS4 will cost you between $0.01476 and $0.015 per hour. The price range for a full month of using a PS4 to stream media nonstop is between $10.98 and $11.16.

PS4 Gaming Wattage

Power consumption ranges from 99.8W to 144W while using a PS4 for gaming. However, in the end, the quantity of watts used will be determined by a variety of different circumstances. Games that demand a minimal amount of computing power will have a power consumption of around 100W or less.
When playing video games with a PlayStation VR headset, you’ll use a lot more power. On the PS4, virtual reality gaming requires around 144 watts of power.

PS4 gaming costs $0.01497 to $0.0216 per hour.

The average US gamer plays for 6.76 hours per week. Gaming on the PS4 for this amount of time costs between 40 cents and 59 cents per month, on average. But these costs are just for running a PS4 and its accessories. TV running costs and subscription fees are not included. So next, let’s estimate the total cost of gaming on a PS4 per month.

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