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How do you stream a Crunchyroll on Discord?

The ability to watch Crunchyroll via Discord is a feature that the vast majority of users are interested in, despite the fact that broadcasts may sometimes have technical difficulties. You may guarantee that you will have a good time during your sessions with other users if you have some idea of how to broadcast Crunchyroll on Discord.

After making a few adjustments to the default settings of several browsers, it is possible to stream Crunchyroll content on such browsers. With these kind of modifications, it could become simpler to broadcast Crunchyroll on Discord and other screen-sharing services.

There is presently no information that can be found online that explains in detail how to watch Crunchyroll on Discord without any problems. Because of this, this article gives sufficient information on how to broadcast any of your preferred entertainment on Discord anytime you want to do so.

Can I Stream Crunchyroll on Discord?

You won’t have to worry about a blank screen, stuttering video, or any of those other annoying difficulties when you watch Crunchyroll on Discord. On the other hand, it’s probable that you’ll need a specialised screen-sharing tool or a web browser in order to watch Crunchyroll videos on Discord successfully.

How to Stream Crunchyroll on Discord

First way to stream Crunchyroll on Discord: Through a browser

How do you stream a Crunchyroll on Discord?

Step 1: Open your screen-sharing browser

Navigate to the location of the programme or browser that you use to share your screen. While some users prefer specialised streaming platforms such as Parsec, others are content with using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox as their browser of choice.

Step 2: Disable hardware acceleration

Once you have launched the screen-sharing browser or app of your choice, you will need to look for the hardware acceleration setting and disable it.

When smooth material is being streamed, it is much simpler to prevent problems if hardware acceleration is turned off before the broadcast begins.

Step 3: Clear your browser cache (optional)

If you want to enjoy streaming Crunchyroll material on Discord, you will need to constantly clear the cache in your browser. You may clear the cache on Chrome by heading to the History menu and selecting the Clear Browsing Data option.

Clear data may be accessed by de-selecting the other choices (Browsing History, Cookies, and other site data) and clicking the button. It is important to note that you will not be required to do this step every time before launching Discord.

Step 4: Reset your Discord session

Restart your Discord session and connect to stream Crunchyroll.

Second way to stream Crunchyroll on Discord: Directly from a Discord server

Step 1: Connect to Discord server

You may access Discord either with its official app or a web browser. Navigate to the Settings menu and pick Game Activity from there.

After adding Crunchyroll and choosing the streaming provider, pick Add Game from the menu. After you have finished with these steps, you should return to the main settings page.

Step 2: Click on Screen and Go Live

After that, look for the Screen button and then choose the application or browser window that you want to use. Following that, adjust the streaming parameters to your liking, and then click the Go Live button.

It is important to keep in mind that the second technique could not support broadcasting to a group, particularly if it is started from the Discord app on your device. You are going to have to go with the first option if you want more people to check out your feeds.

How to Bypass Crunchyroll Black Screen on Discord

Here’s how to fix the black screen issue whenever you’re trying to stream Crunchyroll on Discord:

Step 1: Update the app

Typically, Discord will make changes to its mobile applications in order to address a number of problems found in earlier versions. If you’re seeing a black screen when streaming Crunchyroll, updating your Discord mobile or Web app could be all that’s needed to fix the problem.
You may get the Web app by going to their official website ( and downloading it from there. You may get the most recent version of Discord on your Android or iOS device by going to Google Play or the Apple App Store and downloading it from there.

Wait for the download to finish, then run the installer to update the software on your computer. On mobile devices running Android or iOS, Discord will immediately be updated to the most recent version available for your device.

If you are still seeing a blank screen, you will need to use a web browser in order to utilise the screen-sharing feature.

Step 2: Turn off hardware acceleration

There is a Hardware Acceleration option available in every browser. You will need to go to the browser settings for your device and find the option to disable Hardware Acceleration.

This option may often be found in the System section of the Advanced Settings menu of most browsers. You may find this option, for instance, in Google Chrome by navigating to Chrome > Settings > Advanced > System > Hardware.

After you have gone through each of these sections, you will arrive at a screen that gives you the choice to “Use Hardware Acceleration if available.” If you are experiencing problems with a black screen when streaming Crunchyroll, you will need to deactivate this option on your screen-sharing browser.

In order for the changes you made to take effect, you will need to resume your session once you have turned off the Hardware Acceleration option.
This method may also be useful for you if you are experiencing similar difficulties with specialised software designed for screen-sharing or streaming content.

Step 3: Clear Discord cache files 

Cache files from Discord have the potential to slow down future broadcasts and create difficulties, including problems with the black screen. You will need to delete any cache files in your browser that are associated with Discord and any other apps you use.

If you delete the cache files on your smartphone, it will help your streams run more smoothly and will not affect any of the device’s settings.

Step 4: Restart Discord

After completing the three procedures outlined above, you will need to restart your Discord session in your browser. Your session must should be able to stream Crunchyroll without experiencing any black screen issues or other difficulties of any kind.

Can I Unblock Screen Sharing on Discord?

Navigate to the Settings menu inside the Discord app. Voice & Video may be accessed by selecting App Settings after scrolling down. Find the Video Settings option, and then choose your camera from the selection that drops down.

After you have completed these steps to unblock screen sharing, restart your application.

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