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Golf Rival | Best Clubs Chart

Golf Rival is a multiplayer online golf game that’s completely free to play. In this arena, participants may compete against one another in free-for-all duels. Golf Rival, much like other Mobile Golf match-up games, provides you with a variety of clubs to unlock and use during the game. When playing this game, having knowledge of the most effective golf clubs is essential. Due to the fact that you only have so many coins at your disposal, it might be challenging to give each of your clubs the same makeover. With the aid of our Golf Club Chart tutorial, we will walk you through the process of selecting a select group of clubs for the long term.

Best Clubs Chart in Golf Rival

Best Sand Wedge Clubs

If you want to have the greatest chance of winning this game, you should steer clear of the sand. If you land one shot on sand, it will almost always turn out to be the moment in the game that causes you to lose. Having stated that, there are two clubs that you should utilise while approaching this area. They go by the names of Scorpion and Bone Claw. It is recommended that you get them at levels 8 and 12, respectively. The only difference between them is that the scorpion has a sidespin advantage, but other than that, they are the same.

Best Wedge Clubs

There are a few clubs in this area that are deserving of special note. Hawk and Shuttle are their names. At the end of level 7, you will get the Hawk, which is an extremely accurate club to utilise. You will move more slowly as a result of the speed decrease benefit that this item provides, allowing you to land precise shots with more ease. The second one, which is the Shuttle, has a bonus that allows it to ignore obstacles. This is not quite as exact as the Hawk, but it certainly has its uses when things become complicated.

Golf Rival | Best Clubs Chart

Best Iron Clubs

The Unicorn and the Peacock are, in our view, the two most impressive Iron Clubs. You may get these two clubs after completing stage 10 and stage 5, respectively. The Unicorn will perform well for you if you are looking for side spin in addition to a high degree of accuracy. In contrast to the Unicorn, the Peacock offers both top and backspin to its users. This also grants you a passive ability that allows you to avoid debuffs from all types of terrain. An ideal club to carry in your bag for those challenging occasions when the terrain is making it difficult to land those vital shots.

Best Wood Clubs

Phoenix and Cardinals are the two greatest options for anyone looking for a Wood Club, in our opinion. These two items are available in the level 10 and level 6 levels, respectively. The Phoenix’s passive boost stat now includes wind resistance that is increased by fifty percent. The combination of this with a high hit power and sidespin results in strokes that are both strong and accurate. This club is comparable to Bat Wings, examples of which will be provided in the following paragraphs. Cardinals is comparable to Phoenix, but in addition, it has topspin and backspin capabilities.

Best Driver Clubs

This ranking of the best driving clubs includes three “Special Mentions” from our club. These are known as Bat Wings, Earth, and Lava, respectively. Bat Wings has both top and backspin in addition to a significant amount of power and accuracy. As was said previously, due to the fact that it reduces the effects of wind by fifty percent, it is an excellent club to use while attempting to hit long shots. At level 8, players may acquire the Earth Club, which provides both sidespin and power as additional rewards. This one is not difficult to get and performs well on its own. There is also the option of using Lava instead of Earth or Bat Wings. This club will be worth keeping until you locate one of those two since it has certain characteristics that are comparable to those of the other two clubs.

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