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FULL Yakuza Like A Dragon Freelancer Job Guide

Using this Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelancer job guide, you will learn about the Freelancer class overview and review, as well as the best weapon, all skills, and a unique accessory for the job.

Yakuza Like a Dragon will begin with your main character, Kasuga, in his one-of-a-kind class, the Freelancer, as the starting point for your journey. Because Kasuga’s job is upgraded to Hero shortly after the story begins, you’ll be curious about Freelancer’s job for the rest of your life.
An overview of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelancer job itself, as well as an overview of how the Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelancer job compares to other jobs in the game, locations of the unique Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelancer work equipment, and a list of all skills that the freelancer job has access to are all included in this guide.

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So, without further ado, here is the Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelancer job guide.

Overview and Review – Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelance Work

FULL Yakuza Like A Dragon Freelancer Job Guide

Kasuga’s first position in the Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelancer is not intended to be a job to which he is assigned after successfully completing the assigned game. It has fewer skills than any other job and does not have access to any weapons that increase the amount of damage done.

A Fighter is the archetype that Freelancer most closely resembles in terms of classic role-playing game archetypes.

Due to the fact that Freelancer cannot equip any weapons, his normal attack damage is unable to keep up with the damage that other jobs can dish out. However, none of its abilities are compelling enough to make you want to play through the game as the Freelancer as your primary character.

As a Freelancer, you only get one Essence level skill (most jobs get at least two), you learn about half the amount of active skills as a member of any other class, and you lack the ability to target multiple targets or all targets at the same time.

In reality, the primary benefit of Freelancer is that it grants a significant amount of Agility and Attack bonuses. With two unique jobs as opposed to every other character’s single job, Kasuga’s maximum stat totals are potentially higher than those of every other character, assuming you’re prepared to invest several hundred hours in the game. grinding to get the most out of every job

Freelancing isn’t a bad job, but it’s not intended to be the type of job that you stick with for the duration of the game. Use it at the beginning of the game, then return to it at some point in the later stages to reclaim those valuable attack and agility bonuses.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelancer Best Weapon

It is not only that freelance work lacks a better weapon, but it also lacks any weapons at all. Almost all of his attacks are boosted by levelling passive attack bonuses, and his skills have an increased damage multiplier as a result of this.

Yakuza as a dragon freelancer prop

The Freelancer job, like all other jobs in Yakuza Like a Dragon, comes with its own unique accessory that enhances the work experience gained while performing this job.

The Hero Craft accessory, like Kasuga himself, is a little out of the ordinary. While the Tenugui Dragonfish, in contrast to other accessories, improves the overall working experience for all classes, it can only be equipped by Kasuga. It is generally regarded as the work accessory for the Hero and Freelancer classes, owing to the fact that, aside from the Dragonfish Tenugui, there is no other way to improve the working experience of these two classes.

The Dragonfish Tenugui can be found in Kamurocho in Chapter 15 of Lullaby Mahjong, inside the Lullaby Mahjong room. It’s safely stored in a gold safe. Remember to collect both the Tranquil Tenugui and the Tranquil Tenugui in this building.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelancer Accessory

The Like a Dragon Freelancer job, like all of the other jobs in Yakuza, grants access to its own one-of-a-kind accessory that increases the amount of job experience that can be obtained while working in that job.

The item that goes along with the Hero job is unique in its own way, much like Kasuga himself. The Dragonfish Tenugui, in contrast to the other accessories, not only increases Job Experience for every class, but it can also only be donned by the Kasuga. Because there is no other means to increase Job Experience for the Hero and Freelancer classes other using the Dragonfish Tenugui, it is widely agreed that this item should be regarded the job accessory for those two classes.

The Dragonfish Tenugui may be found in Chapter 15 of Lullaby Mahjong, which can be found in Kamurocho. It’s locked up in a vault made of gold. It is imperative that both of these Tenugui be collected, since this structure also houses a Tranquil Tenugui.

Character Skills – Yakuza as a Dragon Freelancer Job

Every position in the Yakuza Similar to a dragon, Like a Dragon has two specific character skills that, once learned, can be used by any character, regardless of the job class to which they have been assigned.

The following are the character’s skills for the Freelancer profession:

Overconfidence: Kasuga gets himself ready for battle by increasing his evasion and attack for a total of two turns while remaining in control of his own destiny.

The German Liberation Suplex is a grappling technique that can be used to deal significant damage to an opponent. It is possible to instantly stun the adversary.

Character skills for freelancers are excellent. Especially when compared to the much more powerful Fearless Command skill in hero work, which increases the offensive potential of the entire party, Hyper Swagger isn’t particularly beneficial.

The decision to leave German Suplex was an excellent one. It deals significant damage and has a chance to kill an opponent in an instant. The only real issue with this is that more jobs, particularly male jobs, have access to very effective blunt-type single-target attacks, which are becoming increasingly common. As a result, while the Release German Suplex is unquestionably effective, it may not be something you feel you need to go out of your way to obtain.

Yakuza Like A Dragon Freelancer Skills

Here is a list of all the skills that the Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelancer job gives you access to, as well as the levels you can achieve and the effects you can have:

The level of employmentSkill NameThe description
Exploration Ability: Treasure HuntLook for hidden treasures scattered throughout the city. Try pressing [] whenever you find something shiny on the floor.
2tenacious fistKasuga puts all of his energy into a single punch that can stun the enemy.
4rock swingDamage an enemy by putting them in a headlock and throwing them.
5HeadbuttDamage an enemy with an onslaught of headbutts.
6Agility +5Permanently increases Agility by 5.
8Hyper swagger(Character Skill) Kasuga animates and adapts to the flow of battle, increasing his evasion and attack for 2 turns.
tenAttack +5Permanently increases attack by 5.
12drop kickDamage an enemy with a flying kick. High chance of inflicting a critical hit.
14Agility +5Permanently increases Agility by 5.
16Ruffian KickDamage an enemy with a quick and brutal kick.
18Attack +5Permanently increases attack by 5.
20Atomic dropDamage an enemy by hitting them hard at their vital point. High chance of inflicting a critical hit.
22Agility +5Permanently increases Agility by 5.
24Free the German Suplex(Character Skill) Damage an enemy with a grappling technique known as the German Liberation Suplex. Can instantly stun the enemy.
26Attack +10Permanently increases attack by 10.
28Roadside Weapon EssenceA powerful skill that damages an enemy with an improvised weapon lying around town. Changes depending on the surrounding region.
30Agility +10Permanently increases Agility by 10.
35Attack +5Permanently increases attack by 5.
40Agility +5Permanently increases Agility by 5.
45Attack +5Permanently increases attack by 5.
50Agility +5Permanently increases Agility by 5.
55Attack +5Permanently increases attack by 5.
60Agility +5Permanently increases Agility by 5.
65Attack +5Permanently increases attack by 5.
70Agility +5Permanently increases Agility by 5.
75Attack +10Permanently increases attack by 10.
80Agility +10Permanently increases Agility by 10.
85Attack +10Permanently increases attack by 10.
90Agility +10Permanently increases Agility by 10.
95Attack +10Permanently increases attack by 10.
99Agility +10Permanently increases Agility by 10.

There you have it; everything you need to know about the Yakuza Like a Dragon Freelancer Job Guide. Check out the Yakuza Like a Dragon section for more Yakuza guides, the main page for more guides for a variety of games, and my Yakuza Like a Dragon review on YouTube if you want to learn more about the series.


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