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Find The Crashed Planes Black Box In Fortnight

The black box from the crashed plane in Fortnite is part of the debris from an aircraft that was emblazoned with the insignia of the Ghost faction. This debris has been strewn across a portion of the island for quite some time now, and it is obvious that nobody wants to take responsibility for the mess they have left behind. You are going to have to search the area for the flight recorder as part of one of the Fortnite Week 9 quests in order to find out exactly what took place on this doomed journey. Despite the fact that the area was partially swallowed up by the emergence of Coral Castle from the depths below, it managed to hold on to its status as a landmark in its own right, and it did so despite the fact that it survived despite the area being partially swallowed up by Coral Castle.

Even when you are in the area, it is not obvious what you are actually looking for. As a fun fact, ‘black boxes’ aren’t actually black and are usually brightly coloured to aid in recovery after an accident has occurred. Of course, not all players will be familiar with the site of this flight disaster in Fortnite, and even when you are in the area, it is not obvious what you are actually looking for. However, this is not real life, and the object you’re seeking for might take on a number of forms. If you follow our guide to the crashed aircraft black box location in Fortnite, you’ll be able to finish your research in no time.

Fortnight Crashed Plane Black Box location

Find The Crashed Planes Black Box In Fortnight

The Crashed Plane Black Box location is on the elevated island to the southeast corner of Coral Castle, where you’ll discover different bits of a damaged aero plane tucked amid the palm palms. The black box (which is a recording device) is the reel to reel tape apparatus located in the center fuselage portion with a wing still connected, despite the fact that there is lots of wreckage dispersed around the wrecked aircraft. Go engage with it, and you’ll have completed another week’s worth of quests.

Where is Fortnight’s crashed plane black box

Weekly challenges are a wonderful method for players to gain a large amount of experience points (XP) that can be used to level up their Battle Pass. Finding the black box from the downed aircraft takes just a few minutes, making the whole procedure a completely rewarding experience.

The black box may be found towards the north-west corner of the Forint map, just below Coral Castle, and will be accessible by all players. There is a crash site just south-east of the castle and up the hill that holds the wreckage of the aircraft that was shot down. Take a look at the graphic below to get a better understanding of what I mean.


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