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Fastest Keyboard Switch For Gaming

When it comes to gaming, everyone is looking for a competitive advantage, but many people overlook one important factor: the keyboard switch that they are using. Whenever you think about gaming, there are a plethora of different factors that might influence whether or not you win. This raises the question of how significant a changeover is in gaming. And how do you go about selecting the most responsive keyboard switches for gaming?

While there are numerous different types of keyboard switches available on the market, selecting the most appropriate switch will significantly improve your gaming performance. Despite the fact that the switch you use may only have a little impact. By upgrading to a faster switch, such as the Razer Optical Red, you may lower the reaction time by milliseconds, putting you a millisecond or two ahead of the competition.

Although it is possible that this is only a 0.01 percent increase in speed, it might be substantial if you are competing at the highest level. As a result, the swap is absolutely necessary for gaming purposes. Those who play casually, on the other hand, are unlikely to be overly bothered about the switch.

In this article, we’ll go through the fastest keyboard switches so that you can have the most efficient configuration possible for gaming purposes. For the purposes of this blog, we’ve thoroughly evaluated all of the keyboard switches described, and we’ll provide you with our honest opinions on each one.

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Fastest Keyboard Switch For Gaming
Type: Linear 
Feel/Sound: Smooth and Quiet 
Actuation Force: 45g 
Bottom-Out Force: 80g 
Actuation Distance: 1.2mm 
Travel Distance: 3.4mm

The Cherry MX Speed Silver switch is specifically developed for gaming, and it is often regarded as the quickest keyboard switch available due to its shorter travel distance. It operates on the principle of travelling in a straight line. Because of the linear actuation, the switch is exceptionally smooth and reliable on each keystroke, and there is no tactile bump to prompt you to make a wrong decision.

The spring force is also minimal, allowing for quick actuation in order to keep up with the rest of the competition. Because of the short actuation distance (1.2 mm), it is 40 percent shorter than the usual distance. The biggest disadvantage of the Cherry MX Speed Silver is that it is a bit more difficult to come by, and as a result, you will typically have to spend a little more money on it when purchasing a keyboard with it on it.

The linear switching features of the silver switch, as well as its low spring resistance, cause it to be triggered. The CHERRY MX Speed Silver is an excellent choice for any gaming activity where milliseconds may make or break your chances of winning.

Razer Red Optical Switches

Type: Linear
Feel/Sound: Smooth and Quiet
Actuation Force: 40g
Bottom-Out Force: 65g
Actuation Distance: 1.0mm
Travel Distance: 3.5mm

It is impossible to keep up with the astounding speed of the Razer Optical Red switch. Each switch is equipped with a stabilizer bar, which helps to make each keystroke feel more stable. In addition, the Razer Optical Red Switch is branded with the Razer logo. As a result of the launching of the Razer Huntsman Mini, the Razor switch was re-released in a Gen 2 configuration.

As a result, the Razer Optical Red Gen 2 softens the switches, allowing them to operate more smoothly. It also incorporates modest sound dampening, which helps to lessen the overall decibel output, making it an excellent choice for night gaming. If you’re looking for a switch just based on how rapidly it actuates, this may be the best option for you. The only problem is that it is only available on Razer’s Huntsman keyboards, which are now out of stock.

The signal is transmitted through light rather than the plates interacting once the stem has been pushed over the actuation threshold, making optical keyboard switches smoother and faster than regular mechanical keyboard switches for gaming. Optical keyboard switches are also more durable. This improves the ability to react quickly.

There are numerous benefits to making this decision as well, such as a higher life expectancy for the individual. Optical switches are capable of withstanding up to 100 million keystrokes or more. The most significant disadvantage of optical switches is that they have a hollow and fake feel to them in the hands of the user.

As discussed in this article, optical switches are recommended for individuals who are interested in games, such as those who are serious gamers who should experiment with this switch. As a result of the short actuation distance, it’s rather unpleasant to operate and leads to typing typos. If you’re interested, this switch can be found on the Razer Huntsman keyboards, which are available for purchase.

Kailh Speed Silver

Type: Linear
Feel/Sound: Smooth and Quiet
Actuation Force: 40g
Bottom-Out Force: 70g
Actuation Distance: 1.1mm
Travel Distance: 3.5mm

If you’re looking for a new type of speed switch, the Kailh Speed Silver keyboard switch is a fantastic option. Essentially, this switch is a clone of the Cherry MX Speed Silver design, but at a more reasonable pricing point.

Furthermore, because the actuation distance is slightly shorter (0.1 mm), this switch is theoretically faster than the competition. How did it come in second place behind the Cherry MX Speed Silver, you might wonder? When it comes to consistency and usefulness, Kailh switches fall short of Cherry MX switches in terms of reliability.

It is because cherry switches have undergone extensive testing and stability screening that they can resist up to 100 million keystrokes. Kailh switches are typically good for between 50 and 60 million keystrokes before they need replacing. As a result, Kailh switches are ranked lower than other switches. However, you were probably unaware of how cost-effective Kailh Speed switches are, making them an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Gateron Red/Yellow/Black

Gateron keyboard switches have received positive feedback for gaming, despite the fact that they are ranked fourth. In addition, because the Gateron Yellow, Black, and Red are all linear, switching between them is exceptionally seamless and stable. Because of the regular actuation distance, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about it.

Gateron switches are linear switches that are extremely adaptable and can be utilised in a wide range of applications. They’re ultra-smooth, low-cost, and perfect for typing and gaming on the computer. Despite the fact that they are not intended for gaming, they are the greatest alternative if you require a switch that can be used to type as well as to play games.

You can pick between several levels of heaviness by varying the amount of pressure you apply to the switches. Because a lighter switch is typically preferable for gaming, the red option is most likely your best bet, but it won’t make a significant difference.
The fluidity with which Gateron switches function distinguishes them from their competitors in the marketplace. Because the stem is substantially shorter, the switch may go up and down with less friction as it moves up and down the stem. These characteristics contribute to the switch being incredibly comfortable and delightful. Gateron Clear switches are another another excellent option for those who prefer to use a light touch on their switches.

Cherry MX Red/Black

When it comes to keyboard switches, the Cherry MX Red or Black switches are excellent options if you need something that is really robust and performs well for both typing and gaming. They’re linear switches with various spring weights that change depending on how hard you press the keyboard. They are almost certainly related to the Gateron switches.

Given that Cherry MX switches have a life expectancy of 100 million keystrokes, they are the greatest choice if you want a switch that will endure a long time, as previously stated. At 2mm, the actuation distance is normal; as a result, they aren’t extremely responsive. When it comes to gaming, on the other hand, they offer an excellent balance between performance and ease of use.

Additionally, they are a little softer than Gateron switches, which is why they are positioned beneath them. The Cherry MX Black switches have a substantial feel to them, which will be ideal if you have lead fingertips like I have.

Are linear switches best for gaming?

Did you see a connection between all of the switches that were recommended to you in this blog? All of the switches were connected in a straight line.

When analysing the three basic switch types: clicky, linear, and tactile, it becomes clear that the switch type determines how the keyboard appears and functions. Linear switches are the most effective gaming switches. Linear switches are a wonderful choice for gaming since they are smooth and reliable, making them a smooth and reliable option. If you need to push a large number of keys in a short amount of time, tactile switches are not recommended.

The clicky sounds of a switch can also be extremely annoying when you’re in the middle of a conversation with your pals in-game. A linear switch is often quite quiet, and it will not cause any discomfort to anyone around it.

Whenever you talk about gaming, you are referring to linear switches. The greatest disparity in reaction time will result as a result of this. As you can see, there are a variety of elements that influence whether linear switches are desirable for gaming. As a result, you should avoid using tactile or clicky switches for gaming activities.


There are a number of different switch possibilities to choose from. The quickest keyboard switch alternatives are typically perfect for gaming, but they come at a high cost and are less simple to operate than traditional keyboard switches. Optical switches, like as the Razer Red or Cherry Speed Silver, are the fastest keyboard switches available if you want a switch that is quick enough for gaming. If you need to move between gaming and typing, the Cherry MX and Gateron linear switches are excellent choices.

In order to maximize your productivity and improve your typing speed, we’ve put up a guide that can assist you in selecting a keyboard layout that is appropriate for your profession and that will allow you to do your tasks more quickly.

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