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Fallout 4 Hidden and Deleted Nexus Mods

As a result of recent Nexus controversies, numerous mod developers have decided to delete or hide their modules from the Nexus marketplace. In order to attempt to keep track of all the mods that have been hidden or deleted from the Nexus so far and in the future, as well as to provide links to places where those mods can legally be obtained outside of Nexus (legitimate author-provided links only), we created a new document to compile a list of all of the mods that have been hidden or deleted from the Nexus so far. We hope to have this list completed by the end of the week. Please feel free to take a look at it and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions, either in this thread or via the contact information provided in the document. Though this post is somewhat redundant with the one that was produced earlier today as a tracker for just this, we wanted to provide a resource that is direct to the point, can be shared far and wide outside of the community, and can be monitored by a document management staff.

Because of a modification to Nexus Mods that will soon make it impossible for modders to delete their own creations, Fallout 4 developers are taking advantage of the one-month grace period to remove their work from the site.

Fallout 4 Hidden and Deleted Nexus Mods

Announcing the change on July 1, Nexus Mods stated that users who use the site to host their material would soon be unable to erase their own work. Instead, removed mods would be retained in an archive and would only be destroyed if “specifically requested, for example, via the API,” according to the developers.

Nexus Mods has announced that from now until August 5, modders who wish to have their content removed can do so by contacting the company directly.

Unfortunately for the site, a large number of Fallout 4 modders are taking advantage of their generous offer. Nearly 30 modders – many of whom are responsible for numerous mods apiece – have already removed their content from Nexus Mods, according to the information contained in this document.

Although the paper states that “things appear to have slowed down in terms of modules being removed and hidden on Nexus,” the list of removed mods already contains a large number of them.

Others, on the other hand, have no plans to re-host their mods on other sites, and they have no intention of making their work available again. For example, Diamond City Expansion, Working Kitchen Appliances, ENB Lights Redesign and Flora FX Redesign were among the mods that were taken down from the site.

The contentious changes are intended to help the “Collections” feature run more smoothly, as uninstalling a mod that is part of a collection could cause the load order for the entire thing to break.

Modders are displeased with the change, with one user expressing that, while they like the Collections function, “it’s the ripping away of my free agency of being able to delete my own content” that they find objectionable.

Nexus Mods posted an update to the community on July 5th, claiming that “a large portion of the feedback we have received and continue to receive is actively shaping our design process for new features/improvements on the site.”

Modders are currently hard at work recreating the 1997 demo for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, which was released in 1997.


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