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Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum Character Guide

This is Fae Tactics in action. You will learn everything you need to know about playing Tom Tildrum in Fae Tactics by reading our Tom Tildrum Character Guide.

In Fae Tactics, you’re probably wondering which party members to use, what perks each character receives as they level up, and what each character’s weaponry are capable of doing. This Tom Tildrum guide from Fae Tactics will teach you all you need to know about Tom Tildrum and his abilities.

In Fae Tactics, there are a total of ten playable characters, referred to as ‘leaders.’ Red is one of the characters that you can choose from in Fae Tactics. Tom Tildrum is a hidden character in Fae Tactics who serves as the game’s best tank. He is one of the game’s hidden characters.

Recruitment – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

If you want to unlock Tom, you must complete the questline that involves supporting the bakery owner in Igneton so that you get sweets unlocked in your camping minigame first.

You must then obtain many perfect scores on the match-2 minigame in Smaragden once you have completed the previous step. First, you’ll view a camping scene in which Peony offers Chico seconds only to discover that the leftovers have vanished, and then you’ll see a second scene in which Tom appears and then disappears.

In the event that you save Tom Tildrum from being attacked in one of the fight options accessible after seeing both sequences, the final of the Fae Tactics hidden characters will join your team permanently.

Abilities – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

Ultra Skills

Tom Tildrum, like every other leader character in Fae Tactics, has both an Ultra Attack Skill and an Ultra Assist Skill to use in battle. These are the ones that Tom Tildrum considers to be important:

  • Ultra Attack: Toss
    Damage and knock back a small area in front of you.
  • Ultra Assist: Frost Armor
    Increases a target’s Mb/Def.

EX Skill

Tom Tildrum, like the other leaders in Fae Tactics, can use a portion of his hyper orbs to perform an EX skill, similar to the other leaders. For Tom Tildrum, the ability is as follows:

  • Fishing is an unavoidable strike that, if possible, sends the target into the space behind the attacker. (Costs 2 Ultra) (Costs 2 Ultra)

Passive Bonuses

Tom Tildrum, like the most of the characters in Fae Tactics, has a range of character-specific advantages that he receives independent of which weapon he is using. These are the ones that Tom Tildrum considers to be important:

  • When an opponent unit is defeated, the Devouring unit recovers some health.

Weapons – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

Tom Tildrum’s Fae Tactics weaponry include the Gourmet Fish, the Truffle Shovel, and the Elven Cleaver, which are all accessible in the game.

Gourmet Fish

  • +50% Healing
  • Splash
  • Wait Skill: Snack
  • How to Unlock: Default Weapon

Snack has a surprising amount of utility, and because to the Splash effect, this weapon will be inflicting Freeze on adversaries on both sides of the battlefield. Although it is a respectable weapon, it lacks the Protector wait skill, which means that Tom’s tackiness is completely rendered ineffective.

Truffle Shovel

  • Burrow
  • +1 Move
  • -10 Def on Hit
  • Wait Skill: Protector
  • How to Unlock: Story mission in the later portion of the game if you’ve been using Tom regularly

As a result of the Burrow skill of the Truffle Shovel and the Protector skill of the weapon, Tom’s defense tends to hover around 200+ when he has this weapon equipped, making him capable of withstanding onslaughts from opponents that no other character would be able to survive. On top of that, his counterattacks have a significant possibility of causing opponents to become immobilized. Tom’s most effective weapon, without a doubt.

Elven Cleaver

  • +5 Def/Res on Kill
  • +25% Chance to Taunt Enemies
  • Cascade
  • Wait Skill: Snack
  • How to Unlock: From a story mission after unlocking Ikaido

It is significantly more offensive-oriented than his other weapons because of Cascade, and it sort of splits the difference between them. Because he does not receive a healing advantage from his Snack talent, he is not as effective as he is with the Gourmet Fish when it comes to healing. He isn’t as tanky as he is with the Truffle Shovel because the Def/Res on kill is insignificant compared to the defense provided by Burrow and Protector, respectively. Due to the fact that this weapon is kind of a jack of all crafts, master of none weapon, it is possibly his weakest weapon overall.

Traits – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

When it comes to allocating Trait Points in Fae Tactics, Tom Tildrum, like every other player, has three options: Offense, Defense, and Specialization.

Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum Character Guide

The incentives he receives from each line are as follows:

  • Offense: Toss +Range
  • Defense: Frost Armor +Mb/Def
  • Special: Shield Aura

Despite the fact that Frost Armor is one of the more horrible Ultra Assists in the game, you’ll still want to maximize Tom’s Defense before doing anything else with the character. You might consider taking the Defense line about 1/2 or 3/4 of the way to the finish and then switching to the Offense line, because the end-of-line bonus for the Defense line isn’t particularly enticing.

Tom’s attack power isn’t particularly impressive, but the Weapon Curse and the +Range for his Ultra Attack are both highly useful perks to have. You will enjoy watching him react against any opponent attacking your party by freezing them once you have obtained his second weapon, which grants him the Protector ability. Additionally, the +Range on his ult effectively allows it to hit for an additional time, resulting in a considerable increase in damage.

The item that he has stolen from his Special line is a little intriguing, but it is ultimately not very practical. Before developing a habit of collecting stuff, you’ll be able to completely deplete all of your devices by the end of the game with little difficulty, making stealing items with Tom a luxury rather than a necessity. Shield Aura is also a fantastic benefit, though it isn’t particularly large. I’d suggest you to keep his Special phrase until the end of the song.


Conclusion – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

Tom Tildrum, one of the three hidden Fae Tactics characters, may appear to be a bit of a comedy character at first glance, but he is by far the most tanky guy you have at your disposal. When armed with his second weapon, he is capable of providing protection for your entire team through the use of the Protection wait talent.

His health and defence are both exceptional, and despite the fact that his attack power is relatively low, the counterattacks he performs while guarding allies are capable of freezing enemies, which is one of the most useful curses you can apply to enemies because it completely removes them from the battle.

He’s not a hopeless offensively, either, because his ultra is both powerful and virtually always available, thanks to its low orb cost and the rapid rate at which Tom acquires orbs while protecting the party from harm.

With his special ability, Tom releases a cascading icicles that bounce adversaries backwards and have the potential to hit up to three enemies at once. If you use it at close range and the foes aren’t immune to knockback, it will outright kill the majority of the enemies in the game.

Finally, Tom has an aura that becomes available as he levels up that permanently boosts the protection of all nearby friends, including his own, by three points per round, therefore improving his tankiness even further.
If you’re playing Fae Tactics, Tom Tildrum is an excellent pick for a buddy, especially on levels where the foes are vulnerable to Ice.

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