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Escape From Tarkov: Best Ammo in Tarkov 12.12 | Ammo Tier List

A first-person, multiplayer shooter game, Escape from Tarkov places players in the fictitious territory of Norvinsk, where they must fight to stay alive and make their way out of a conflict zone. Players have access to a huge variety of weapons, each of which has its own unique ammunition, and they often question which of these loads is the most effective in the game.

In this walkthrough, we will provide a ranking of the various types of ammunition according on how effective they are in the game.

Best Ammo in Tarkov 12.12

In the game, there are a number of various kinds of ammunition, and we have ranked them into different levels such as S (the most powerful), A (the second most powerful), B (the third most powerful), C (the fourth most powerful), and D (the fifth most powerful). The ammunition and the rationale for this categorisation are described below:

Because it can breach your opponent’s armour in only two strikes, 12/70 Gauge Flechette is certainly a S category ammunition. It’s also a great option if you’re just getting started in the game. This ammunition makes it possible to kill someone with a single shot from a double-barrel shotgun.

In compared to other shotgun ammunition, this round falls into the “C” category due to its inability to penetrate class-4 armour and its high price. It’s not suggested, however a.50 BMG bullet may be used instead, and it’s less expensive.

9x19mm A tier ammunition, since you may use it in vector to dispatch your opponents in a matter of rounds. For SMG gamers, this is a wonderful option because of its low price.

9x19mm Quakemaker is a B-tier ammunition due to its inferiority to the RIP in terms of performance.

One of the worst ammunition types in the game, 9x19mm Pst gzh, is still not recommended even if its costs are lower. It is ineffective against armour, and you’d be better off with a different weapon than this ammunition.

It’s a D-tier ammunition since it’s hard to get and doesn’t function well. Unlike other 9mms ammunition in the game, you cannot create this particular round.

AP-20 ammunition is equivalent to the 9x19mm PBP gzh in terms of performance, however it is not recommended owing to its limited availability and the fact that it must be crafted.

One of the best.45 ACP Match FMJ ammunition presently on the market for the UMP. It’s accessible early on and can pierce armour up to class 3, so you can start taking down enemies by blasting them in the head. Because of its fast rate of fire, it’s a weapon that’s simple to suggest for taking down foes.

.45 ACP AP: This is the best.45 ACP ammo available, and it is superb A category ammunition. It’s a powerful weapon that can quickly pierce through enemy lines and do significant damage. This ammo is a strong pick because of its availability from merchants and the ability to construct it in the game, making it superior to other ammunition in this category.

A excellent B-tier ammunition, the 5.7x28mm SB193 may do some serious damage to your foes. The problem is that it’s hard to get your hands on it.

Its performance is inferior to the 193 but superior than the RF37F, placing it in the B-tier. 5.7x28mm SS190:

An excellent A-tier ammunition, the 4.6X30mm Subsonic SX is accessible and exciting to use in the game. In general, gamers like it since it is less expensive and has a less jarring feel.

As with the subsonic, the 4.6x30mm FMJ SX also ranks as an A-tier weapon since it has the same penetration and damage as the subsonic.

Due to the altered ballistic, this round only does 35 damage, despite its great penetration. You won’t be able to take down your opponents with a single shot anymore thanks to the improved ballistics.

In the SP-5 gs: 9x39mm Due to its similar stats and availability, this ammunition falls under the B-tier category. Low recoil makes it easy to use in close quarters combat.

For the 9x39mm SP-6, it falls into the C tier owing of its greater recoil and heating difficulties, placing it below the SP-5.

The 9x39mm PAB-9 gs: Because it has a reduced recoil and no heating concerns, it’s in the B tier of the SP-6.

It’s difficult to utilise firearms like the Val/VSS because of the large amount of recoil and overheating that comes with 9x39mm BP and SPP ammunition.

To put it another way, it’s on par with 45 FMJ when it comes to quality, and it’s a solid round all around.

5.45x39mm BT and BP: The great availability and excellent penetration through class 4 armour in the game make them a good C tier ammunition. The BP and BT are interchangeable because of their statistical similarities.

Because of its tremendous damage output, 5.45x39mm 7N40 is a great S tier ammunition. However, it is very hard to come by and difficult to find. High penetration and low recoil make it an obvious choice, but it’s difficult to acquire due of its scarcity.

Despite its high penetration rate, 5.45x39mm PPBS gs “Igolnik” is a horrible D-tier ammunition because of its low damage rate, making it a no-go for players. A horrible option since you may have to fire many times to deliver any damage and you can’t get a single bullet through adversaries by one-tapping them.

5.45x39mm BS gs: This is a decent B-tier ammunition since it is more dependable in the long run than BP and BT.

Due to its poor penetration rating, 5.56x45mm M855 is one of the game’s lowest munitions belonging to the F tier and only useful against lightly-armored opponents early on.

In terms of flush damage, 5.56x45mm M856A1 is on par with BT as a C-tier round, allowing you to take off foes’ limbs. Overall, it’s a good option in the C-tier.

You can easily break through level 5 or level 6 armour with enough rounds of 5.56x45mm M855A1 ammunition, making it an excellent tier B ammo. Some drawbacks include that it is easy to bounce off your opponents’ helmets.

However, it has the same difficulty as M855A1 ammunition in that it cannot pass through a helmet. 5.56x45mm M995 C tier because you can’t shoot your adversaries with a single bullet and have to use many shots.

The 7.62x39mm US gzh is: Because of its low recoil, this is an excellent A-tier ammunition for saturating your opponents with bullets. Because of its wide availability and inexpensive price, it’s a simple product to endorse for use in games.

7.62x39mm This ammunition is considered D-tier since it is only helpful while you are between levels 10 and 15 in the early going. Due to its low cost and ease of availability, the US gzh is a better option than other options.

In the late game, 7.62x39mm BP gzh is an excellent S tier ammunition since it can readily pierce Class 5 and Class 6 armours with just a few shots. It is a popular pick among gamers due to its accessibility and great damage output.

Ammunition with.300 Blackout M62 Tracer’s poor dependability and low penetration rate makes it almost impossible to penetrate even Class 4 armour.

Blackout in.300 AAC As a B tier, it can fire consistently, but because of its expensive price, it falls into this category.

M80 7.62x51mm A tier ammunition, capable of piercing class 4 armour, is an excellent all-rounder that may be used in any situation. It’s simple to suggest in the game because to its excellent availability and dependability.

S tier ammunition is one of the most recoiling and reliable 7.62x51mm ammo, and these rounds fall into that category.

Reliability and damage make the 7.62x54mm R BT and SNB A-tier ammunition options.

Ammunition with 7.62x54mm LPS gzh is D tier since it can pierce level 4 armour but because it is a tracer variation it might give away your position.

7.62x54mm For mid-game use, it’s an effective C-tier ammunition that’s a little better than LPS, and you may even be able to kill your adversaries with one shot at times. However, it works better against armoured foes..

One of the greatest munitions in the game, 12.7x55mm PS12B can dependably pierce class 4 armour and even class 5 armour with a single round.

It’s powerful enough to take out any adversary in the game and do a lot of damage.

That’s all the ammunition graded and categorised into various levels that is currently accessible. An picture of this article’s tier list can be seen at the top of this page.

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