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Escape From Tarkov Ammo Chart 12.12

With our EFT ammunition chart 12.12 guide, you will be able to choose the optimum Tarkov ammo to use in PvE and PvP raid encounters. This guide is suitable for both beginners and expert players. In Escape From Tarkov, using the appropriate ammunition (also referred to as rounds or bullets) in your raids is an important piece of game knowledge, but it can be difficult to determine which round to use given the large range of calibres and ammunitions that continues to grow with each game patch. With the Tarkov ammunition chart provided here, you’ll discover which bullet types are best in slot, which are mid-tier possibilities, and which are cheap ammo types for a variety of EFT circumstances.

The goal of this EFT ammunition chart and guide is to provide you with numerous alternatives ranging from budget to top tier while outlining when each is beneficial taking into consideration the time of the wipe, playstyle, availability, and most crucially, your wallet. A fast reference and extensive analysis are provided in the Tarkov ammunition guide 12.12 update below, with further ammo tier list discussion for the most common weapon calibres in Tarkov provided at the conclusion of this page for the most popular weapon calibres in Tarkov.


The Tarkov ammunition chart table provided below is designed for Escape From Tarkov novices, although it may also be used by experienced players who merely want a fast reference guide for each gun calibre and do not need any more bullet information.

The best ammo for Tarkov is included in the table below, which contains all of the ammunition types that are currently available and is organised as follows:

Budget Tier:The budget round provides the most value for money since it is a round that is widely accessible from low-level dealers at the lowest possible cost. The fact that it is effective against both Scavs and PMCs (and is normally effective up to level 4 armour) makes this choice a good generalist usage ammunition that is ideal for loot runs and questing activities owing to the cheap investment required.

Mid Tier: As your Tarkov skills and total stash worth grow in confidence, you’ll want to think about upgrading to a mid-tier ammo set. However, although not every calibre provides a mid-tier choice, those that do provide you with a solid PvP ammunition, which is important if you anticipate to confront other PMCs or battle one of the Tarkov bosses. Because of the increased cost or limited availability of this ammunition, you may not be able to utilise it on a consistent basis.

Top Tier: The finest of the best, yet owing to the high cost and limited availability, it is doubtful that you will be able to use this frequently in your raids. If you do manage to get your hands on this, you’ll be as well-prepared as possible to face off against PMCs with that weapon type in hand. It should be noted that there are certain highly rare ammunitions above this tier that aren’t mentioned in the list below due to their rarity.


For the more experienced player, there are several excellent Tarkov Ammo charts accessible on the internet that may be used as a reference point to ensure that all of the possible alternatives are considered. While each of them is a valuable resource in its own way, the goal of the last section of this tutorial is to go more into the many phases of Tarkov during which different ammo is feasible, how to obtain them, and the trade-offs that each offers in real-world raid settings. With this additional information, you’ll be able to quickly evaluate which Tarkov ammunition is ideal for you among the most common weapon types on the market today.

My two options for EFT ammunition chart advice are shown below, and both are updated on a regular basis.

Escape From Tarkov Ammo Chart 12.12


It is being developed by EFT Monster to be a high-quality graphic Tarkov bullet chart that is also interactive, which will let you to understand where each ammo falls in terms of damage and penetrating power. It’s also often updated, making it a highly recommended Tarkov ammunition chart for 2022, but you’ll need some intermediate game knowledge to utilise it to its full potential. – For anyone interested in learning more about Tarkov’s ballistics, they may refer to the Tarkov wiki summary, which has the same basic facts as well as other generally relevant information regarding ballistics in Tarkov for each ammunition type.


It takes a new approach by providing ammunitions depending on how successful they will be against each type of armour. This provides players with a recognisable reference point to match up against their anticipated raid activities in NoFoodAfterMidnight. After years of contributing to the Tarkov reddit community with a variety of Google Sheets NoFoodAfterMidnight ammunition charts, he has now launched his own website, which includes the same familiar information that is highly cited by the community. It also includes a convenient table with all of the ammunition’s specifications, including whether or not it can be sold on the flea market, the recoil modifier, and the most current sake price on the market.


When it comes to Escape From Tarkov, understanding the basic mechanics of how ammunition works may give extra insight into what makes a certain ammo type excellent or poor for those who wish to go beyond relying on an EFT ammo chart resource can be beneficial. While the ammunition itself is crucial, you must also consider your objectives for the raid as well as other game factors such as the amount of time that has passed since the Tarkov wipe, since this has an affect on the armour you will face on people. If you have this information, you’ll be in a better position to fulfil Tarkov tasks, advance through the levels, and build your stash money.

While ammunition ballistics might be the subject of a whole essay, and there are a number of sophisticated guides available for those who are interested, the two most important concepts to understand are penetration and damage, which in most bullet types have an inverse relationship to one another. As a consequence, ammunition rounds and bullets that specialise in causing damage have been developed, making them suitable for the leg meta, in which your kills will be gained by destroying limbs. Alternatively, some characters have no trouble penetrating high armour, but it takes numerous blows to do enough damage to result in a kill (compounded by damage drop-off from range and armour preventing some damage). To make your choice easier, you may follow the steps in the flowchart below.

Do I intend to deliver harm to limbs (leg meta) or do I intend to deal damage to the head and thorax (standard meta)? If you’re aiming for the leg meta, you should do all you can to maximise ammunition damage. If you’re aiming for the conventional meta, make sure you have adequate penetration (see 2 below) and then maximise damage beyond that.
Given the nature of my raid goals, what kind of armour should I anticipate to encounter? Generally speaking, scavs will be armour class 3, budget PMCs will be armour class 4, and high tier PvP will be armour classes 5 and 6. To maximize damage beyond the armour class, aim for a penetration number that is about 10 times the armour class. The maximum penetration ammunition possible is theoretically accessible to players, however owing to budget and availability limits this may not always be the case in practise. The higher you go in penetration, the more damage you take is reduced significantly, which means that against weaker armour, you may need to strike your victim more times to kill them.
You may also influence accuracy, recoil, bleed probability, and weapon durability burn by selecting different types of ammunition, with certain tracer rounds allowing you (and your adversaries) to see where bullets are heading. Taking into account all of the above, the optimal ammunition in each Tarkov circumstance may vary substantially, as seen by the thorough ammo tier list provided below, which examines the most regularly used Tarkov ammos.


However, shotguns are divided into slug and shot varieties, and although they are rare ammunition types, they may be entertaining to use and are even essential in certain tasks that require Scav and PMC kills on specified terrain. Some of Tarkov’s tasks, such as the Silent Calibre, Punisher Part 4, and Spa Tour Part 1, may leave you wondering what the greatest shotgun ammunition Tarkov has to offer for these particular objectives.


The AP-20 is the finest slug round available, and since it is also usable at range, it is your best all-around option while attempting to fulfil your shotgun missions or just having some shotgun fun with your shotgun. Despite the fact that it struggles against armour above class 4, the tremendous damage and capability for long range hits owing to the slug mechanism make it a formidable weapon regardless of the situation. It is only accessible as a late-game hideaway craft and Jaeger Level 4 however, so anticipate it to be more costly than the other finest shotgun ammunition alternatives listed further down on this page. A feasible affordable alternative to this slug is the.50 BMG bullet, which is accessible somewhat earlier at Jaeger Level 3 but does not quite have the same impact as the.50 BMG slug.


The Flechette is a lethal bullet that requires a close range approach to shotguns in order to be effective. It is capable of firing through harder armour and can even make short work of class 6 with sheer power. However, since this is not a slug round, you will discover that your bullets are most effective at close ranges of conflict. This is still a viable choice to load up your shotgun with if you adjust your playstyle, as it is accessible at Jaeger Level 3 or may be made.


With this round, players will choose to get past player or Scav armour by landing a pellet into their face or limbs with the greatest combination of pellet quantity and damage available in the shotgun shot category, rather than using a different shotgun shot. The trade-off is a significant reduction in recoil and accuracy, so don’t expect this to be very useful beyond short range. However, it is widely accessible throughout the mid-game, making it worthy of mention as one of Tarkov’s better shotgun rounds.


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